by jhwygirl

Wulfgar! at Left in the West gets the hat tip on this one.

From Friday’s hearings, detailed in several posts below. Watch Superstar State Representative Ellie Hill (HD-94) take on the Montana’s Christian Taliban’s Reverend Harris Himes.

Rep. Hill? THANK YOU.

This is a civilized society. It seems that some of the GOP running these committees forgets these things. Every statement does not fall under “free speech” and inciting violence is not anything that should be tolerated.

And Rep. Ken Peterson, of Billings? 10 minutes is not a public hearing.

You represent ALL, not just those than elected you. You are a disgrace to the state bar (if you hold it); a disgrace to the House Judiciary; and a disgrace to the Montana Legislature.

And pulling for seventeen executive actions in House Judicary on Monday morning, in less than 4 hours? That leaves no time for meaningful discussion between legislators – but that’s exactly what you want now, isn’t it?

You are a disgrace to democracy.

  1. Lev. 25:44 states that I may possess slaves, both male and female, provided they are purchased from neighboring nations. A friend of mine claims that would apply to Mexicans but not Canadians.

    Harris, can you clarify that for me? I would really like to own a Canadian.

    Thank you to all of the Missoulians who came out in an attempt to testify against the transparent bigotry. It’s a game-changing realization when “our side” has that solidarity in the Capitol. You could feel it.

    Beartooth NBC has great coverage of the repeated attempts to let the people who attended the committee be heard:

    House Rule H30-40.
    (6) All meetings of committees must be recorded. The official record must contain at least the following information:
    (c) the names and addresses of persons appearing before the committee, whom each represents, and whether the person is a proponent, opponent, or other witness.
    NOTE: Audio recording is official record of meeting.

    Harris Himes was not the only one who was spewing venomous hate that day. We hear it EVERY DAY. I honestly was naive to how pervasive this movement is… pervasive and well-organized.

    As aside, we’ve spent HOURS in House Judiciary on bills to repeal the Federal Endangered Species Act, require counseling before a divorce, require an ultrasound before an abortion, allow guns in bars and banks, create an 11 person panel with authority to nullify all federal laws, including retroactively… and I could go on and on. No really, I could. And, Chairman Petersen gave 10 minutes per side on these two bills. UNBELIEVABLE.

    Please, please keep making sure people in Montana are aware of what’s happening in Helena.

    It’s absolutely ridiculous.

    • Ryan Emmett Morton

      I’m Canadian by birth. I’ll be your slave!

      Yeah, even my neo-conservative mother was like “Jesus didn’t say stuff like that” regarding Harris Himes. What a tea party freak show your committee has seen!

  2. John Fugelsang had some good Bible lessons for the Westboro Church folks which apply equally as well here
    This week we’ll be examining the connection between the work and murder of activist David Kato in Uganda last month and the evangelical influences (and dollars) coming from the US, from the same toxic strain of whackaloons as Himes and his cohorts. You notice the “pervasive and well-organized” movement doesn’t stop with LGBT issues either, they are united and pushing hard in their hatred for women in general and people of color specifically.

  3. And wanted to echo the thanks to Rep. Ellie Hill, we appreciate it!! And so do our families.

  4. Why is it that assholes like that always pick out the anti-gay Bible bits, but never the stoning adulterers? Or the slavery bits? Or the incest being fine parts?

  5. Ingemar Johansson

    “Christian Taliban”

    That’s rich, let me see, is it Christians or Taliban members that hang gays?

    • I’m going to let other’s take care of you on that one, Big Swede. But boy – and I’ve never said this before – you are dumber than shit.

    • Rob Kailey

      you are dumber than shit.

      Yes, he truly and sincerely is.

      Swede, did you bother to watch the GD video? Phred Felps Harris Himes, based on a rather obscure Levitican law, just called for the stoning of gays. You might think that’s different from “hanging”. Others don’t seem to see the difference. It’s all killing, asshole.

      Now I’m going to ask this, knowing how freaking unbelievable stupid you are truly are, but I have hope you might actually answer: Are you contending that Christians have never killed homosexuals, or are you contending that Christian policy (dogma) is different from that of the Taliban regarding the GBLT community? Either way, your wrong, kitten. Plain flat out freaking wrong. Watch the video. Defend Himes, if you’re able. You’re not. That’s why you attempt such a stupid dodge as you have here.

      • “are you contending that Christians have never killed homosexuals, or are you contending that Christian policy (dogma) is different from that of the Taliban regarding the GBLT community?”

        He is not contending the former. The latter is true. The vast majority of Christians belong to churches that have official policy statements regarding the LGBTQ community, and very few of them call for any physical punishment for the behavior itself. Those that do not are are more likely to push this ridiculous legislation.

        I would also note that when anti-gay activists quote the bible in their defense, they never quote the Gospels, the only purported words of Jesus. And when they speak about Sodom and Gomorrah, they forget the state the reason given for the destruction of the cities in the Old Testament (it’s not homosexuality). This blog is an odd place to quote scripture, but I think it’s appropriate for all the “Christians’ legislating in favor of the wealthy in this country.

        Ezekial 16:49 49 Behold, this was the iniquity of thy sister Sodom, pride, fulness (sic) of bread, and abundance of idleness was in her and in her daughters, neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy

        If we stick to biblical tradition, “sodomy” really ought to refer to favoring the wealthy over the powerless.

    • JC

      Ok, Big Ingy. Did you or did you not watch the video where Himes quotes the scripture as saying that homosexuality be punished with death?

      HOw about the christian fundamentalists (“The Family”) that pushed for the death sentence for gays in Uganda?

      HOw about the “christian” kids that killed and hung Matthew Shepard?

      I’ve got to agree with jhwygirl. Comments like that make you look dumb as shit.

  6. Ingemar Johansson

    Avoid the question, I’ll ask it again. Actions speak louder than words.

    Do committed Christians currently kill gays or do radical muslims kill gays?

    • We wouldn’t know now, would we? Because LGBT aren’t a protected a class of people, so if they were killed because they were gay, the crime would only be reported as a typical murder..not one driven by hate.

      BUT, we do know the Christian Taliban HAS killed women’s health care providers. Proudly. And they continue to advocate for continued killings.

    • JC

      “Do committed Christians currently kill gays or do radical muslims kill gays?”

      That’s not an either/or question, Big Ingy. SO now you’re going to qualify your position by insinuating that if you kill a gay, you can’t be a “committed Christian”.

      Is Harris Hines a “committed Christian?” Or is he a whack job testifying that gays be punished by death?

      Do you actually have to kill the gay yourself? Or can “committed Christians” just create an atmosphere where the killing can happen, and they can avoid taking accountability?

      • Ingemar Johansson

        No, we just kill ’em outright.

        Come on down to the First Baptist Wednesday night prayer meeting.

        Bring some rocks.

      • As late as 1952 (oh and afterward of course) the west was “chemically castrating” gays. One was Alan Turing, a man who helped break the German Enigma machine codes.

        He was gay, and because of bigotry and hate that has permeated society through religious intolerance he was essentially tortured. He killed himself afterward.

      • “qualify your position by insinuating that if you kill a gay, you can’t be a “committed Christian”.

        If being a committed Christian means following the policy and doctrine of a Christian church, then yes, the vast majority of committed Christians cannot kill a gay person. Indeed, the more organized Christian churches are consistently against any violence

        I’m not trying to defend Christianity’s record on LGBTQ issues. However, I do think that its impossible to enhance equality in this country while buying in to the bigots’ narrative that discrimination and Christianity are inseparable.

        • Ingemar Johansson

          Actually I’m trying to emphasize the the difference between CC’s and CHINO”s. CHINO”s may be bigoted, but having met and lived with many CC’s I find their bigotry lacking as compared to the rest of the general population.

          CC’s are generous to charity, are missionaries to foreign lands, run Rescue Missions, deliver Bibles. Catholic Charities feed and clothe, educate and provide hospitals to non-whites.

          • JC

            CHINO’s? I thought the main man said “Judge not, that ye be not judged.”

            I didn’t know that you CC’s had a way to judge the quality of one’s faith in order to get admittance to the club.

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