Montana’s GOP: A pack of hypocrites when it comes to personal freedom


The Montana GOP loves them some freedom, but only when its smothered in their own special GOP brand of Freedom Sauce. While they push issues such as setting up local militias, giving sheriffs ultimate local law enforcement authority, giving healthcare providers freedom to deny services to patients because of differing morals, and expanding individual gun rights including no longer needing a permit to carry a concealed weapon; on many other issues currently up for debate in Helena the GOP is proving that they want to curtail local decision-making and even the role that individual citizens play in politics and policy making.

Perhaps the biggest GOP attack on individual freedoms in Montana is the GOP’s push to override voter initiates and weaken the voter initiative process in the future. If Montana voters had passed initiatives banning abortion or abolishing the state’s DEQ I’m sure conservatives would be praising the Montana citizenry’s grounded and well thought out votes. But as it stands our current crop of Tea Party clowns are trying to circumvent our rights as Montana citizens. Numerous proposed bills target our ability to have a say in our own state.

  • HB 161 aims to reverse the voter’s will in legalizing medical marijuana
  • SB 204 would double the number of signatures required for a voter initiative to make it onto the ballot
  • HB 292 aims to modify our state constitution, taking away our right to a “clean and healthful environment.”
  • HB 280 and SB 176 both restrict in some way a women’s right to choose
  • HB 392 aims to redefine Montana citizenship, excluding many that are currently citizens
  • They killed a proposal to switch to a mail in ballot system which would have greatly increased voter turnout
  • SB 116 aims to take away a person’s right to decide how to end their own life.
  • HB 198 expands eminent domain powers to the benefit of large corporations over Montana landowners
  • SB 209 takes away a city/county’s discretion in deciding what factors should be considered when approving a subdivision
  • SB 228 would prohibit the state from setting up insurance exchanges
  • HB 431 would remove the day of state general elections from the list of recognized state holidays, making it more difficult for people to vote.

So the GOP loves individual freedom and choice and advocates for legal authority to be vested in institutions that are closest to the citizenry… except when people or local governments make the wrong choices… in that case it seems the GOPers don’t want us to have the freedom to choose our own path.

  1. I really appreciate HB161, HB280 SB176 and SB116 coming from the party that supposedly (but not really) thinks people can govern themselves.

    The Republicans believe that you’re not smart enough to govern yourself, that you can’t decide about your body and life. They want more government control, and less freedom. They’re all talk.

    At least Dems come out and tell you about the regulations they want, and don’t bother saying they’re for “small government.”

  2. ayn rand

    Once again a far left liberal screeches about bills and mischaracterizes them for his/her benefit. HB 161, is an attempt to repeal a badly written and implemented voter approved initiative. It is out of control and needs to be repaired. But I’ll figure that the above author has a few green cards in his/her wallet, and uses those cards to write here. HB 280 does not take your right away to sneak into the alley and hanger yourself, but feel free, as long as I don’t have to pay for it. It adds a procedure that any underage person should have before making a medical decision. SB 176 is written to preclude taxpayers from paying for abortions. When you get pregnant Dinghy, and want to use abortion as a birth control service, pay for it yourself. SB 116 makes sure a doctor who takes the oath to protect life, not to commit murder. If you want to off yourself, be my guest. Borrow a 22 and spend 50 cents. Don’t legislate that a doctor must help you. Drop your girly man attitude and be a man.

    • The irony of an anon commenter going by “ayn rand,” and being totally for a huge government that ignores the will of the people. Stunning.

      • ayn rand

        Let’s see, where to start. The lefts fav is posters who post “anon”. You know if you were not so lazy you could find out who I am. I know who jhwygirl is as well as Montana Cowgirl (I think). I did it by research. Once you find out who I am, you will know you are wrong about my supposed Big Government wishes, which you libs want to be spoon fed by. But like all your lefty friends that ruminate about anon posters, you would rather have someone hand you all the data. That way, you can sit back in your barko and toke up to alleviate the imagined pain from a hang nail.

    • Yeah, just “drop your girly man attitude and be a man.” If the GOP has its way, you’ll be legally required to do it anyway, re: “Code of the West” bill.

    • carfreestupidity

      In one sentence Ayn Rand wannabe, you say a women should feel free to “sneak into the alley and hanger yourself” and in the next you suggest that a women should be forced to have a procedure done no matter if she wants it or not? brilliant.

  3. Turner

    And the representatives just passed HB 198, third reading, so NorthWestern Energy Co. has eminent domain rights to private property.

    Big government isn’t the problem, it’s corrupt government bought by big business.

    It doesn’t matter what the people think. It’s what NorthWestern Energy, Big Coal, and their paid political whores want. It’s time for civil disobedience to stop MSTI

  4. justin

    Jeez, our two conservative Democrats, Carolyn Squires and Betsy Hands voted to give international corporations eminent domain over Montanan’s private property. Thanks Betsy and Carolyn

  5. mr benson

    Authoritarians suck. The left wants to tell you how to run your life, tiny apartment in a grey concrete gulag, electric car, no big boxes, no tv, no junk food, no cell phone conversation while driving, no drive up windows, no idling, no plastic bags, no dodgeball, no competitive sports for kids, no grades, private enterprise and capitalism is evil,blah blah blah. They’re the no choice left.

    The right wants to crawl under the covers with you and check to make sure there’s no non missionary sex, they don’t actually buy off on the founders, because that John Locke and his thorny “every person has a right to control the labor of their own self” tenet. You have no choice, you’ve got to buy expensive medicine, your power must be from Northwest energy, and federalism is bad unless they agree with it. You have to be a Christian, or you’re not really american, or republican. They’re as into my business as anyone on the left, (and vice versa).

    And yes, the Governor is a big windbag, out for himself only, who’s done such a good job with the finances of the state he has to steal money from local government and endowment funds to balance his budget.

    Thanks for opening this thread. BTW, to anyone I offended: go read Rush or Huffpo so you’ll know what to think next.

    • Craig Moore


      They willl huff and huff and po you house down now that AOL has bought them. As to authoritarians on the Left, now they want to ban toy guns and put you in jail if you sell one to someone under 18.

      • And as to the right, they want to tell what you can buy and when, even the end of your own life.. Can the crap, Craig. What is the more important choice? Toys or your own damned life?

        • Craig Moore

          Rob, the Left requires you to buy their damn health insurance whether you need it or not, or want it or not. Now that’s a life choice that is not. Both Tester and Baucus agree with the mandate. Do you?

          • Turner

            So, Craig, when you and your family get badly hurt in a car wreck, you’ll all be taken to the hospital and treated. Hospitals are required to do this.

            Then, because you don’t want to buy “their damnhealth insurance,” we taxpayers have to pay for your treatment and the treatment of the rest of your family.

            You and those like you who want the freedom not to have health insurance are immoral dead-beats.

          • Rob, the Left requires you to buy their damn health insurance whether you need it or not, or want it or not.

            No, Craig, they don’t. “The Left” doesn’t own any health insurance companies that I’m aware of, nor does “The Left” require me to buy a specific product (my employer does that, and even then I have “Choices”, literally.) It’s zombie lies, like the one you just told, that keep American health care expensive, and keep our fat-cat corporate overlords flush with control over our lives.

            Here’s a life choice we don’t have. We all *need* health care. Every fat and sassy one of us, from drunks to health nuts. What you call a “life choice” isn’t. It’s a consumer choice, and no one took that away from you, as you ironically point out.

  6. mr benson

    “SB 209 takes away a city/county’s desecration in deciding what factors should be considered when approving a subdivision”

    now, that’s funny. discretion might be understating it, but desecration a bit over the top. I have seen commissioners desecrate a subdivision tho.

    • They went after emergency interim zoning today.

      Nanny state republican proposed bill.

      Big Government I ever saw it. Tell me when to give birth, tell me when to die…tell me who I can marry. At least it’s not just me – they don’t just want to run the state up there, they want to run cities and towns and counties….and the federal government as it were, too.

      I’m with ya, Mr. Benson – it’s both sides. Neither is immune from the nanny state micromanaging legislation.

      • mr benson

        Yeah, too stupid. That medical marijuewanna they’re so worried about? Controlled in Bozeman with…interim zoning.

        • They want to write ARM too…they want to not allow ARM to be enacted until they’ve approved it.

          So when they pass a law and it becomes law…and an agency has to write rule as they are required to do along with all the public notice and hearing that goes with it, they want it to go BACK to the next session.

          Think of what that does to the wheels of government!

          If someone wrote a book or made a movie with this stuff it wouldn’t pass muster.

          And Arizona is the focus of lunacy? Just wait until the media figures out the gold they got here.

          W/all the romanticism of “Montana“.


    • carfreestupidity

      Oops… That is funny, never trust spell check.

  7. while they are at it, i hope they take away all the onerous restraints that BP was subjected to on deep sea drilling…..

    why not just trust the corporations, developers and hell, just anybody with a fistful of dollars that wants to do whatever the hell they want? i am sure that they have our best interests at heart.

  8. who needs constitutional protection anyway? certainly not montana’s farmers who want their land free from taking by corporate cartels who partner with government to wrest away the very bedrock principle of our forefathers- that all men should be secure in their lawful properties.

    certainly not women who would prefer to make their own decisions concerning events going on inside their own uteran walls. the government should step in and tell them what to do.

    certainly not cancer patients dying excruciating deaths who may want some assistance from a trusted physician to lessen the pain and shorten the duration of a long and brutally horrible death.

    these constitutional personal rights need to be jerked up by the roots and burned in the cleansing fire of the ones who know what is best for us.

  9. we should also restrict the right to vote to only those people who think ahead. after all, who wants a bunch of free thinking people suddenly and spontaneously exercising their right to vote on the day of the election.

    grow up! it’s unamerican to expect that much freedom.

    who the hell do you bunch of idlers and procrastinators think you are? obviously not the proper kind of citizen we want deciding our laws and leaders. that’s for sure.

    • Craig Moore

      “who the hell do you bunch of idlers and procrastinators think you are?”

      My guess is non-voting Missoula democrats that supported Tyler G, sort of.

  10. and i thought you were a constitutional personal freedom kind of guy craig.

    never took you as the type that would limit anyone’s right to vote. never took you as the shady under handed dealing from the bottom of the deck jake eaton type craig. you know, that type of political operative who would burn the constitution itself if it helped his candidate?

    in the modern age of instant information there simply is no excuse to deny anyone the right to vote.

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