Missoula’s Carbon Footprint, 46% less Sustainable


Missoula’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory and Analysis report is ready.  I haven’t had a chance to go through it really, but the buzz on the Missoula listserve is that from 2003-2008 greenhouse gas emissions from the city – that city government operations directly – increased by 46%, to 11,500 tons, with energy costs rising from $200,000 to $1.2 million per annum.  Those increases come mainly from the expansion of municipal  facilities, including buildings and the waste water treatment plant.

“…the City’s energy use and associated greenhouse gas emissions have been accompanied by even steeper and unsustainableincreases in energy costs. From a fiscal standpoint alone, it appears that energy cost increases are notsustainable, particularly if energy use continues to increase.”

Read those numbers and feel the guilt… the city services we all like so much seem to have a big impact and with more expansion and upgrades of city services on the way that number is set to climb some more


  1. ayn rand

    Yup I feel the guilt. Lets shut down the waste water plant, close city and county owned buildings and decrease city services. That way, we can sit in a cave and rub sticks together for a fire……….ooops would mean creating CO2, and buffalo chips are long gone, maybe human chips. You supply em.

  2. ayn rand

    I know ride bikes everywhere. Great

  3. ayn rand

    Сhronic Fatigue Syndrome, you are superior, I feel so alone.

  4. The city participates in the green blocks program…is that factored in as lower footprint? Do you know?

    • carfreestupidity

      Nope… The only thing taken into account are the provision of city services and city infrastructure. Nothing about what Missoula citizens contribute to GHG were looked into.

      One big whole I see in the report is with transportation. The report looked at city employees commuting, didn’t take into account the contribution of building and maintaining roads. There are secret thousand miles of of roads within Missoula and every year millions are spent on repairing, resurfacing, snow removal, and new contraction. None of those things are discussed in the report.

  5. mr benson

    Well a decision between inadequately treated sewage discharge or higher energy useage seems a no brainer.

    BTW, the information regarding Bozeman is dated. Nobody here thinks it’s possible to hit a target of 15% below 2000 levels while growing at the decade’s average pace.

    While it may be seen as repudiating the Mayors’ agreement, no other city is meeting it’s goals, either, not even the People’s Republic of Boulder.

    It would take per capita energy usage the equivalent of a North Korean to meet those marks. All those who want to live in North Korea, should move there immediately rather than inflicting such nonsense upon a modern american city.

    Bring back the dam and create some hydropower?

    • maybe hire some union steam fitters and attach a turbine to this blogsite?

      • mr benson

        my suggestion is not frivolous. so far hydropower is the only way found to meet the goal. However humorous your suggestion, this site is a poor second to the capitol when it comes to generating noxious gas.

        • i figure the shenanigans over at tea party land (formerly the montana legislature) should get those turbine blades spinning fast and furious here soon.

          the steam is building up goof.

        • theres a bill proposed requiring the state, which regulates dams, to assess all existing dams for hydroelectric power.

          There are even lots of irrigation dams that would fall to this category, I believe

    • carfreestupidity

      Basically, at this point in time government goals of reducing GHG are a big fucking joke… And the financial industry is having the biggest laugh as they have one more unregulated market to manipulate.

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