Nanny-State Hypocrital Bigots Come in All Shapes and Sizes

by jhwygirl

In this episode we refer you to Rep. Kristin Hansen (R-Havre) who introduced her pro-discrimination bill HB516 to the House with a first reading on Saturday.

A woman. How refreshing.

Hansen’s bill is designed to prohibit local government ordinances geared at promoting equality. It applies retroactively.

How’s that for conservative small-government? Jobs Jobs Jobs?

Rep. Hansen’s bill would violate the Montana Constitution along with the federal government’s based on current multiple Supreme Court precedents.

Will the GOP speak out to this hateful legislation? Isn’t there anything in this legislation that some true small-government privacy loving conservative doesn’t find offensive?

I do honestly make an effort to try and not lump all GOP together. It is becoming increasingly hard for me to do that. This is one bill where I certainly have an expectation for someone anyone in the GOP to come forward and speak out against this kind of hateful horrible legislation.

Certainly there are a few of you Republicans that think this sort of thing is wrong?

Failing that, it makes it hard not to lump ’em all together. There are dangerous ideas here that need confronted. This is one of them.

As for Rep. Kristen Hansen? You can bet she’s no lawyer (but she’ll be able to play one here in the State of Montana if she wishes after this session, if the GOP get’s their wishes.)

Both Missoula and Bozeman have passed local ordinances geared at protecting and promoting equality in their respective communities. This bill is a direct slap at these communities…and it is also a slap at any other community that may want to embrace a message of acceptance for their citizens.

  1. The Dems idea of JOBS/JOBS/JOBS includes the same tired bills that they put up versions of every legislative sessions, such as HB214, which would legislate “gender identity” “gender expression” and “sexual orientation”

    So predictable.

  2. Wow. A lib/prog blogger actually typed the phrase “Nanny-State”.

    Wow. Just wow.

  3. Craig Moore

    From the bill:


    I don’t see this bill going anywhere but it is hardly “pro discrimination” as there are both state and federal protected classes now and in the future. Perhaps the intent is to keep things uniform so as to avoid confusion and disproportionate impact on businesses that need a standard across their operations. Don’t know what’s driving it. You do have a valid point about local control…. like local control over established education funding sources.

    • mr benson

      Yeah, we need uniformity, it’s 1962, so let’s get some jim crow laws for Michigan, Nebraska, and California, too.

      Wrong answer.

      Right answer? Look at the state’s own policies at the Universities, and explain to me why the university towns where those are located can’t have the same policies.

      • Craig Moore

        Mr. B, jim crow? This stems from the action that Missoula took on its own. I am not aware of any other Montana city having done this. Now explain to me why the Missoula city council would not hold a referendum on the matter?

        As to this bill, the retroactive provision alone probably dooms it.

        • mr benson

          Bozeman passed an ordinance that mirrors the Montana State University policy for it’s own personnel and benefits policies, prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual preference or gender identity, and requires the same from companies and entities with which it contracts. So it’s not as sweeping as Missoula…but Bozeman adopted this before Missoula, and, as you now know, with far less controversy or publicity.

          You really think jim crow would’ve been overturned with a popular vote in any of the southern states? I know you’re wrong.

          • mr benson

            As far as I’m concerned if the representative from Havre doesn’t like this policy, we should close MSU Northern and bring it to a town whose policies more closely follow the MSU ethic:

            Montana State University-Bozeman does not discriminate in admission, access to, or conduct of its educational programs and activities nor in its employment policies and practices on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual preference, marital status, age, religion, creed or political belief, mental or physical handicap or disability, or status as a Vietnam era or disabled veteran.

            • Craig Moore

              Recalling from memory, I believe under the Montana constitution Art 2. Secs 2 and 3 seem to have expansive breadth especially the part about “social condition.” Now what law could be enacted discriminating against a segment of Montana’s people that wouldn’t already run afoul of those provisions? And how could jim crow exist under such constitutional guaranteed rights?

              • Craig Moore

                correction: I meant Secs 3 and 4. of Art. 2.

              • mr benson

                dunno, Craig, but as you point out, the sponsor is a lawyer.

              • Craig Moore

                Mr. B, perhaps the sponsor is just trying to maintain a pattern of uniform laws across the state.

                As to your point about state higher education institutions, I believe they are fully within their rights to set their own policies so long as those policies don’t conflict with federal and state law. I believe that is true for cities as well in their contractual requirements.

  4. In case you care, actually Rep. Hansen is a lawyer.

  5. Ned Kelly

    Go ahead and lump’em! There nuthin’ but Bible thumpin lumpen ANYway! There are some very, very sick dudes in Helena right now. They snuck in under term limits. I long for the good old days when we just had nutty Hiliners!

  6. It’s certainly interesting that the astute bloggers at ECW haven’t had a word to say about this session–or very little.

    Instead, Craig’s content to come over here and offer very little substance supporting the clowns running the show for the GOP.

    • Craig Moore

      Pogie, you haven’t been paying attention. I have offered no support whatsoever.

    • Craig is the Great Defender of All Things GOP. He’s completely oblivious to how ridiculous he looks.

      I know for a fact that people find him entertaining.

      • Craig Moore

        You haven’t paid attention either. Remember my call to throw out all those that vote for HB198?

        • You remember me saying that one departure from the meme does not a non-partisan make?

          • Craig Moore

            Just like you not knowing Kristen Hansen is a lawyer, you continue to rejoice in and defend your ignorance. But that’s ok honey. It’s Valentines Day.

            • Defend my ignorance? How?

              • Craig Moore

                Here’s a better idea. How about we get back to the issues you raised like declaring this bill is unconstitutional. As I asked above, before you descended into inartful foreplay, what’s your analysis?

              • It isn’t analysis – it’s the Montana Supreme Court rulings in the matter.

                I’m not doing your homework for you.

                Go to search and put in “platform”. There are two articles there on the MT GOP platform, and in one of those post are multiple links that will help you.

              • Craig Moore

                Come on Jh. You made the claim. Support it with reasoned analysis, or is this just more ignorance on your part? Your claim is about the bill. Switching to party platform is a dodge.

              • I can’t help you if you can’t help yourself.

              • Craig Moore

                And I refuse to make your case for you. Your claim. Defend it. Show us how smart you are to call an attorney ignorant.

              • if it isn’t unconstitutional craig it ought to be.

                do you really think that limiting the right of local communities to govern themselves in this case is justifiable?

                if hansen isn’t mentally challenged i think a case could be made that she lacks good judgment, along with the gop party leadership which wastes the legislatures time with crappy bible belt ignoramus bills like this.

  7. mr benson

    Her other two bills seem normal. I don’t know what prompted her to do this.

    Universities and university towns are open minded, welcoming places (well, Bob Jones et al excepted). Does Havre deserve to be a University town?

  8. Ryan Emmett Morton

    Rep. Hansen should expect an earful on Friday. I know I’ve been planning my speech for weeks… but what to wear???

  9. Ryan Emmett Morton

    This is the ir-rationale behind the bill from the man himself. Please enjoy all the colorful remarks!

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