interesting comments in billings about mr james knox

by problembear

interesting comments in the billings gazette today about  tea party legislator james knox. (R) from billings.

seems he doesn’t like to pay his employees. is this the kind of guy we want in our legislature when we need to fix our economy and provide decent paying jobs to montanans in the middle of a recession?

pogie has a nice take on this over at intelligent discontent. if you want to stay informed about what our wacky montana legislature is doing, there is not a better place on the web to find it than this place.


  1. Boy. What a knuckle-dragging Einstein:

    Brewer said New Mexico and Montana laws prohibit an employer from withholding a final paycheck when there is a dispute over something like inventory.
    “He has to file suit against me for that,” he said.
    Knox responded that such laws don’t apply because of provisions in the company’s handbook and in a contract with Brewer. Brewer is responsible for the inventory and it can be deducted from his paycheck, he said.

    Exemplary Tea Party talk – ‘State law doesn’t apply to me because I wrote my own contract law and it is my God-given right to do so.’

  2. Pancho

    It’s amazing to me that this guy managed to get elected, but in these “Tea Party” days, strange things are happening.

    Readers should take a look at the feedback on this Gazette story, reading posts from the bottom up.

    It seems he has left a wide trail of bounced checks, bad or even fraudulent work and sales, chronically estranged and badly treated employees, upset ex-customers and people who were appalled by his business practices.

    However, he does love Jesus. Lots. He wants “personhood” for zygotes.

    After losing a race for city council, he campaigned in a Republican district for the state house with TP support, and assistance from “Montana Shrugged,” a political organization that didn’t believe in filing required paperwork and reporting expenses and revenues.

    In his brief time in the legislature, he has sponsored or prominently supported a number of anti-labor bills, including eligibility for unemployment compensation, changing workers compensation statutes and taking school board negotiations over contracts out of the public’s view.

    Two weeks after taking office, this extremely obese, 45-year-old opponent of “Obamacare” had a heart attack. He was covered, of course, at taxpayers’ expense, and he didn’t seem to have any problem with citizens paying his bills. He complains about government health care in the YouTube video below.

    He talks about how environmentalists shut down a perfectly good power plant about to go on line “on the Northern California coast” without mentioning that it was never built because it was found to be sitting atop the San Andreas fault and the local fishermen and residents resisted successfully opposed it.

    The man is obviously an idiot, as well. He talks about working with his fellow “legislatures,” and is upset about the “Beacon-Davis” (Davis-Bacon) Act, which requires payment of prevailing wages to government funded construction.

    One poster left this:

    but what i find more interesting was the comment posted over 6 months ago!

    quote – “God, what a sleaze-bag!! Anyone from Billing Heights that is watching this: don’t vote for this man! He’s a small-time con-artist from Albuquerque that needs to go back home!! Vote for the opposition; whoever it is!

  3. Pancho

    I neglected to mention the Better Business Bureau has supposedly given him a “D-” rating, according to one poster.

    I found this website that makes you wonder how the guy could get any business at all.

  4. i have much respect for successful small business owners who provide montana with most of our jobs. no matter what their party affiliations are i know first hand how difficult it is to survive much less prosper. it is a jungle out there and most of these people are taking great risks to compete in the market place. somehow, they just do it every day.

    any self-respecting business owner who has had to sweat the accounts payables and the paydays every two weeks knows what a grievous mistake it would be to fail to pay his/her employee for their time. paying people who work for you is a sacred obligation which only the lowest form of worm would shirk……

    “Now when a man works, his wages are not credited to him as a gift, but as an obligation.” ~Romans 4: 4

  5. Wife's confessor

    Mr. Knox was originally from the bay area in CA. He was previously married, first wife was an addict who died. He also has a bald, tattooed, unattractive mini-me daughter, Amanda? (approx age 15-16 in 2009), who at the time of his campaign was (by way of hitch-hiking cross country with a boyfriend) visiting daddy in Billings, but curiously absent from any publicity photos and no mention of her in his ‘personal info’ areas of his website. Just a photo of smiling wife and two boy children. Perhaps the poor daughter might have been a red-flag to all those prospective voters. What do you think?

    The current wife was very forthcoming with this info at the time, but no one was listening to her, were they?

    I never heard that he had a brother to cry over, but with all the skeletons this man managed to hide over the years, I don’t suppose he thought it worth mentioning.

    • Sid

      He does indeed have a brother. I’ve often wondered what became of Jeff–we were friends, years ago. Where is the brother mentioned? I would greatly like to see that. Thanks for any follow up.

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