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Look what stunk up my Inbox this morning. I don’t think this needs any further prologue…


30-Second Survey

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The State of the Union called for more government:

While some politicians want to talk about where they were sitting at President Obama’s second State of the Union Address on Tuesday, Montanans care more about how they will vote in the next two years. Americans face many challenges – from high unemployment to the increasing cost of health care and a gallon of gas. In the State of the Union, President Obama made his case for more government solutions. But we’ve already been down that road. It’s a dead end.

Solutions will come from the American people:

There’s a better way forward. Instead of making government bigger, we can unleash the ingenuity of the American people by reducing the size of government, reining in reckless spending and empowering individuals with choices and opportunities. We have more government than we could handle in the last two years, and all it gave us was a bigger debt and fewer jobs. It’s time for government to get out of the way of recovery.

The State of the Union

The average price of a gallon of gas is more than $3. Do you:

– Agree with the President that we should raise taxes on the domestic production of oil?
– Agree with Congressman Rehberg that we should keep all our energy options on the table?
– Other/Not sure

The federal deficit exceeded $1.4 trillion in 2010, adding to a record debt. In the last two years, government spending has exploded. Do you:

– Agree with the President that simply freezing existing levels of overspending will solve the problem?
– Agree with Congressman Rehberg that in order to balance the budget we need to actually reduce spending?
– Other/Not sure

Obamacare is poised to irreversibly change the American health care system to be more like the socialized systems of Canada and Europe. Do you:

– Agree with the President that Washington politicians know better than the American people and that Obamacare is the best way forward?
– Agree with Congressman Rehberg that the Obamacare blueprint should be abandoned in favor of true reform that reduces costs while increasing quality and access?
– Other/Not sure

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  1. petetalbot

    This doesn’t surprise me at all JC. I’ve been subscribing to Denny’s newsletter for at least a year (although I’m automatically unsubscribed on a weekly basis — don’t know if that’s intentional or just a software problem). Anyway, he has these polls all the time — doubt he ever does anything with them — they’re just a mechanism to stir up his base.

    Here’s one he did on education: do you support teaching American History and the Constitution or the new politically correct alternative history?

    Gosh, where do I sign up for one of these new, politically correct alternative history courses?

    He does them on energy: do you support development of America’s abundant natural resources or getting our energy from countries that support terrorism?

    Naturally, I support terrorism.

    He constantly refers to health care reform as Obamacare. Maybe we should start referring to the current recession as the “Rehcession” since Rehberg is as responsible for our current economic woes as Obama is for the state of health care in America.

    Rehberg is a shallow hack of a man — possibly the worst representative Montana has ever had — and that’s saying a lot.

    • JC

      Yeah, I get his push polls regularly, too. Just thought some other folks would like to see what the state of Montana’s push poll king is. And he has a uniquely right-wing way of framing their classic talking points that the likes of Big Ingy finds so appealing.

    • petetalbot

      P.S. An hour after posting my comment, I got this from Denny’s newsletter:

      “You have been successfully unsubscribed.”

      Just a coincidence, I’m sure.

  2. Ingemar Johansson

    “Worst representative”?

    Don’t fret, he’ll soon be a Senator.

    • petetalbot

      Maybe we ought to have another friendly wager, Ingy. I don’t think Denny’s up to the task. He has had it so easy in his Rep. bids that he has forgotten how to mount a real campaign. You know, engage the electorate, actaully debate policy, trot out all his major accomplishments (heh-heh) …

  3. Ingemar Johansson

    Nice picture.

    Did you guys photoshop the bloodshot eyes?

  4. Turner

    I see that the righties who hang out here don’t bother defending Rehberg. It’s seems all they do is gloat over how he’s a winner because Montanans don’t know any better.

    The igorance of the voters seems to warm their hearts.

  5. Pogo Possum

    The bloodshot eyes photo looks photoshopped to me Ingemar.

    I love Turner’s comment: “The igorance of the voters seems to warm their hearts.”

    Clinton won with the well chosen theme of “It’s The Economy Stupid.” Now Democrats seem to be running with the theme: “The Voters Are Stupid.”

    That disparaging your voters theme didn’t appear to work too well for you this last round. Let’s see what it does for ya in 2012.

    • And these are the same folks who voted for hope AND change. lulz

    • Turner

      So you’re still not defending Rehberg (except to allege that his photo was photoshopped)?

      You know he’s indefensable. You also know your party has endless and unaccountable money, some of it coming from the Kochs and other corporate criminals and some of it coming from foreign corporations, to sell him to a gullible public. He’s especially salable to white men without college educations, and yes, many of them are less than astute.

      Don’t pretend to be upset with my disparaging (your) voters. You look down on them, too. I’ve heard the way Republican operatives talk among themselves about the “bozos” and “shit-kickers” they’re manipulating.

    • The Polish Wolf

      I don’t think voters are really ignorant in general – most people know what they need to know in order to be good at their jobs, live their daily lives, etc. What incumbent representatives rely on is people not bothering to know about things that they only get a say on one day every other year. If every that voted paid as much attention to politics as people on this blog, I’ll bet neither Tester nor Rehberg nor Obama would be in office right now. Any politician who gets elected gets elected by a population that by and large cares about politics but doesn’t have the incentive to actually learn about it.

  6. JC

    Geez, what with all of the caricatures and goofy things all you t-baggers did to Obama, why do you care about a shitty photo of Rehberg?

    What do you expect me to do, go running to Denny’s PR closet to find a nice upstanding photo to go with his push poll? NO, I went and found the crappiest photo I could to match the intelligence of his polls.
    Still, I find it interesting that the right hasn’t one significant comment to make about the poll, rather they’d prefer to whine about their man’s lack of photogenicity [sic].

    If Denny’s going to run for Senate, he’d better be prepared for a lot more stuff like this. Dude’s got Macaca moments galore to overcome if he’s going to surf the big dog.

    • Ingemar Johansson

      “Surf the big dog”???

      The only thing big Jon surfs is the all night DC buffet.

      • JC

        Yeah, “surf the big dog.”

        Means getting wasted and doing things like falling off your horse, or piling up your boat on a rocky shore. You know, bite off more than you can chew–go out surfing and pick a bigger wave than you can handle and then get rung through the wringer. So then you go back out and pick an even bigger one.

        You think you’re impervious to the mere mortal proclivity to do stupid things, so you keep doing them. Except when you’re a politician, people notice, and you’re forever reminded of the worst.

        I wrote a song about it. Surfing the big dog, that is. Ya might even like it.

  7. JC

    Ok, I’ll poke some fun at one of the claring inconisintencies in this poll:

    – Agree with the President that Washington politicians know better than the American people and that Obamacare is the best way forward?

    – Agree with Congressman Rehberg that the Obamacare blueprint should be abandoned in favor of true reform that reduces costs while increasing quality and access?

    What, does Denny not think he’s a “Washington politician?” He’s been in Washington for like 10 years now. So either Rehberg is agreeing with Obama that he, a “Washington politician”, knows better than the American people what to do, or he’s disagreeing with himself that he knows “the best way forward.”

    Of course, we could always point to the obvious fact that even “Washington politicians” are “American people.” And “American people” are the only ones that can become “politicians” in Washington (birther nonsense aside).

    Politics is supposed to be about the art of doing the possible–which, granted, is a pretty bleak proposition right about now–unless you think “the possible” is really just pulling the wool over your constituent’s eyes. Instead, politicians like Rehberg have reduced it to a maundering babble, hoping that as people really have no idea what you are saying, that they’ll just agree with you because you’re the incumbent and are supposed to know what you’re doing. Or because you got an “R” next to your name. Or you got a pretty boy mustache and a big c’boy hat and a big pot o’ money.

    • Ingemar Johansson

      Seriously, you don’t catch the irony, do you?

      You claim that Denny’s “wool pulling” constituents when you yourself engage in a dishonest pictorial representation.

      And finally, who chooses to cross party lines to overwhelming re-elect him time and time again?

      Could it be your gullible buddies?

      • JC

        “dishonest pictorial representation”???

        This from the master of the art?


        • Ingemar Johansson

          Never have “shopped” a photo of a political opponent.

          Had fun with some real ones tho.

          • JC

            You may not have, but that never stopped you from using one. Just like me.

            I take your comment about “dishonesty” as a compliment, by the way, coming from you. Nothing like learning at the hands of the masters.

  8. I am not a spammer


  9. Rob Kailey

    testing again

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