what the tea party has done for you

by problembear

Montana- are you as mad as i am?

watch live streaming of democracy rising in wisconsin here

What has the tea party done for you?

  • prevented real health insurance reform and allowed insurance cartels to monopolize our health care delivery system so that the average annual out of pocket cost of health insurance by both employers and employees for the average four person family is now over $1119.89 per month.what is important to remember is that this figure doesn’t even count the amount of the deductible and co-pays most families really pay for this insurance. when you combine the avg premium with the avg deductible and co-pay, americans and their employers pay in excess of $15,500.00 per year.
  • Canadians pay out of pocket only $104.00 per month for a four person family only $1248.00 per year. no deductible and no co-pay.

next time some poor gullible tea party person buttonholes you and explains the benefits of their corporate master serving agenda, please remind them of what the tea party has done for us regarding health insurance reform. and i don’t care what happens to the piece of cowardly Baucus-sausage that made it through congress under the guise of health care reform a couple of years ago. that legislation turned its back on the 70% of americans that wanted singlepayer like canada or at least public option insurance to break up the monopoly of our private health insurers. it’s dead to most americans.

the tea party has already destroyed delayed our best chance at affordable health care in this country.  and now they are setting out to destroy women’s rights, schools, labor laws, laws that protect us from corporate greed like pollution, extinction of species, and even deny modern scientific principles in furtherance of extremist religious beliefs. they promote racism and hatred toward everyone not born white, male and (ostensibly) straight in the usa.

it is time to write the epitaph to this party in 2012 and even sooner by recalling the candidates who won office on their people-hating corporate serving platforms. the volcano is erupting within lower and middle class americans in answer to the greedy misguided goals of the tea party. can you feel it america?

i doubt if the people who voted for these idiots realized just how far they would go to make it hard on middle class families in america to afford the very basics while granting tax cuts to the very wealthiest 5% of americans.

i figure they have cost too much already. america’s middle class cannot afford the tea party anymore. it is time to rise up and demand to be heard above the corporate flack-jackals who run this sound machine for the benefit of the wealthy and start thinking about ways to create better jobs and make the things families really need like health insurance more affordable for them instead of more profitable for the corporate sponsors of the tea party. please remember this when the tea party attacks american democracy………

an injury to one is an injury to all.

  1. Craig Moore

    Pbear, you spin a fractured fairytale about the health care bill. Obama sold out to the drug companies and the insurance companies to get his name on the health care reform. The drug companies don’t face competition from people buying their drugs from foreign sources. http://unsilentgeneration.com/2009/08/07/obamas-sellout-to-the-drug-kingpins/ The insurance companies made sure they were the center of the universe: http://smirkingchimp.com/thread/23154

    Whatever you may think of the tea party, they had zip power to force Obama to make his deals. So thank Obama, the guy you announced you would vote for next time.

    BTW, go Dale Jr.!!!!

    • and the tea party gave O and max the cover they needed to cave in without looking like a complete sell-out (which of course it really was)

      without the tea party to rodeo clown for them, they couldn’t have done it craig.

      • Craig Moore

        That’s a load of BS, Pbear. The tea party bait, which you took hook, line, and sinker, were a smokescreen for what was already the plan. The tea party had NO power over Congress or Obama. The WH memo confirmed the sellout: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/08/13/internal-memo-confirms-bi_n_258285.html

        • still provided cover for them craig. what the hell is the matter with you these days. you lash out at people like a drug fiend when just ordinary arguments would be more effective.

          you are arguing a tiny point which i don’t care about. yes. obama and baucus conspired to please the insurance industry and the pharmaceutical industry. that’s a given. but somebody had to divert the public from the truth. the tea party was handy for this.

          now calm down. take a deep breath and try and act civil. i always value your opinions. but the other stuff has got to stop. for your own mental health’s sake.

          • Craig Moore

            Pbear, you have made your bed for the next election with your announced support for Obama. Your guy made the deals with the drug companies (see HuffPo link above ) and others to kill the public option: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/miles-mogulescu/ny-times-reporter-confirm_b_500999.html

            Kirkpatrick also reported in his original New York Times article that White House was standing behind the deal with the for-profit hospitals: “Not to worry, Jim Messina, the deputy White House chief of staff, told the hospital lobbyists, according to White House officials and lobbyists briefed on the call. The White House was standing behind the deal”.

            This should be big news. Even while President Obama was saying that he thought a public option was a good idea and encouraging supporters to believe his healthcare plan would include one, he had promised for-profit hospital lobbyists that there would be no public option in the final bill.

            The only way for your meme to work is for you to argue that Obama heads the tea party.

            • they certainly work together well craig. one feeds off the other.

              arguments abound which bolster right vs left memes craig.

              what is needed is for sensible republicans and sensible democrats to ignore the sound machines of the extreme view of both parties.

              i am attacking a group which is embarrassing your own party and you keep throwing up obama as a shield. what kind of nonsense is that?

              i expected better from you. i have many republican friends who are pretty mortified by the way their own party has caved to a bunch of crazy people with no agenda except they hate government. and the most ridiculous thing i have witnessed is the number of tea partiers who are retired government workers who were union members themselves. in essence they are working against themselves since the corporate think tank agenda which now drives the tea party movement includes stripping them of their pensions, privatizing social security and decimating medicare.

              my disappointment in obama does not compare even slightly with the insanely overboard antics of the tea party. i will deal with helping to expose the dishonesty of the tea party first and get to obama later.

              meanwhile, i pray to god the white house fires jim messina so he can work for the GOP instead.

              • Craig Moore

                Pbear, the nonsense is all yours as you fail to accept that Obama was responsible for the content, and the lack thereof, of the health care bill. He made a deal with the drug companies to prevent competition. He made a deal with others to keep out the public option. Pointing at the tea/coffee/chicory/jalapeno parties is irrelevant to what went down. The guy you are supporting did this to all of us.

  2. Ingemar Johansson

    Milwaukee Public School teacher sign:
    $15,034 spent per student
    $3.2B in state deficit
    $100K in pay benefits
    calling in sick… priceless

    • JC

      What’s priceless is the governor’s signing off on $140 million in tax breaks recently. WHat governor in his right mind would make their projected deficit worse by giving the rich and big businesses tax breaks they don’t need.

      What’s priceless actually is a governor that’s corrupt enough to keep giving when the pot is dry, knowing he’ll have to rob Peter to pay Paul. In this case Paul is his big business and rich funder(s).

      • Ingemar Johansson

        Buckley responds.

        “Looking at the spectacle unfolding in Wisconsin with the unions feigning hysterics and listening to their over the top language, is amusing to a certain extent and alarming at the same time. All of the unions hyperbolic language and histrionics is being carried out against the National backdrop of 10 percent plus unemployment, trillion dollar deficits and an economic system on the brink of collapse. Contrasted with Wisconsin where the average total compensation for teachers working in the Milwaukee Public School system (according to the Maclver Institute) is $100,500 for 7 months of work. And what about the taxpayers who pay the salaries and benefits for Wisconsin teachers? What about their financial position, well… let’s just say it ain’t anywhere near $100,000 in compensation.”

        • Pronghorn

          Standard (f) (121.02) requires school districts to schedule classes on at least 180 days annually and indicates the number of hours of direct instruction a school district must provide during the school year. The standard also specifies exceptions to the statutory instruction requirements.

          180 divided by 5 days per week = 36 weeks
          36 weeks divided by 4 weeks/month = 9 mos.

          Nine months, not seven as claimed by Buckley. Let’s at least deal in facts. And as any good teacher knows, those 9 months come with 50-60 hour work weeks. And those three months “off”? Hardly.

          • Ingemar Johansson

            Point taken except 365/12=30.24/7=4.32 weeks per month. And 36/4.32=8.33 months.

            $100,500/8.3=12108.43 per month or if worked year round $145301.00.

            Isn’t anyone making a salary with bennies of $145301.00/yr. the people you guys demonize?

            • Ingemar Johansson

              And those “good teachers” here’s their report card.

              “One might argue that Milwaukee’s nearly 7,000 teachers and educational assistants are entitled to their generous salary/benefit packages. After all, as one of the above-described protest signs implies, “educators” in Wisconsin “care for your child.”

              But a second video from the MacIver Institute suggests teachers in Milwaukee are doing a less than stellar job with their young charges. Of students in grade 10, only 41% are proficient or advanced in reading, and 28% are proficient or advanced in math.

            • the tea party’s combined attacks on children, the poor, seniors, the middle class, union workers and women ensures a big defeat for you in 2012 jo……

              no wonder you seem so desperate in your defense of an organization dead set on corporatizing our government.

              we will take it back in nov 2012.

              keep it up. the backlash will sweep the tea party into the dustbin of history.

              • Craig Moore

                Pbear, it’s damn near impossible to reconcile your statements. You say you are not a democrat. Democrats were in control before they lost it. Now you say “we will take it back in 2012.”

                Since Dems were in power until they lost it, and you throw yourself in with the “we” to take it back in 2012, that seems to make you a Dem that hates to admit it. Can you clarify?

              • i don’t care what you reconcile craig.

                i choose to be independent because unlike you, i don’t tow the line for any party. i also sleep well because i am free to act on my own personal conscience regarding all issues. i don’t march in lock step with anyone.

                i cannot imagine for the life of my how someone of your obvious good qualities can support a party that supports the ignorance, injustice, and meanness of the tea partiers.

                until there is an alternative more to my liking and HAVING THE ABILITY TO WIN i will work for the defeat of all republicans as long as they endorse the racist and backward tea party.

                make of it what you will craig, it sounds to me like you are jealous of my ability to speak my conscience.

                must be kind of difficult for you. i understand.

              • Craig Moore

                Pbear, prove your assumptions about “towing” (sic) the party line.

              • i don’t respond to demands either craig. go back and nurse your wounds. you are simply digging yourself a deeper hole here in your obvious attempts to deflect my criticism of a hateful and ignorant splinter group which has taken over your party.

              • i did read that craig.and it is one reason i value your opinions. i expect you to value mine as well.

              • Craig Moore

                Pbear, I get it. You don’t have to provide any support whatsoever for your accusations. No discussion can proceed when you declare King’s X.

  3. Ingemar Johansson

    Those red shirts seem appropriate.

  4. Ingemar Johansson

    More logs on the fire.

    A new poll from the Washington-based Clarus Group asked:

    Do you think government employees should be represented by labor unions that bargain for higher pay, benefits and pensions … or do you think government employees should not be represented by labor unions

    A full 64% of the respondents said “no.” That includes 42% of Democrats, and an overwhelming majority of Republicans. Only 49% of Democrats think public workers should be in unions at all.

    • Craig Moore

      IngyJo, the “or” in the poll question makes the “no” worthless.

      However, Pew has a poll: http://tpmdc.talkingpointsmemo.com/2011/02/support-for-labor-unions-remains-at-near-historic-low.php

      While protests continue to rage in Wisconsin over a proposal to drastically roll back public employee union’s rights, a new Pew poll finds that less than half of all Americans have a favorable opinion of unions. In fact, their support is hovering near an all time low….

      Also troubling for those demonstrating in Wisconsin, a Pew poll released last week found that among a slate of potential state level cuts, rolling back public workers’ benefits was the most popular option…

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