Good Legislation Getting Left Behind


Well… we have been pretty negative here at 4&20 when it comes to this Republican controlled session of the Montana legislator.  It’s about time we highlighted something good coming out of this session and something that is common sense legislation that most people can get behind.

HB 105 was introduced at the request of Monica Lindeen and aims to give the state insurance auditor the regulatory authority over insurance premium increases.  As of 2011 we are one of only three states that do not have regulatory authority over insurance pricing.

I’m happy to see someone attempting this reform, as I would say it’s badly needed.  Last year my health insurance premiums went up by 44% and I have never once used the coverage provided in the three years I’ve had a policy with BCBS.  I even wrote a letter to Lindeen last year complaining about the premium increase and got a reply back that her office had no authority over pricing.  I’m sure she received a lot of letters and emails from Montana citizens getting screwed by their insurance provider, and now here she is responding to the outcry from normal people… just how state politics should work.  If you want more information take a look at the fact sheet here and a story covering the bill from the Missoula Indy

Unfortunately this bill hasn’t made any real progress in almost a month.  It’s sad that a good, common sense reform such as this has taken a back seat to the lunacy taking place in Helena.

  1. Blue cross blue shield will sic an army of lobbyists on this bill before it has a chance to be heard. and if it by some miracle it does manage to pass through committee, the extremely wealthy blue cross and other insurance lobbyists (amply supplied with our money) will spare no expense to armtwist enough no votes to kill it.

    great cartoon by the way. very accurate.

    this greedy bunch of idiots will cause the montana people to get angry enough to vote for Montana Public Option health insurance in 2012. then we will see change but not by legislator or by congressmen. we will cause the change ourselves through citizens initiative. it seems to be the only voice the majority of the people of this state have any more.

  2. Ingemar Johansson

    Sell your home.

    Buy the farm.

    Or my favorite…..Move to Canada.

    • if these idiots keep denying benefits and raising premiums – the people of montana will simply vote in public option health insurance in 2012 by Citizens Initiative. i say it passes 82% to 18%.

      and your precious legislators and state and national republican candidates who oppose it will lose too, BS.

      that should wipe the smile off your face and the faces of those predatory health insurance execs.

      can’t wait to pass a new stream access C.I. also for the same reasons. when you go too far, the pendulum comes back for you with a vengeance.

      • I admire and support the confidence, pbear. But what we’re witnessing this very day is that a TeaPublican legislature will lie, cheat and steal to overturn the will of the Montana people. Rep. G. Bennett proclaimed that only 28% of Montana voted for medicinal marijuana. It was actually 70%. I like Ochenski’s editorial, very much. But then I thought that liberals should come out in 2010, so what do I know? The voting pendulum only moves if both sides exert pressure. Just sayin’ …

  3. i personally know quite a few reasonable republicans who are scratching their heads over this legislature and openly wondering about the lack of control that the mainstream republicans have over the tea party agenda.

    many of them are small business owners who would like a little help with controlling runaway health insurance costs. and most of them don’t agree with the social agenda of the tea partiers.

    it seems like a very small percentage of right wing loonies have managed to hijack the party and it is careening out of control. i believe many of the mainstream republicans would happily vote to restore stream access, and for affordable dependable health insurance.

    oh – the pendulum’s gonna swing alright. and it will take all of the reasonable people in this state to do it.

    by the way, one of my very right wing gop builder friends took me aside the other day and said…..

    “what is with this knox guy from billings? i pay my employees. always have. that guy is embarrassing us all.”

    I couldn’t agree with him more wolf. and i think we will find common points of agreement more with the gop once the shine fades away from the tea party. oh say, long about 2012, i’m thinking.

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