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by jhwygirl

In this episode we refer you to Rep. Kristin Hansen (R-Havre) who introduced her pro-discrimination bill HB516 to the House with a first reading on Saturday.

A woman. How refreshing.

Hansen’s bill is designed to prohibit local government ordinances geared at promoting equality. It applies retroactively.

How’s that for conservative small-government? Jobs Jobs Jobs?

Rep. Hansen’s bill would violate the Montana Constitution along with the federal government’s based on current multiple Supreme Court precedents.

Will the GOP speak out to this hateful legislation? Isn’t there anything in this legislation that some true small-government privacy loving conservative doesn’t find offensive?

I do honestly make an effort to try and not lump all GOP together. It is becoming increasingly hard for me to do that. This is one bill where I certainly have an expectation for someone anyone in the GOP to come forward and speak out against this kind of hateful horrible legislation.

Certainly there are a few of you Republicans that think this sort of thing is wrong?

Failing that, it makes it hard not to lump ’em all together. There are dangerous ideas here that need confronted. This is one of them.

As for Rep. Kristen Hansen? You can bet she’s no lawyer (but she’ll be able to play one here in the State of Montana if she wishes after this session, if the GOP get’s their wishes.)

Both Missoula and Bozeman have passed local ordinances geared at protecting and promoting equality in their respective communities. This bill is a direct slap at these communities…and it is also a slap at any other community that may want to embrace a message of acceptance for their citizens.

by jhwygirl

Sunday’s Missoulian has an article reporting the budget issues facing Missoula County Public Schools and how decisions being made in the legislature are impacting their ability to determine structure for next year’s school year.

It isn’t just Missoula County that is facing these questions. Citizens across the state are likely to get the same answers from their own local school administration.

It’s a scary time up there – the storm metaphor used by Jamie Kelly is perfect – and frankly, it’s hard not to believe that the sole purpose of the insanity of bills up there is to dismantle state government to a state of utter chaos and costly lawsuits with both citizens and the federal government.

These days when I think of this, I ponder whether the GOP in the senate will attempt to save the State and their own party in the process.

It isn’t just the 5% across-the-board cuts that parents and educators should be watching. Tomorrow, Rep. James Knox’s HB397 will have a hearing in House Taxation.

HB397 will provide a tax credit for school choice and home schooling.

Here’s a bill in House Taxation having public hearing without the public seeing a fiscal note on the thing. Who in the hell is running the show up there?


Never mind.


I seem to remember hearing that a movie based on Ayn Rand’s seminal book was in the works, but now here is the proof that Hollywood is a soulless beast of unoriginality.  I doubt this movie will be a big hit, nor will it inspire people to ‘go Galt’ since it would seem that the confluence of the internet, Facebook, You Tube, narcissism, and daddy’s money have already inspired a good portion of my generation to lives removed from productive society.

It also kind of makes me sick to see that someone is attempting to cash in on Ayn Rand’s legacy… because that’s what this is, an attempt to make money, as opposed to spreading the message of Rand’s idealistic brand of capitalism.  Any time an ideal or icon is exploited for the sole purpose of the self-enrichment of some corporate interest i throw-up in my mouth just a little.  A few years back you couldn’t walk down the street without seeing a Che Guevara shirt; an icon of revolution and socialism used as a fashion accessory in a capitalist crazed society as a symbol of white, middle-class youth rebellion was annoying.  The worst was picturing the people putting Che’s image on $50 shirts laughing at the irony of “branding” Che.

Anyway… the idea of turning a 1000 page philosophical tome that few people actually ever finished into a movie should turn out about as well as the original Dune travesty.  The trailer makes the movie appear heavy-handed in getting the point across with the train metaphor taken to ridiculous heights.  If this is only part 1, I’m wondering if this will be a trilogy where the third movie is the infamous monologue?

Or… maybe this is the beginning of a trend of turning philosophical works into big budget, 3D box office hits?  Could we be in-store for  more of these types of movies if Atlas Shrugged does well?  I personally can’t wait till a screenplay for The Wealth of Nations lands on an executive’s desk to be green-lighted.

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