Must Read

by jhwygirl

The Indy’s Matthew Frank has an excellent article on the Montana GOP’s attack on a “clean and healthful environment”.

He starts it off with Ann Hedges testimony on SJ10, which I actually heard. It was late on a Friday and as I heard one of the legislators say that carbon dioxide was good for Montana I really really felt sorry for her.

Then I was glad I donate to MEIC.

Goddess Bless Anne Hedges. If I were Soros, that organization would have a million bucks donation from me.


  1. You obviously forgot your 7th grade science classes jhwygirl –

    Plants love CO2 – it helps them grow, and helps them use water more efficiently.

    Are you still worshipping at the alter of Al Gore, even though he’s been thoroughly dismissed?

    Here’s a CO2 link for you – if the reading is too technical for you, let me know and I’ll find something simpler;

    • JC

      Yes, plants need CO2, and you need oxygen. Why aren’t you walking around with an oxygen mask on, then, Coobs?

      If a little is good, and a lot is better, then you should get yourself an O2 tank and a mask, and maybe it’ll help you grow, too? Maybe it’ll help you grow a little smarter? Maybe it’ll help you digest a little better and take a crap, too, cuz you’re pretty constipated, and full of shit.

      You still worshipping at the alter of Fox News? Thought so.

  2. Chuck

    The Medical Pot industry will enjoy hearing from the EPA regarding the industry pumping CO2 into their grow operations. The good thing is the Pot Growers are in the Montana state data base so the EPA can track them down easily and quickly begin issuing civil and criminal violations of the Clean Air Act. EPA fines and penalty charges are often in the millions , even for minor paperwork errors.
    Once the EPA gets rolling on CO2 emissions, the industrial gas supply companies will have to report who they sell CO2 to and the end user(the growers) will then be in the EPA system. Not long after that the growers aren’t growing , they are managing EPA paperwork. I’d say that will be enough EPA regulating to drive all the grow operators out of business in a matter of months.
    Go Green!

    • Rob Kailey

      Wow. That was … uh … really dumb. Though it offers further proof that wingnuts just don’t understand comedy. (Or biology, apparently. The EPA regulates those who produce toxins, not those who clean them up. If I were you, paranoid ignorant and silly, I’d start worrying about where the next steak is coming from …)

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