More National Attention for Montana

by jhwygirl

Updated below.

I’m telling you Anderson Cooper, Chris Matthews, Lawrence O’Donnell and Rachel Maddow – there’s a wealth of material here in the Montana legislature for you. This one is just one example of scores of lunacy.

HB549, from newly-elected Rep. Joe Read of Ronan was heard today in the House Natural Resources committee. Testimony was interesting, to say the least will be heard tomorrow in the House Natural Resources committee. Committee member Rep. Mike Miller has corrected me on this one (Thanks Mike!)…and I’ll update this post in a few days with a link.

Let’s just let the legislation speak for itself:

global warming is beneficial to the welfare and business climate of Montana

What does one scientist have to say? Read it here.

Let’s just say that Read must hate the glaciers up in Glacier National Park (no money or jobs in tourism, right?) and he must love the bark beetle infestation sweeping western Montana.

But hey – all’s good, right?

  1. From my inbox:

    As the Legislature presents bills to control personal and private rights of individuals in Montana, our State Senator Terry Murphy, made the following statement in this week’s Jefferson County Courier:

    “If we ever get to where the majority decides it can take rights away from groups who do unapproved things, then all of us better get very worried. We could each be part of the next unapproved group.”

    And, that my friends, is a direct quote!”

  2. Rep. Mike Miller, HD84

    Am I missing something? HB 549 is scheduled to be heard tomorrow on 2/18 – House Natural Resources did not and has not met today, 2/17 so I am wondering how “testimony was interesting”?

    HB549, from newly-elected Rep. Joe Read of Ronan was heard today in the House Natural Resources committee. Testimony was interesting???…

  3. Observer

    I challenge any other state to demonstrate a crazier slate of bills than Montana! No way South Dakota beats us in this bubious honor.

    • Rob Kailey

      I would only suggest that some of SD’s are more loathsome. Advocating morality based murder? Even Warburton hasn’t gone that far … yet.

  4. Jay Stevens

    Don’t forget about the increased occurrence and severity of wildfires!

    • Fine point – even the east is seeing larger, fast-spreading destructive and life & structure threatening fires like never before.

      That’s pretty costly to both state and federal budgets, too.

      And, come to think of it, Denny Rehberg’s subdivision farm out there in Billings.

    • Carfreestupidity

      Or how losing the ski resort industry would decimate the economy in half the state.

  5. now that south dakota has shelved their horrendous kill a doctor for christ bill today maybe montana will attract even more of the limelight.

    “Read goes by his own instincts to judge how over a trillion tons of carbon dioxide might influence the global climate system.

    “Our weather is not going to change drastically. Even if it does get warmer, we’re going to have a longer growing season. It could be very beneficial to the state of Montana. Why are we going to stop this progress?”

    Read dismissed the changes that have happened to Montana — Glacier National Park has lost 83 percent of its glaciers, seasons have shifted, insect outbreaks have devastated forests — arguing that there has been recent “cooling” that counters those signs of harmful change.

    “As a citizen legislature, we are inclined to believe with the sun on our hands and our face,” he said, “and we’re not seeing the global warming.”

    When asked why he believed it is possible that the global institution of science could be so corrupt as to merit his renunciation in his first act as a legislator, he grew philosophical, concluding:

    Every human has an agenda and most of them cannot recognize their own agenda until you get deep down into their soul.””

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