Rep. Wagner Puts Montana on the National News

by jhwygirl

Updated below.

First of all, a shout-out to the fabulous Helena bureau chief for CBS news (out of Great Falls) reporter Marnee Banks. I poached this pic right off of her yfrog account. Banks has been doing some great work, long before the session even began. I am a huge fan and have been trying to drum up a name for her, much as I’ve bestowed Supermontanareporter on John S. Adams. Goddess Bless her.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 show this evening featured a segment on birther bills, and grabbed up an interview with Montana’s Rep. Bob Wagner, a Republican out of Harrison.

Wagner’s SB205 was the bill he was bragging about.

I caught it on a tweet, “re-tweeted” it to make sure everyone knew..and guess what? Missed it. It was on within the first 25 minutes. So now I’ve set the Tivo and I’ll have to enjoy it later tonight or in the morning.

And we’ll definitely be checking back on CNN’s website to see what AC gets up on his site. Maybe someone will grab it up for YouTube.

In the meantime, one can only hope that Anderson Cooper comes back. He was talking about unconstitutional bills tonight – and SB254 would of fit the bill just fine – it provides for eminent domain authority over the federal government.

How’s that for both irony and hypocrisy from conservatives?

As for Anderson? Maybe he just didn’t want to dedicate the whole show to Montana. Arizona might get jealous.

But I’m sure we out-gun them in pro-gun laws. What do you want to bet?

Oh. My. Goodness. Anderson Cooper 360 has video up.

Wagner hints enough at another lunacy bill – HB392, that “eliminates the misapplication of the 14th amendment to the US Constitution” by saying that you are only a citizen of Montana if you reside in Montana, are born in U.S. and at least one of your parents is a U.S. citizen – that Cooper points out to America that we’ve got that bill knocking around up in Helena too.

  1. It was truly a magical exchange. Wagner’s erudition and deep knowledge of the law were a sight to behold.

    I miss my state.

  2. Luke Brandon

    Don’t forget SD, they just declared a new hunting season there on doctors who provide abortions. At least we aren’t the only state with a whack job legislature.

  3. Pronghorn

    That was painful to watch; even I was squirming for the poor schmuck. Combine that with the legislator who expounded so brilliantly on paper airplane darts infected with AIDS, the guy who referred to his fellow legislators as “legislatures,” and (fill in your own numerous blanks here______), and rather than “Welcome to Montana” signs at our borders, we might as well erect signs reading “No intelligent life; enter at your own risk.”

  4. petetalbot

    Good Lord, I hope the voters in Madison County are mortified.

  5. Rob Kailey

    Two things. It’s worth pointing out that HB 392, to ignore the 14th amendment, is the ‘brain-child’ of James Knox. That man will likely be more infamous by the end of this session than the preceding King of Kookville, Rick Jore. And what’s awful, or maybe a sign of hope depending on voters next year, he won’t wear that crown of crazy alone.

    Second, Pogie, myself and others have wondered why the crickets from the right about our legislature have been deafening in their silence. Jeff Mangan finally weighs in, and no. He’s not happy at all.

  6. Stein-X

    The smart people of Montana have elected Republican majorities in both houses of the state legislature. The dumb people of Montana just stroke each other and pretend they’re oh-so smart.

  7. I really need to reply to the cnn report with anderson cooper interviewing re. wagner. I was shocked at rep. wagner trying to answer anderson coopers question as to why he thinks our President is not a united states citizen. The absolute stupidity from rep. Wagner at how he was trying to answer the question and the more he talked the more embarrased I was. Where did we get this guy???? Trying to say there needed to be a long form for president obama’s birth certificate. Wagner needed to give it up. president obama is definitely a united states citizen and to try and deny it makes re. wagner look like a racist, and makes the people of montana look like idiots to think that we elected him!|!!! are we really that dumb. we need to send this guy back in the bushes where he belongs!!!!!

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