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Updated below.

So Governor Brian Schweitzer is a fan of nullification.

Why am I not surprised?

How is a progressive blogger like me supposed to criticize unconstitutional GOP-proposed legislation when the highest elected official – a Democrat at that – is out there espousing to national media that he’ll ignore federal law and shoot wolves?

Triangulation at its best.

Newly elected Wyoming Governor Matthew Mead, a Republican, disagrees with Gov. Schweitzer:

“I think you have to be cautious about telling people to go break federal law,” said Mead, a former chief federal prosecutor for Wyoming.

Mead’s a good guy. If I had lived in Wyoming this last election, he’da had my vote.

  1. Rob Kailey

    I think you might be wrong on this one, jhwygirl. My comment at LitW:

    I don’t think anybody is convinced of the legality of Schweitzer’s edict. And that was his very point, to force the issue. I repeat:

    Some legislation is necessary to break the gridlock concerning wolf management.

    A few of points of note: Schweitzer wasn’t going to attack Fruedenthal, a fellow Democrat. Matt Mead, on the other hand …

    The Wyoming Representative’s attempt to add Wyoming to the current bill to delist (in the Republican budget bill) was rejected. Wyoming stands alone here. Schweitzer knows that. And he will attack it.

    Brian just derailed any attempt by Rehberg to claim primacy in ‘solving’ the wolf problem. That will no doubts help Jon Tester, even if the Republicans are somehow able to change the ESA. I don’t find that a bad thing.

    Brian’s encouragement for ranchers to shoot wolves harassing stock was for those north of I-90. Let’s be clear. That means the Shields Valley, The Nine-Mile, the Sarpy drainage, and … hmmm, not much else. He knows that this is a remarkably unobtrusive and yet totally OUTRAGEOUS gesture. I reiterate. That was kinda the point.

    • How does that make me wrong, Rob?

      He’s said what he’s said. He’s sent a letter to the Secretary of the Interior, backing it up.

      It is what it is. Just because a Democrat does it doesn’t make it something different.

      • Rob Kailey

        Just because a Democrat does it doesn’t make it something different.

        No, it doesn’t. But in the rage of immediacy, you ignore the fact that Schweitzer still controls Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks. He wrote, not said, what he did in a very specific manner and a very specific venue. And he wrote very specific things, which you ignore in the heat of greater outrage.

        Fine. I’m content to see how many wolves Brian slaughters with his own TWO HANDS, or through the use of an agency he controls. Funny that. I’m not thinking it’s gonna be any more than are killed right now.

        • Don’t you think the Republicans would say they are pushing at least a few of their unconstitutional bills just to grease things up?

        • It’s divisiveness as a strategy.

          That’s why politics is all $@^% up these days.

          • this is a hot potato that brian has tossed out there. i like that he is taking the lead on this instead of reacting.

            so damn sick and tired of dems reacting instead of acting. it’s refreshing.

            • Why don’t you give it a try and answer that question i put out there in the 3rd paragraph, pb?

              consider, too, that Republicans would say their just rattling sabers on at least a few of their nullification bills.

              Sure would help me out.

              • people are tired of inaction and it is becoming increasingly apparent that tea party politicians are good at criticizing the gubmint but suck at governance.

                brian nailed them in the boiler room with this bold move by showing that he can govern while they flop around.

                people don’t give a shit whether it is legal or not. they want somebody to start doing something and this is a popular move on brian’s part.

                ask that question next time you are in the mint in big sandy and see how many people even know what the word nullification means.

                that probably didn’t help you out much.

              • Out of the context of the question, I’d agree.

                In the context of answering the question I had I have to call it (very sorry here) a double standard.

              • so be it.

                it is still a smart bold and very popular maneuver. something in short supply these days.

                now let’s see a similar move by the governor to start a process for providing an instate affordable public option for health insurance for workers and small businesses in montana.

              • Don’t hold your breath – he dissed on that during the healthcare debate when he was on Bill Maher HBO.

      • CharleyCarp

        I agree that the Gov is in the wrong, but I assume that his posturing has more to do with the current session than with federal races in 2012.

        I strongly doubt that any state employee is going to commit an act that is a crime under federal law, even if the Governor tells reporters that he doesn’t mind if they do. If they think it’s the right thing to do.

        Indeed, I doubt that the Governor is actually going to order anything that would jeopardize the $500 million in federal funds that is dependent on state compliance with the ESA (see fiscal note to the nullification bill).

  2. Real men shoot dart rifles loaded with DepoProvera and PZP provided by the state selling permits with a raffle.

  3. I posted my thoughts on this on Flatheadmemo-dot-com this morning. I agree with jhwygirl. Schweitzer needs to clean off his boots and start over, this time defending science and sound wildlife management and the supremacy of federal law.

    • Excellent post, James.

      I do expect more from Schweitzer. He’s a bona fide scientist, and he knows better. Instead of grandstanding and encouraging people to shoot first and ask what’s legal later, he should be standing up for respect for the law and science. This is not one of his finer moments.”

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