How We Got Here

by jhwygirl

“How’d we get here?”

Anyone paying any attention to what is going on in Helena has, no doubt, asked themselves that question. Myself, I’ve conversed on the subject lately with more than a few people.

So did I laugh today when I saw this story in the Missoulian? You betcha. Then I had to see what the Ravalli Republic had to say.

DO make sure to read the comments.

Hudson-Smith has worked in the clerk’s office for 16 years – sixteen years – and now she wants to hire an expert to help her learn her job?

She doesn’t have any friends who could teach her?

This woman ran a hate-filled anti-everything campaign, and the anti-everything I-hate-government crowd voted for her and now they’re mad that she doesn’t know how to run her government office? She did nothing but create havoc in that office for the last 9 months and wouldn’t accept any training, and now the small-government tea party princess wants to hire a high paid expert CPA to train her?

Ey yi yi.

Which – btw – Thank Goddess for Vickie Zeier, no? I was just saying this the other day, too.

Just imagine how those county and school elections are going to run.

Boy – if I were in Ravalli, I might jump on the recall train…so that someone can keep that very important office of records for all the citizens of Ravalli – democrats, republicans, indy’s and yes, even those tea-drinking fools – from going all to hell.

Seriously. Money is at stake here. Property. Private property. Taxes. Marriages, deaths, births. Some of this stuff you wouldn’t know or need to know for decades – imagine trying to fix some kind of bureaucratic error 20 years old?

That is not a good situation for anyone.

In the meantime, hopefully they’re not letting her anywhere near the electronic records.

  1. Pogue Mahone

    Too funny. Pretty much a metaphor for the Tea Party itself. Once their god abandons them completely, they become the fools that they are. Montana really needs to gently laugh these morons out of office forEVER! What a sad, pathetic joke these ignorant morons are. But as has been noted elsewhere, where is our press in all of this? These people are an aberration. They are deviants. Why can’t the “press” point this out? There is NO historical precedent in Montana for such foolishness. Dump’em.

  2. mr benson

    Pretty funny. Commissioners: lock the door, take away the key. You’ve got statutory authority to do it.

    Then hire someone who knows what they’re doing.

    • How does anyone rely on her to run an election?

      You and James Conner have me wondering how an election gets run when the person who is supposed to run it is incompetent. I’m talking from a statutory perspective.

      I also fully expect the Ravalli County Board of County Commissioners to do away with subdivision review completely and just start signing plats as they see fit once the Health Dept. and the Surveyor have signed off.

      They’ve already had a meeting discussing the necessity to have staff reports and recommendations from the Planning Board.

      • mr benson

        She’s not the Clerk and Recorder, just the Treasurer. I know Vicki in Missoula Co and Paulette in L&C are combined, but most counties are not.

        She can’t find your money, but she won’t lose your vote.

  3. Pogue Mahone

    And yet they want ANYone to run for supt. of schools. Hmm. Yes, I think that the woman in the article above would do just nicely. No qualifications, no experience, no ability. Yep, she’s perfect!

  4. County treasurer should not be an elective office. It’s a skills, not a policy, position. I’m surprised there are not more of these train wrecks.

  5. Matthew Koehler

    Astute political observers and citizens of Ravalli County made this call about Hudson-Smith long, long before the November elections even took place. Just another case of reaping what one sows.

  6. Pronghorn

    As I recalled it, Hudson-Smith was a Dem who switched parties knowing that an ‘R’ after her name would get her elected. I remember laughing about it at the time. (Am laughing even harder now!) Here is the deputy treasurer’s take on it.

    • mr benson

      “Mary Hudson-Smith is a registered and out-spoken Democrat running on the Republican side of the ticket for one reason – to run unopposed against our current county treasurer JoAnne Johnson – the very same person who played a huge roll in hiring and developing her in the workplace.” (mr b note, “role”)

      From pronghorn’s link. So much for pogue mcranger’s idiocy about the tea party.

      Mr Connor, Treasurer should be an elected position, because of the sensitive nature of tax collections and the need for responsiveness to tax payer concerns. There have been a few train wrecks; embezzlements mostly. But then, where in Montana hasn’t there been?

      Voters need to be smarter about their choices than to allow themselves to be duped by the obvious manipulations, especially in such a “point of honor” position of trust as County Treasurer. JH’s point was about voters blindly putting down the x.

      jh, I don’t think she’s the Clerk and Recorder too. Only a couple of counties have combined those positions.

      Y’all tell your friends at Ravalli Co I’m available for consultations.

      • JC

        “Voters need to be smarter about their choices than to allow themselves to be duped by the obvious manipulations, “

        I thought politics was all about “manipulations.” So are you reducing electoral politics to a contest between smart voters (an oxymoron if ever there was one) and manipulative politicians seeking to gain every advantage over their opponent.

        I think asking voters to outsmart politicians is just asking a bit too much. It’d be nice, but is generally unrealistic.

  7. an excerpt from the ravalli republic article linked above….

    “At a meeting Tuesday with Hudson-Smith, Kanenwisher also questioned how the new hire will have comprehensive knowledge of the department’s statutory duties if Hudson-Smith doesn’t herself.

    “Do you know what you don’t know?” Kanenwisher asked Hudson-Smith. “How do you know she knows those things?”

    “I don’t think anybody could fill in those gaps,” Hudson-Smith replied……”

    that’s gotta be the excuse of the century.

    let’s review….
    this woman worked for the dept for 16 years and she doesn’t even know enough about the job to know what she doesn’t know……..oh that’s rich…..that’s rich. somebody has to tell her what she doesn’t know before she can even learn the job…

    what the hell was she doing for 16 years then?

    it has been my experience both as an employer and an employee that the people who are the most incompetent are the ones who are the most skilled at making excuses.

    why is that?

    because they get more practice at explaining why they can’t do their job.

    the rest of us just do our jobs.

  8. Pogo Possum

    It could be worse in Ravalli County. Upset county workers could be transferring to Afghanistan to escape the problems there:

    “An Obama bundler picked for a choice ambassadorship brought the U.S. embassy she led to “a state of dysfunction” in a year on the job, a State Department probe has found”

    “Cynthia Stroum, who last month left her post as U.S. ambassador to Luxembourg, was “aggressive, bullying, hostile and intimidating,” the department’s inspector general said in a report released Thursday. The embassy and its staff face myriad problems, including “the absence of a sense of direction,” which has “brought major elements of Embassy Luxembourg to a state of dysfunction.”

    “Conditions at the embassy were so bad that a handful of staffers requested transfers to Iraq and Afghanistan…”

    • It could be worse in Ravalli County. Upset county workers could be transferring to Afghanistan to escape the problems there:

      Yes, and they could be moving to Mars. Pogo, what the fuck is wrong with you?

      • Pogo Possum

        Having a bad day again, Rob?

        • That has shit-all to do with the question. Answer or not, pissant.

          • Pogo Possum

            Let me repeat what Mr. Benson just pointed out in the post:

            “Conditions at the embassy were so bad that a handful of staffers requested transfers to Iraq and Afghanistan…”

            I am here for you Rob – keep going to counseling, stay on your meds, and follow those 12 steps and you can make that personal break through you have been working on.

    • mr benson

      “Conditions at the embassy were so bad that a handful of staffers requested transfers to Iraq and Afghanistan…”

      Now, that IS bad.

      • JC

        Well, all presidents hand out ambassdorships and State job appointments as patronage for big donors (or as with Huntsman, trying to get them out of the way). Singling out this one really isn’t distinctive.

        Actually, with Huntsman, Obama really screwed up, because it kept him out of two years of political foo-fa-raw that did little to help those who stayed in the limelight. Huntsman may turn out to be the @1 repub contender against Obama.

    • The Polish Wolf

      Oh no! Our embassy in Luxembourg in chaos? At least Obama didn’t send an ambassador to Spain who wasn’t fluent in Spanish.

  9. Interesting story.

    It remindes me of working for National Companies, where it is typical for people to get promoted up to a level where they are incompetent, then leave them there.

    I seldom speak ill of fellow Republicans, but she should have been paying attention the last 16 years, and after election day she should have buckled down and learned what’s required of her.

    • The Polish Wolf

      I think this fits a common pattern – people who think that government can’t accomplish anything shouldn’t be put in the position of helping the government accomplish anything. Practical success for them spells ideological failure, and a TEA partier is nothing without ideology.

      Michael Brown, for example.

  10. she quit the treasurer post today, citing outside negativity. whatever that means.

    couldn’t have been because she was a little in over her head.

    i think many tea partiers are finding out this year that criticizing government is way easier than governing…..

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