by Pete Talbot

According to my informed sources (as opposed to my uninformed sources) Missoula Ward One Councilor Dave Strohmaier will throw his hat into the congressional race for Montana’s sole U.S. Representative.

I’ll let Dave make the announcement himself but one source said, “(he’s) getting very close to making a decision to launch a campaign for the U.S. House of Representatives in 2012.”

This is a good thing. The more the merrier, IMHO. May the cream rise to the top.

And then we need to work our butts off for whomever wins the primary and takes on Steve Daines (or anyone like him).

  1. Ingemar Johansson

    “Launch” a campaign?

    Don’t get your guy anywhere near the water.

  2. ayn rand

    Wonder if he will stand for the pledge of alligiance when attending the Mansfield Dinner. Probably not as he likens our flag to the Nazi flag. A true patriot.

    • petetalbot

      Say what, Ayn? Where did you get that little piece of misinformation?

      • ayn rand

        Pete, Pete, pete, your New Party friends on the city Council were there, even if you were not.

        • petetalbot

          Some real information for readers of this thread:

          Dave Strohmaier is not a member of the New Party. This organization — I was a member in the ’90s — ceased to exist about a decade ago. (This is not an endorsement of Dave, by the way, just a fact.)

          Ayn Rand is a fountain(head) — get it? — of misinformation.

  3. ayn rand

    This should be a fun race to watch. No one east of Bonner has a clue who Dave is. But, rest assured, there will be folks like me that will make sure the rest of Montana understands who he is and what he stands for. He and Wilmer, great, Daines might have a walk away.

  4. Tobie

    I hope he spends a ton of money, but they guy doesn’t have a chance in hell with the rest of this state! It’ll be fun to watch him fall.

  5. don’t know much about mr strohnmeier except he has been on record to search for some way to provide amtrak service to the south half of the state. if he could deliver on that or at least convince folks that he is serious about that it might give him a little steam but it is early yet to see who else tries for this seat.

    so far, nobody of the caliber of nancy keenan is showing up but not sure it would require anyone of that stature anyway to beat newcomer daines, who nobody has heard of either.

    anyone know what mike halligan is thinking these days? he’s been working with washington corp for years, vietnam veteran, highly respected accross the state. i have always wondered why mike hasn’t run for office since his legendary days in the legislature.

  6. JC

    Well, I would say this about Mr. Strohmaier: I have opposed his every step to criminalize homelessness in the city of Missoula. I think his social ordinances are unconstitutional–and have written to that affect here. I’ve written many a diary here about this issue. Here’s a sample, and here's another.

    While Stohmaier may have good stances on many other topics, his crusade against the homeless and impoverished–at the behest of downtown businesses–has troubled me greatly recently. Let’s hope he doesn’t carry that baggage into his campaign. Beating up on the poor as a way to move to the center is a poor way to build a constituency–unless you’re doing it from the right, that is.

    • i knew i had a bad feeling about mr strohmaier but couldn’t put my finger on it. yeah, i agree. at the very least he did seem to exhibit very poor judgement in posting what he said on his listserve. we are learning a lot more facts about our homeless thanks to the latest survey

  7. All the more reason to nominate someone who is well known to have excellent judgment and great creds. Someone born in Billings Mt …….
    I nominate mike halligan for montana’s next US representative.

    • Ingemar Johansson

      Billings Dems aren’t progressive enough.

      You need a fetus killing, pro gay marriage econazis from the left part of the state.

      • Truth

        Frankie Wilmer is from Bozeman.

        • mike halligan was born in billings. not talking about franke wilmer above there truth.

          • how about it pete….. could mike halligan take this seat if he wanted it?

            • petetalbot

              Can’t answer that, pb, but I imagine he’d give Daines a run for his money. To me, Mike seems pretty moderate, which plays well in Montana. I believe that because of his strong Catholic background he isn’t pro-choice, which doesn’t work for me … but that’s just me. I also think he’s pretty content heading up Dennis Washington’s foundation. Why would he want to mess up a good thing like that?

      • Ingy, do you ever wonder why more abortions (or “fetuses are killed”, if you will) happen in the US than in any country in Western Europe, regardless of the party in power?

        • Ingemar Johansson

          About 1 out of 3 US minority pregnancies are aborted.

          European minorities (muslims) carry full term.

          • The Polish Wolf

            “About 1 out of 3 US minority pregnancies are aborted.”

            That means the rate for minority women is about fifty percent higher than average. Given that minority women are a MINORITY, that doesn’t explain the US having an abortion rate thrice that of the Netherlands or Belgium.

            • Ingemar Johansson

              I’m thinking the abortion rate is not three times larger.*

              And birthrates in western europe are extremely low.

              *Don’t trust the Euros figures or early terminated pregnancies aren’t recorded.

              • The Polish Wolf

                “I’m thinking the abortion rate is not three times larger.* ”




                I tend to believe things I find in three sources. It’s a weakness of mine.

                “Don’t trust the Euros figures’

                Now you’re sounding like Mark – ‘anything that disagrees with me is false or propaganda or both.’

                Fact is, America is trying to have it both ways – we pretend want to be moralists when it comes to sex ed and contraceptives, but libertarians when it comes to absolute abortion rights. Europe has varied laws about abortion – Ireland and Spain its highly restricted, Germany I believe it is restricted to the first trimester, and the Netherlands, well, are the Netherlands. Interestingly, minorities in the Netherlands have a much higher abortion rate than native-born Dutch, contrary to your theory.

                But these countries all have exceedingly low abortion rates. Easter Europe, on the other hand, has horrifyingly high abortion rates. Britain, Scandinavia, and the rest of Europe seem more comparable but still smaller. Reducing the number of unplanned pregnancies will have more effect than any restrictions we might place on abortion.

              • Ingemar Johansson

                Unlike Mark-I have something to back it up. Rueters.

                ‘”After analyzing information from more than 2000 sexually active 15-year-old girls, European researchers led by A. Gaudineau of the University Paul Sabatier in Toulouse, France, found that nearly nine percent of the girls surveyed had used the morning-after pill after their last sexual encounter.

                The rates varied widely between countries however. In France, where girls under 18 can get it for free from a school nurse, about 18 percent of more than 200 girls surveyed had used it, compared to just 2 percent of more than 100 surveyed in Hungary.”

              • Well, that’s something, but it doesn’t really back you up. Three reasons –

                1. You have no data comparing that to the US
                2. You have no data about what percentage of European 15 year old girls are sexually active; thus, you study involves a sub population of unknown size
                3. The morning after pill doesn’t ‘kill fetuses’. It prevents the implantation of (kills, if you must) fertilized eggs or zygotes. Not even embryos yet, much less fetuses.

              • 4. Use of the morning after pill does not imply a terminated pregnancy – merely the possibility of one.

              • Ingemar Johansson

                The original question was why the differences in the abortion rate.

                I rendered an observation stating maybe the morning pill is a plausible reason.

              • Plausible. I couldn’t find (quickly) a comparison between the US and Europe in morning-after pill rates. If use of such a pill could give the US an abortion rate half what it is today, saving a half million fetuses, would you support it? If Republicans want to save fetuses, why don’t they start with this step?

              • Ingemar Johansson

                If school nurses are handing them out like M&M’s, what do you think?

              • The Polish Wolf

                And here we reach the end of evidence and the beginning of speculation.

  8. Chuck

    I’d vote for Engen.

  9. “And then we need to work our butts off for whomever wins the primary and takes on Steve Daines (or anyone like him). ”

    It doesn’t matter, Pete. We all know the Mullahs on Wall Street are calling the shots anyway, with help from the AIPAC. Anyone we elect will just let us down. We need to let Republicans win so that when we hit rock bottom people will finally rise up in revolution or something.

    On a side note, I love the correct use of whomever in a prepositional phrase – a rare and beautiful thing these days.

  10. ayn rand

    I’d Vote for Engen also…………….in the primary…… Still no one knows who the heck he is. All these want 2bes are going to get thier teeth knocked out.

    • their their ayn….. what makes you think anyone has ever heard of steve daines?

      • The state’s heard of Daines. He was on that losing gubernatorial ticket.

        • mr benson

          and that statewide name recognition, losing ticket or not, will help his race this time.

          • JC

            Yep. Just like it helped Schweitzer after he lost to Burns in 2000.

            Name recognition is a plus, however you get it. It’s what you do with that recognition though, that translates into votes.

            And this also translates into someone like Nancy Keenan, who lost a close race to Rehberg in 2000, coming back and running another competitive race for that seat.

            Keenan vs. Daines. That would be an good contest.

  11. “We need to let Republicans win so that when we hit rock bottom people will finally rise up in revolution or something.” – Polish Wolf quote

    If you substitute the word Democrat for Republicans, you have a simple explanation about what happened in November ’10 and what will happen Nov ’12 too

  12. is that so eric? you don’t mind if i enjoy making fun of your overconfidence do you?

  13. Pogo Possum

    Strohmaier may have some explaining to do to Montana veterans and members of the military:

    Alderman Strohmaier –
    “…what bothers me a little is the whole inanimate object aspect of the pledge, the symbolism of a flag.”

    “On a very personal level….. I think it does run the risk of bordering on idolatry….”

    “…..I’m glad that folks, that there were those brave folks in countries throughout the world, including Nazi Germany, that were willing to stand up against certain symbols for which I’m sure those citizens were expected to pledge their allegiance also.”

  14. ayn rand

    thanks pogo I have been looking for this moronic statement from our next dem candidate for the US Cong. Boy …Howdy..

  15. jim- if you want to debate the merits of issues and or candidates i will be happy to leave your comments in answer to my comments up.

    but personal attacks on me or the people with which i work will be met with swift and remorseless expulsion. i am in favor of a strong candidate for the house seat because i like to win contests. not because of anything the potential candidate or i do for a living.

    but your surly remark totally lacking in any veracity certainly reminds me of why i am not nor will i ever be a member of the democratic party.

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