Representative James Knox Questions Why Don Pogreba Doesn’t Like Threats

by jhwygirl

State Representative James Knox (Billings) tweeting this morning from his state taxpayer-funded laptop, on the state internet network, and from the House floor this morning at approximately 9 a.m.:

Leaves little to the imagination for what he doesn’t say in public.

*Don Pogreba was a candidate in the 2008 democratic primary for Governor. He is also a superb political writer at Intelligent Discontent who has been doing an extremely fine job covering session activities up in Helena this year.

  1. Superb political writer?


    Do I get a minute for rebuttal ? LOL

  2. Ingemar Johansson

    Looked up the word “stalker” in the Urban Dictionary.

    Came up with this definition, “a creepy guy who knows what you’re doing at all times and when he doesn’t he’s trying to know. Someone who harrasses, annoys, provokes because of self contempt and jealousy. Is known for doing anything to get a reaction. Will go to any length because hes so f’in sad and has no life whatsoever. Bruised ego loser.”

    Which accurately describes Donny’s obession with Rehberg.

    • Aw, you hurt my feelings, little alter ego man. Keep up the good substantive insight!

      • Ingemar Johansson

        15 anti-Denny posts in the last 6 months.

        Substantial enough?

        • No. What’s your baseline? Mine is 365.

        • The Polish Wolf

          That’s…a little over two per month? One a fortnight? Against the highest ranking Republican in Montana? That’s hardly excessive.

          I admit I’m amused by you, Ingy. And you are at least less predictable than Coobs. But as someone who knows Don personally, I’m here to tell you you’re crossing a line into crazy land. Sure, it’s your opinion if you want to believe that Republicans are boldly defending fetuses and free markets throughout the land. But its not an opinion if you believe yourself to somehow be a better human than Don Pogreba, or if you believe that his life is ‘fing sad’ and something other than a challenging, positive influence on the people he’s around, you’re spewing filthy fallacies.

          Also, if you’re willing to read that much into the man’s personal life through his blog, and paste upon him the labels of self-contempt and jealousy from something he writes in his spare time, you’re taking the ol’ blogosphere a little seriously.

          • Ingemar Johansson

            I’m taking it a little too serious?

            Really. I having a great time-it’s you guys that have your panties in a knot.

            • The Polish Wolf

              “I having a great time”

              Translated directly from Swedish.

              I enjoy myself here too – but I have a better time in real life, and I don’t presume that what people write about online encompasses their entire lives.

            • Um, just a quick thought. If you keep track of how often I post about Representative Rehberg, does that mean you have an unhealthy obsession with me?

              Your logic suggests so. Sorry, little alter ego man, I’m just not interested in you.

            • I always keep my panties starched and ironed, thank you very much.

    • Pogue Mahone

      Wow, Ingrid! Bet you had to dig deep for that little worthless gem! BTW, if you don’t like Pogie, don’t READ him. He is simply the best writer at the moment at analyzing the insanity of the tea partiers. He’s basically doing the job that the press should be doing. Guess that Knoxy doesn’t want anyone writing about what a buffoon he is. But really, he should be used to it by this point in his life. Maybe that’s why he moved to Montana. Maybe he thought that here people were so unsophisticated as to NOT notice what a dufus the guy is. Well, he was wrong. Can we agree on that point, Ingrid?

  3. To be fair, he has a point. I don’t refer to President Obama as “Messiah” or “the Chosen One” very often. That may be the mark of excellent writing.

  4. Or Pogie you can refer to Obama as ‘The Great Leader’ which is my favorite derisive nickname for him –

  5. mr benson

    What is a “dissenting threat”? It must be similar to a voluntary revelation of personal stupidity.

    I bet Pogreba actually likes those. He just has to sit back and let the other guy be a clown.

  6. this commenter’s question was added today on the Billings Gazette article cited above….. it’s a good one.

    outofcontrol said on: February 5, 2011, 2:16 pm
    The US Department of Labor has been trying contact Mr. Knox for the last 3 weeks. The first call was made on Jan 19th, then 21st & 24th and probably several times since then. My guess is he knows that as long as he ignores the calls they can’t touch him.

    If Mr. Knox truly believes he is in the right why is he avoiding these calls?

  7. The Polish Wolf

    If you check out the comments on the post, you’ll find another of Knox’s mysterious anonymous admirers who could not possibly be James Knox using a different name.

  8. Big swede (I.J) is diverting us from James Knox much like a rodeo clown. Personally I enjoy watching mr knox gore himself.

    How long can a business owner dodge phone calls from the US department of labor? Until the FBI handcuffs him in house chambers?????
    and if the fbi does come, will the concealed carry tea partiers draw down on the agents until they get permission from the lewis & clark county sheriff to do their job???

    this is gonna get better and better…..

    Pass the buttered popcorn please and please do send in the clowns.

    • I don’t think so problembear.

      All I know of the story is what I’ve read in the paper, but it sounds like a typical messy employer/employee split.

      It wouldn’t have been newsworthy at all if James wasn’t in the legislature.

      If I had a similar split with an employer, and I called a Gazette reporter, it wouldn’t make the paper. And it shouldn’t.

      Look at what we know – KBS hired somebody (Brewer) to start an office in New Mexico.

      They had a falling out – and KBS closed the operation down.

      Brewer started his own business, taking what customers KBS had with him. If he was out starting his own business, while employed by KBS, hasn’t been talked about.

      That’s one sure way to crank up the animosity, isn’t it?

      Brewer claims KBS owes him money, and KBS claims Brewer kept their ‘inventory’ – whatever that may be.

      So Brewer decided to air the dirty laundry in the press, and the Gazette was eager to help him because James Knox defeated their liberal-darling-school-teacher Pam Ellis.

      I’d offer to arbitrate it, but since I’m not inclined to speak ill of fellow Republicans it wouldn’t be fair.

      I’m willing to give them both the benefit of the doubt.

      I’m wondering how it turns out.

      All that being said – this should have nothing to do with politics, and IMO James Knox doing a great job in Helena, and is voting exactly the way I expected him to, which is in the best interest of Montana.

  9. just the facts eric:

    messy doesn’t explain much here eric. and how do you explain away all the comments at the billings gazette from current employees who havent been paid for their work? the law is clear. if you owe an employee for work you pay the employee promptly or suffer consequences.

    if you believe that theft has occurred (which would be a separate issue) then you pay the employee for their work and you file a theft report with the police and have them do a proper investigation.

    the fact that james knox owes mr brewer his wages is not in dispute.

    james knox is flaunting the law here.

    i don’t care what kind of job james knox is doing in helena. if he refuses to follow our laws, he shouldn’t be a law-maker. period.

    but as i said, i am glad to watch all the rodeo clowns come in and try to divert us from the utter embarrassment this man is bringing to montana. i am glad to pay out more rope.

    i certainly hope that james knox doesn’t come to his senses. i really want to see this whole bag of worms play out to the bitter end. with him being dragged out of the state house handcuffed and screaming for help from his fellow posse comitatus tea partier zealots.

    now the comments in billings are getting even more serious. the house district that james knox represents is talking about starting a recall petition against him. only 10% of the voters of his district are needed to begin the recall. the commenters are confident that they can do it……

  10. Jim Garvey

    I applaud your effort to curtail citizenship to the children of illegal aliens. The 14th Amendment clearly states: 1886 Court Ruling applied to children born of slaves brought to this country in chains, hence: Anchor Children. Again in the 1950″s the courts (American indian) was recognized as a citizen, until that timer: Persona-non-grata, somewhat like Puerto Rico (Trust Territory). I would suggest very strongly that those who wish to grant citizenship go to California and see just how much destruction has been done by allowing this fiasco to continue. I lived there all my life and was in law enforcement for 27yrs until I came to Montana in 2008. The social system is destroyed, the educational system is destroyed, welfare is destroyed and the population doesn’t wish to speak English.

  11. Seven

    It appears that Mr. Knox has too much time on his hands for the amount of time he spends on FaceBook defending his political views. With a closer examination of his profile on FaceBook makes me believe that right now some village is missing their idiot.


  1. 1 Republican Logic from James Knox | Intelligent Discontent

    […] Knox seemed fine with the idea of threats a month ago. […]

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