If It Isn’t Clear Now Who the Legislature Should Be Listening to, It Should Be + Still More National Attention

by jhwygirl

And I know a whole lot of them were inside working…so just to make sure they don’t miss the bigger picture out there:

KGVO AM 1290 – conservative talk radio down here in Missoula – reported today that “less than a dozen protesters” were at the rally.

Reuters has even joined in, reporting that protesters were Outnumbered by the media and politicians in attendance”.

It was a gun-toting rally that had to have special permission to carry the guns on the Capital grounds.

Bring Your Gun to The Capitol Day? What is this? Show and yell? Or just a redo of Sen. Joe Balyeat riding a donkey into the rotunda during the 2009 session?

I’m going to suggest puppies and kittens next time. I’m thinking they’d draw more attention.

Which, speaking of, Reuters has a nice little slideshow (4 or 5 pics) of the freak show, including this nice pic of Tim Ravndal, Executive Director of Lewis & Clark County’s Conservative Tea Party:

Even former state representative Scott Sales, Montana director for Americans for Prosperity got into the mix.

Honestly? Maybe we should be giving the MTGOP credit for creating jobs – its practically bank now that out-of-state journalists are here to watch the show…which means they’re getting a hotel room, eating in restaurants and I’m sure enjoying some of Montana’s fine 8.75 microbrew in the 4000 foot elevation of the state capitol.

The “freak show” statement might sound harsh, but do put that in the context of the fact that there had been a rally in support of workers and middle class America held in conjunction with the freak show, yet there’s nary a mention of that protest, which drew hundreds.

And seriously – if Sarah Elliot isn’t inviting Stephen Colbert for a visit with the Governor and his buddy Jag, she isn’t thinking outside the box.

  1. Rob Kailey

    What is this? Show and yell?

    I nominate that for the funniest blog snark of the month.

  2. I think the TEA party is taking their cue from PETA – make your protests as shocking as possible to the majority of people who disagree with you, and you’ll at least get some kind of reaction, and the media will consistently ask your opinion on controversial topics even though they know exactly what it is, and print it up as an ‘opposing viewpoint’.

    • The “opposing viewpoint” to which you refer is actually looking to be the majority opinion on a significant amount of legislation as exemplified by the nullification proposals which continue to move forward in this session.

      There were nearly as many – if not more – legislators there as there were protesters.

      This is NOT the media looking to sensationalize conservatism or politics in this state.

      It is reality.

  3. Pogue Mahone

    One question. Where were you people twenty years ago when the unchristian right started attacking shool boards? Where were you when they attacked evolution in the curriculums? Where were you when they took over the Kalispel city council? Where were you when the militia (inbreds) of michigan moved to Montana? Where were you when the extremists started threatening judges in the Bitterroot? Where were you when the right was bombing abortion clinics around the state?

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m not condemning anyone. But the fact is that this has been going on now for twenty years. Those of us who were actually paying attention knew exactly what was coming. And now it’s here.

    I only point this out because some of us worked like hell against these wackos from the gitgo, and tried like hell to inform others about them but were not taken seriously. You see, the fringe people were believed to be insignificant. Well guess what. They’re not.

    But now I try explain to people over and over again (and you can choose to understand or not) but ALL of what you see happening here in Montana is absolutely being coordinated at a national level. I believe that it’s important to understand that, for it’s all related.

    Now, delete this if you choose, but please note that I have been right about everything I’ve tried to point out up to this point. Fact of the matter is that our country was stolen from us long ago, beginning with our first coup, the Kennedy assassination. The EXACT SAME CABAL is still calling the shots. Bush, Kochs, and their billionaire accomplices. I mean trace ANY one of these think tanks, front groups, etc., to their money origins, I don’t care WHICH one, and it will lead right to the bircher billionaire kochs! Cato, Heritage, Teaparty, it’s ALL in their! Walker in Wi. EVERYthing.

    THAT is a reality that folks need to understand. The Kennedy assassination was a coup. The fascists immediately took power and have never relinquished. They have essentially fired everyone in government who was a loyal employee to the country, and replaced them with traitors and yes men. They have supplanted the state department with with defense department, so that now, ALL foreign policy is made in the defense department.

    Need prood? Cui bono, my friends? Who benefits? All media has fallen by the wayside. Propaganda is superb. Fox news is way better than anything the Germans ever concieved. And most Americans are outlandishly illinformed.

    Again, THIS is the reality. And now, they’re coming after Montana in a big way. Denny is their boy. He’s a teapartyin’ fool. He is a willing tool to achieve the bircher ends of making at LEAST one state a model for their koch/bircher extremism, thereby setting an example for the rest of the states. Think Wisconsin on steriods.

    If folks don’t realize what they’re up against, it’ll just make it harder to defeat.

    • Don’t get me wrong. I’m not condemning anyone. But the fact is that this has been going on now for twenty years. Those of us who were actually paying attention knew exactly what was coming. And now it’s here.

      You are. And you are barking at the wrong people, Larry. Trust me.

      Pete? JC? problembear? Just what I know about those three would be at least twice the years you’ve been on the earth. And I know you to be pretty old.

      • Pogue Mahone

        You just don’t get it, do you? Send me your address, and I’ll send you NEWSPAPER articles about my efforts if you truly need some authenticity. Then, you’ll have something to compare to those of others. But that’s not my point. It AIN’T about giving each other prizes and awards. The enviro community LOVES to do that. But I’ve never been into that. I’m into results. But hey, you want to know who I am? Ask Jim Jensen of MEIC. Give him a call. Or are you afraid too? Or ASK Paddy (quitter) Williams just WHO tried to warn the Dems twenty years ago. Or you could ask the late Don Marble from Chester just WHO lead the fight against allowing creationism in the curriculum twenty years ago. But Don is gone so newspaper articles will have to do. Or you might call Eric Feaver. Also, I was actually AT many of the confrontations with industry. And guess what. I saw NONE of the folks you mention. Sorry. Ask around. Give Jim Jensen a call. And btw, I was one of FIRST people involed in the Montana Human Rights Network here in GF. Basically, you don’t know your ass.

        You see, I simply DON’T need the accolades that many lefties seem to need. Sorry. Good article follows:


        • lizard19

          “take my country back” is the exact same rhetoric as the wingnuts use.

          so are you ready for civil war Larry?

          • Pogue Mahone

            Of course not. But by GOD if people would have friggin’ LISTENED twenty years ago and immediately recognized just who we were dealing with, we would not BE at this point today. It takes courage to confront nazis. We NEED that.

            Now, whatever happens is going to happen. If it’s violence, well then, it’s violence. That too is part of our history. I choose not to be a passive victim. I sure as hell did everything I could think of to prevent it. But if it comes, I’ll make sure that we win. That’s all. It’s the OTHER side that wants violence. We all must choose how we react.

            But Jgirl correctly points out what we’re up against. Essentially, there IS no working press. Hence, we have the unimaginable, a group of nazis prancing around OUR capital as if that were normal. It SICKENS me! What the hell do our kids think when they see a picture of an inbred with an AK-47 preening in front of OUR capital? The GF Spitoon had TWO such pictures? Why? They are complicit.

            • lizard19

              so if only people had listened to your lone voice in the wilderness, we wouldn’t be dealing with fascists who want to take over the country, is that what you’re saying? that’s a pretty grandiose statement.

              and when you say that you’re going to make sure “we” win, who exactly is this “we”?

              honestly, by obsessing over the tea-party and the koch brothers, i think you are over-simplifying the problem of corporate control over our entire political system, including what remains of “the left.”

              but what do i know? 20 years ago i was 12, so it’s probably not possible for my young, feeble mind to conceptualize the battle you’ve been waging all by your lonesome for so long.

        • I DO get it..and I’m not here to collect accolades, if you haven’t noticed.

    • lizard19

      Larry, i don’t necessarily disagree with the substance of what you are saying, but the way you ARgue shuts people DOWN, and is therefore, i would argue, counterproductive.

      you also seem disturbingly ready to take your guns and go toe-to-toe with them. you think that’s the solution? do you really have a hard-on for another civil war?

      • Pogue Mahone

        Time to wake up, Lizzard. The city of Providence R.I. just FIRED all their teachers, all TWO THOUSAND of them. Hmmm. Now where did they get THAT idea? Couldn’t be a fundamental of the Birch society and their wholey owned subsisdiary, the teawankers, could it? Time to wake up, dude, if you want any kind of country left after the fascists finish with it! But hey, don’t take my advice. There is no cabal of dudes running the country. Nope. Couldn’t be, EVEN though the overwhelming evidence clearly indicates that they committed our first coup, the Kennedy assassination. They were all in there! The current cabal was ALL in there! And they never relinquished power! They simply ACCUMULATED more! Now, it’s nearly game over! Wanna bet that little Jebby isn’t the next Pubbie nominee? These EXACT same crime families are STILL runnin’ the show! Know you enemy, dude, know your enemy! If you don’t, you can’t fight back!

      • Larry isn’t much different, really. He used to stand in public meetings in the back of the room in camouflage fatigues, wearing his gun when he didn’t like the way things were going.

        • Pogue Mahone

          Didn’t call, did ya? Please, don’t lie. That’s unbecoming of you. You see, I don’t know what you or any of the other folks mentioned did. I can only speak for myself.

          Thus, I wouldn’t lie about you or them. But you seem to have no such compunctions. And that ruins both your credibility AND your integrity.

          I OFFERRED proof of what I’ve done, and yet, you choose to lie attack my record.

          Just what kind of person are you??

        • Pogue Mahone

          This will probably get deleted, but I’ll post it anyway. Ask ANYONE involved in the Cove Mallard campaign about the Rangers. It was then that we formed as a groupl. The folks protesting at Cove Mallard were wonderful people and great enviros, but they were NOT fighters. The loggers and wise users would stroll up at will and beat the crap outta them at will.

          Then, the Rangers decided to do something about that. We showed up, and after a brief “heart to heart” with the loggers, the beatings stopped. Why? Why did the beatings stop?

          Easy answer. We SHAMED them! We let them know what a bunch of no good lousy cowards they were, and if they wanted to fight someone, fight someone who was gonna FIGHT BACK! In other words, we nuetralized the threat of violence. That’s all. And we did it WITHOUT resorting to violence!

          And we have been there time and time again when needed.

          And I have NEVER seen any of the folks you mention at the times the Rangers showed up when no one else would.

          Again, this is silly. I have given you an easy means to prove your silly accusations. But you choose not to. So, OK, you win. I’ll give you a prize. Here, have an accolade for you and your pals. Hope that makes you feel better for attempting to assassinate my character, which I have NEVER done to you! Sheesh.

          • JC

            Larry, I don’t even know why I feel compelled to respond to this, but I spent time at Cove Mallard every year the campaign went on. And I saw the beatings–a good friend of mine was one of them–and did my part, which you may have witnessed, “baaaaaa”. Saw the Rangers. Can’t say that everybody was thrilled with you guys’ approach to “non violent civil disobedience”.

            And that was just the tip of the iceberg. I was probably doing easter sunday peace vigils at Malmstrom, and hands across the border before you even knew what a hippy was.

            So really, don’t go railing about people and things you don’t know about. It just makes you look petty.

            • Pogue Mahone

              Hey, a ringer! Good! Send me your newspaper articles and I’ll send you mine! Deal? Here, have an accolade, dude! You deserve it! (p.s. the ones that mention you by name!) Silly, silly stuff.

              • Pogue Mahone

                It AIN’T all about ego, just for you folks suffering from teenage angst! ie. “oh, i’m just SO tired of fighting the good fight”! “No one appreciates me”! “No one recognizes my efforts”!

                Silly, silly stuff. That’s why the righties eat you dudes for breakfast and sh*t you out at lunch. They KNOW what your are!

              • lizard19

                whatever point you are trying to make gets lost in all your noise.

                for all the experience you claim to have, this show me yours and i’ll show you mine cock measuring is really juveneille.

                there’e more to working for social justice than getting in the paper.

              • larry (sic) pogue:

                the good ones never have to advertise.

        • Pogue Mahone

          Call Mike Mease from Buffalo Field Campaign, or the enviros in Missoula. But for GOD’S sake woman stop your idiotic assualt on ME! What’s your problem?

          • lizard19

            hey mahoney, you don’t really get to whine about idiotic assault and character assassination (which are hilarious accusations, by the way) after just BLOWing on in here with your TIRADE, and SUBsequent PEEing all over the RUG bit.

            i have a suggestion: instead of delving into your rabid kennedy-coup/koch/nazi it’s all connected spiel, you might take note the two pictures in j-girl’s post.

            did you look?

            you see, if one were to extrapolate broader support by comparing the turnout at these two rallies, one might be tempted to think the bring-your-guns-to-the-capitol crowd are truly just the fringe, and trying to enjoy the pillage and pontificate circus they’ve created in Helena.

            oh, and you might want to consider the possibility that neoliberals can be budding fascists too.

            • Pogue Mahone

              I’m sorry, sorry that you don’t have a history. I feel your pain. Never made the newspapers, did you? I’ll share my articles with you. I’m sorry that you’re a nobody. But THAT alone should tell you something. That you’re ineffective and not doing enough. Now, go and redeem yourself.

              • lizard19

                you have no clue who i am and what i do.

                now ride away, ranger. i think you have some cattle to herd with cowgirl.

          • JC

            Keep on name dropping. Let’s see, BFC? I was part of the campaign while it was still Buffalo Nations working out of a trailer in Gardiner. I helped to incorporate it, and get it moving. I still work for them. Mease is one of my best buds. Known him for almost 25 years.

            Wanna try again?

  4. Rehberg Dennypistemologizes Senator Tester’s chances for reelection.

  5. History is important but obsession with the past gets us nowhere. The youth of this country are awakening to the fascist tendencies of the far right now. By overplaying their hand in wisconsin and elsewhere, wingnuts are losing the voters.

    The thing to ask is not where you were but where are you now. The glory days of baby boomers has passed and we need to support the young in replacing fear and hatred with courage and love.

    The best way to defeat evil is by example. We must walk and talk with courage of conviction but love defeats hatred.

    • Pogue Mahone

      Sorry, dude, but you don’t GET it! Hell, you GOTTA understand what and whom you’re DEALIN’ with! IT’S THE EXACT SAME CRIME FAMILY CABAL!

      Sorry that you don’t see the trajectory. Sorry that you don’t understand that OUR future (and that of the coming generation) was STOLEN from us. And TERRIBLY sorry that you don’t even seem to comprehend that HUGE amount of suffering, killing, murder, torture, and EVIL that our country has unleashed on the world during the last fifty years or so was a DIRECT result of that assassination! A DIRECT RESULT!

      I happen to believe that it’s important for even YOUNG people to understand that, just as MY generation understood the dirty thirties, the depression, the union fights, WWII, etc. Hell, I wasn’t born then, but I DAMN SURE underSTOOD what others had gone through!

      You see, if young people view what’s happening as normal, they MUST understand that it is not! Fascism in this country was NOT in any way normal when I was a kid! This is new, and it’s evil! But if you live in a country that preaches exceptionalism ALWAYS, you CAN’T understand that the evil done in the name of OUR country is STILL evil!

      The war crimes committed by bush, cheney, rumsfield, et al is EVIL! Young Americans must understand that! Sheesh.

      • the trajectory is freedom over tyranny and love over hatred larry. your paranoid rants are as annoying as the far right.

        • Pogue Mahone

          paranoid rant??? Silly, silly stuff. WHOOSH! Right over your head, dude. You really should research more and write less! Jussayin’. WHO do you think FUNDS the ENTIRE fascist movement?

          Start your trip, grasshopper, with one book. Read JFK and the Unspeakable, and then we’ll talk. Oh, but before I go, maybe YOU can explain just WHY America’s longest war is STILL going on when there is NO visible progress on any front. The troops canNOT even leave ANY base without getting wacked! And yet we’re spending TRILLIONS on the effort! And just WHY aren’t Americans rioting in the streest as a result? And lastly, dude, CUI BONO? Someone is. And I’ll let you try to figure that one out. It’s pretty easy, and you shouldn’t need my help. CUI BONO, dude?

          I see it’s time to leave again. The TRVTH must only appear in fleeting glimpses on this blog. You can erase this now.

  6. i really think the resurgence of the far right in 2010 was the dying tail lash of a dinosaur which senses it’s annihilation in a changing world. there are signs of progress against regressives all over the world; and anyone who watched the youth movement in Wisconsin for individual rights over a fascist governor who is now losing every poll in his own state and the country cannot help but be emboldened by the surge of popular support for the working people of this country and the world.

    what you are seeing in the eyes of the Ravndals and palins is desperation. the country and the world is passing them by. young people do not want hate, fear and greed anymore. they are immune to it. young people want to topple those who deny them their freedoms.

    even young republicans are becoming uneasy with this last tail lash of the far right, especially when it involves supporting the undermining of women’s rights and personal liberties issues such as marijuana use and going too far with the appalling spectacle of brandishing of guns in public areas for the sake of manly vanity and false security by obviously paranoid people.

  7. Good progressives might go on-line to http://www.beartoothnbc.com as soon as possible to vote no on this obnoxious proposal.

  8. Ryan Emmett Morton

    Let us not forget that the Lewis and Clark Conservative Tea Party was created because Tim Ravndal posted on facebook that he thought what happened to Matthew Shepherd in Wyoming should happen in Montana. This is not your “average” tea party. Whether you’re a gun advocate or not, this tea party rally is supported and led by people who advocate violence.

  9. Ingemar Johansson

    Scary Larry (Poge) represents the “new tone”.

    • larry doesn’t represent anything here B.S.
      he speaks for himself. he’s an outlier and a pariah.
      his abusive tone and violence laced rhetoric are condemned by everyone at 4 & 20 as far as i know.
      does he get something right occasionally? rarely but yes.
      just like you do.

      now, Tim Ravndal, on the other hand, is welcomed with open arms by the GOP……

      now isn’t that special? http://www.kfbb.com/news/local/Big-Sky-Tea-Party-Association-Gives-President-the-Boot-102395584.html

      now he represents the lewis and clark tea (mini)party. the GOP has said nothing to distance themselves from tim to date.

      • Ingemar Johansson

        Was there a compliment there somewhere?

        The difference between Scary and I is when my side is being walloped my “tone” doesn’t border on the insane.

        • no, b.s. but your comments do border on the sociopathic:

          “Glibness and Superficial Charm

          Manipulative and Cunning
          They never recognize the rights of others and see their self-serving behaviors as permissible. They appear to be charming, yet are covertly hostile and domineering, seeing their victim as merely an instrument to be used. They may dominate and humiliate their victims.

          Grandiose Sense of Self
          Feels entitled to certain things as “their right.”

          Pathological Lying
          Has no problem lying coolly and easily and it is almost impossible for them to be truthful on a consistent basis. Can create, and get caught up in, a complex belief about their own powers and abilities. Extremely convincing and even able to pass lie detector tests.

          Lack of Remorse, Shame or Guilt
          A deep seated rage, which is split off and repressed, is at their core. Does not see others around them as people, but only as targets and opportunities. Instead of friends, they have victims and accomplices who end up as victims. The end always justifies the means and they let nothing stand in their way.

          Shallow Emotions
          When they show what seems to be warmth, joy, love and compassion it is more feigned than experienced and serves an ulterior motive. Outraged by insignificant matters, yet remaining unmoved and cold by what would upset a normal person. Since they are not genuine, neither are their promises.

          Incapacity for Love

          Need for Stimulation
          Living on the edge. Verbal outbursts and physical punishments are normal. Promiscuity and gambling are common.

          Callousness/Lack of Empathy
          Unable to empathize with the pain of their victims, having only contempt for others’ feelings of distress and readily taking advantage of them.”


          i figured as long as you are doing some “remote diagnoses” without a phd i might as well do some myself.

          these traits fit just about every tea party republican legislator in helena judging by their work.

  10. Dennysthetics: evidence of Rehberg’s desperate campaign?

  11. klemz

    Wisconsinites nationwide are so proud of this attention.

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