This is America’s Future, Like It or Not

by jhwygirl

They’re coming – and we’re all dying. You can’t avoid dying. You might want to hold on clinging to life from a drip tube, rotting in your own flesh as cancer rots you inside….but the future is coming and includes you dying. One way or the other.

Eventually folks – and I’m speaking to the faux conservatives up there in Helena that professed that this legislative session would be all about jobs jobs jobs but all they’ve been doing is meddling between me and my doctor’s office and my own private body and concerning themselves with who I marry and what happens in bedrooms across the state between consenting adults – you xenophobes up there will be outnumbered.

Them’s simply the facts.

Frankly, from what I see in testimony up there in Helena, you really are outnumbered. Now, that doesn’t mean the mob of citizens up there testifying is right, but it should be cause for some self-reflection.

Anyone hear what Jenna Bush had to say lately?

This is our future. Zach Wahls is a 19 year old, testifying in front of an Iowa legislative hearing on January 31, 2011:

On the other end of the age spectrum is one of my favorite bloggers, a senior chic who uses the name Helen Pilpot over at Margaret’s and Helen’s (link on right). She’s wise enough and has been around long enough that she really does legitimately get to just spit it out to the Tea Party people of the world: Grow up – Shit Happens.

I hate to even call ’em conservatives – I’d like to think that there really are a few true conservatives or Libertarians up there in Helena – but that group up there is approving and looking at some utterly ridiculous stuff. Today I saw a hearing where law enforcement officers and social service agencies and attorneys got up in opposition to a law that would effectively eliminate the need to obtain a a concealed weapons permit. During the Q&A, wanna know who all the tea partyiers asked for clarification? Gary Marbut. Not legal staff or law enforcement, but radical anti-government activist lobbyist Gary Marbut.

Marbut is so bad that I was told by someone in the NRA that even they don’t really like him.

And Marbut apparently doesn’t work with law enforcement much anymore when it comes to developing better laws and rules – heard that today in testimony, too.

Closing out that testimony was Krayton Kerns – HB271 is his bill – said something to this effect:

We’re not eliminating the concealed weapons permit. People can still go get one if they want – they just won’t have to.

So that is our legislature right now – a group of them are dragging knuckles back to pre-Tombstone days and flying in the face of their tea party pro-sheriff-is-the-ultimate-law-of-the-land mantra they all so seem to love.

In other words – more proof that they don’t make sense. There’s a lack of logic there that just plain is.

  1. mr benson

    There were some really weird freaks up there today. Mostly from the Focus on the Family and the Concerned Establishmentarians Against Elvis Presley and Medical Marijuana. They always trot out the kid who is preserving himself as a virgin and hates alcohol and tobacco and thinks texting is a sin, who can’t go into the locker room without getting a wedgie from the normal guys, and will later for run away and becoming a practicing satanist, to convince us all that this is what all high school kids think.

    It all makes the stinky, soiled, heavily bearded santa claus dude shouting “you’re all corrupted” seem benign.

    Most of the legislators have my sympathy; it’s the people’s government, and the people are whack.

  2. Hmmm – what’s your point?

    • The point is the knuckle draggers are up there wasting time. Not doing what they said they were going to do – and doing stuff that is just going to be undone either by courts or legislation 2 years from now.

      • mr benson

        Maybe he meant my point? My point is most of us want legislators to go up there and make life better for Montanans. Find ways to allow hard work and investment to pay off. Fix worker’s comp (I hear there is a good bill.) Make sure hospitals and local govts can provide the services we need. Keep the bad guys locked up, but don’t try hard to invent new ways to lock people up.

        and never mind the social engineering bullshit from either side. We don’t want any of your nanny state government, left or right. We’re not gonna take it, never did and never will.

      • petetalbot

        Heard this the other day, jhwygirl. When Sen. Hinkle (R-Marbut) was defending his ‘county sheriffs are the final word in law enforcement’ bill, the one that requires all federal agents to check in with sheriffs first, he quoted the 1960’s serial horse opera “Gunsmoke.” You know, where everyone has to check their guns with the sheriff when they ride into town. Now there’s some legal precedent for you.

        • Wyatt Earp and Tombstone (the city and the movie….along with the “I’ll be your huckleberry” quote, all courtesy Rep. Ellie Hill on House Judiciary) were mentioned today as precedent.

          Yeah – the first paragraph of this post kinda refers to Hinkle who want to keep people rotting in their own flesh and writhing in pain because no amount of morphine can ease the pain without overdose.

          His bill that would force those kind of end-of-life conditions on people is disgusting.


          None of his friggin’ business what goes on between me and my doctor.

          • i am pretty sure the average republican didn’t vote for these guys thinking…. be sure and make sure that i can’t ask my doctor for help when i am dying…..

            also pretty sure most of them didn’t send these guys to helena to make sure everyone can carry concealed sidearms.

            jobs and finding ways to help businesses in this state survive should be all that these guys work on.

            not figuring out ways to force people into some particular way of living that conforms to their peculiarly rigid religious beliefs.

            • Hinkle attacked death with dignity immediately – well before the election. A bevy of others jumped on board.

              We had apathetic voters who pay attention to the obamathon and they pay attention to the city hall and that’s about it. What happens in Helena? Very very few pay attention..paid attention – and didn’t bother to look at what would happen.

    • Ingemar Johansson

      Come on Eric, this stuff is getting in the way of carbon taxes and high speed rail.

  3. if the crazy right wing wackos want to turn helena into a three ring circus this year while people who voted for them are waiting for jobs and small businesses are waiting for solutions to real problems in creating them, then i say go ahead and pay out more rope……

  4. No Mr. Benson – it wasn’t you – I simply couldn’t find any substance in the post by jhwygirl –

    she mentions the fact that we’ll all die, but references no legislation that wouldn’t allow or disallow dying – (as if there’s a choice) –

    she talked about possible intrusions into her doctors waiting room, medling with her body, and something about marriage, but offers no specifics –

    and then (I think) she says she’s opposed to concealed weapons – although she’s not too well informed, because it already is legal to carry a weapon concealed on 99% of the land in Montana, and if you want to grab a rifle and go walk down the street in town it’s perfectly acceptable also.

    I suggest jhwygirl, that you research the gun laws in Mexico, which are some of the toughest in the world. Maybe if we implemented those we’d be safe – LOL – (how’s it working out for them)

  5. I already know Polish Wolf – the answer is ILLEGALLY

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