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by problembear

some say they are already dead, just not quite buried yet.  i have a question for commenters-

is the tonnage of useless bickering in blogs worth the trouble to get the occasional little nugget of information?

twitter has tons of information. less words. more links. less or no bickering and even some downright useful and funny stuff……

i think i am at my limit with blogging and this is coming from an obvious blogger addict and someone who can hold his own in a back and forth.

i cannot imagine for the life of me why anyone normal would ever stick their neck out and comment on a blog anymore. it must be pretty daunting for someone new to the internet when they see how quick we are to flame each other.

this site gets decent numbers of views so i guess at least people are checking us out and i hope it is helpful to them but speaking for myself, after only a couple of years i am burning out on the overwhelming negativity and hyper criticism which abounds. i get mad but usually it is at powers that be- not so much at the commenters anymore.  thumping my chest just doesn’t interest me anymore. been there- done that. and you know what? even when you end up on top of a pissing match, it still feels lousy. i grew up in a catholic fighting family where no holds were barred and the pottery and dinnerware flew through the air like a white out on mcdonald’s pass. i mean, i was born and bred to do this and i don’t even like it anymore.

can’t we just be good to each other once in a while? even if it is just to break up the monotony of the slaughter. none of us are saints and very few of us agree about much but at least we care enough about stuff to do this, so let’s remember that we are all just a bunch of working stiffs with opinions about stuff and try to get along.

i was raised by wolverines but this is just not much fun anymore. i guess the only reason i still do it is to yell at the greedy, sick, ignorant, powerful bastards out there who don’t give a shit about regular working folks anymore. i hope somehow it helps. and i guess i am too stubborn to quit right now but jesus h crispy christ, let’s tone down the blast furnaces.



Governor Schweitzer issued an Executive Order yesterday halting the importation of bison into Montana. This action is in direct response to the National Park Service’s capture and holding of 525 bison in capture facilities within the Park.

The AP, in an article in the Billings Gazette, frames the story this way:

“Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer blocked the impending slaughter of hundreds of Yellowstone National Park bison on Tuesday, in a surprise move intended to spark an overhaul of how the federal government deals with the iconic but disease-plagued animals.

Schweitzer signed an executive order to prohibit the importation of park bison into Montana for 90 days. That effectively blocks all potential routes out of the park to slaughter plants in Montana and neighboring states.

The Democratic governor told The Associated Press that he was worried the shipments could spread brucellosis to Montana livestock. And he said he was sending a message to federal officials in Washington, D.C. to rein in a diseased bison population that regularly spills out of the park and into Montana.

In the interim, Schweitzer suggested the park bring in loads of hay to feed 525 bison captured so far this winter [and held at Stephens Creek,] after trying to migrate out of the snow-packed park in search of food at lower elevations.

“More than anything else, this is a direct signal to the Department of Interior in Washington, D.C. to get their hat screwed on right and manage this bison population,” Schweitzer said. “Their plan is, when there gets to be a lot of snow, buffalo will go into Montana and then somebody else will have to deal with it.”

Of course, the immediate ramification of Schweitzer’s actions is that captured bison have been given a reprieve from being slaughtered, hopefully to be released in the spring when heavy snow conditions abate in the Park.

Schweitzer’s actions comes on the heel of a lawsuit brought by the Buffalo Field Campaign and others trying to get an injunction on the pending slaughter. That lawsuit was dismissed by Judge Charles Lovell a few days ago. Judge Lovell is a retired federal judge and longtime curmudgeon and thorn in the side of bison advocates, who has ruled against bison 100% of the time.

Buffalo Field Campaign’s habitat coordinator, Darrell Geist, had this to say about the Governor’s action in a press release sent out yesterday:

“We, the people, have stopped the slaughter of America’s last wild buffalo before it has begun! I am at a loss for words.

The effect and outcome of Governor Schweitzer’s order is the National Park Service cannot use any of Montana’s gateway communities as exit points to ship buffalo now held in traps inside Yellowstone National Park to slaughter houses…

There is a lot of hard work ahead to make large cores of habitat and corridors available for America’s last wild buffalo herd to roam. That is our next step, it must happen, we the people can do it. For now, you should dance a little buffalo jig, and give thanks to everyone who has worked very hard to make this happen. Thanks for all you do, for the wild buffaloes.”

So the battle for habitat outside Yellowstone National Park for wild buffalo continues, with the lives of hundreds, if not thousands of bison on the line caught in a crossfire between federal, state and livestock interests. And at the forefront, Buffalo Field Campaign continues its relentless observance of these events both on the frontlines, and in the courtroom, advocating for wild bison, and the habitat they need in Montana on which to roam.

Send them your support if you can, and let your state reps and others know that you stand with the buffalo and BFC in the quest to bring some sanity and  a resolution to this senseless slaughter and management quagmire that has been going on for decades.

baby buffalo in Yellowstone

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