Clear Your Calendars – Hearing Date Set for Pro-Discrimination HB516

by jhwygirl

We’ve written a number of times about Havre Montana Representative Kristen Hansen’s pro-hate bill HB516.

In brief summary, the bill would nullify Bozeman and Missoula’s equality ordinances – Bozeman’s of which extended equal protections to all its employees and Missoula’s, a more extensive ordinance which extended equal protection to gays, lesbians, bisexual and transgendered individuals in the City of Missoula. It survived at least 3 attempts at recall petitions, and received overwhelming support from Missoula’s community when the hearing was held.

I don’t know what’s going to happen in the Senate. More specifically, I don’t want to think about what’s going to happen in the Senate. The facts are that this is a hate bill and there is no overwhelming state interest at hand that requires the legislature to attack local government rule and authority.

It is also hate.

If the real issue were some conflict with the Montana Human Rights Act, then Hansen and the rest of the hate mongers out there that voted in approval of this thing in the house would be proposing a bill that added GBLT individuals to the protections under the Title 49.

That hypocrisy is exhibited by the fact that the same committee that approved HB516 also killed HB514 which would have extended equal protections under the Montana Human Rights Act.

In ridiculously transparent hypocrisy, House Judiciary members argued in favor for HB516 saying that GLBT individuals were already protected under Title 49’s Montana Human Rights Act while the very same people listed to testimony and voted against HB514.

HB514 also failed a blast motion on the floor.


Republican Representatives Steve Fitzpatrick (Great Falls),Steve Gibson (E. Helena), Brian Hoven (Great Falls), and Max Yates (Butte) split from their party – all voting against HB516 and in support of equality and local government control.

Fitzpatrick and Gibson stuck with their no votes on the blast motion for HB514.

The hearing for HB516 is Monday, March 14th at 3 p.m. in Room 405, Senate Local Government committee.

  1. brian’s gonna need the 3 1/2″ 10 gauge shells for vetoing this bill…….


    in case anyone needs to see what a ten gauge can do to a bad bill like HB516 (relatively speaking) this is an excellent primer….

  2. I can’t predict what’s going to happen with this bill.

    I understand the purpose, and it’s not “hate” –

    It’s simply to assure that local municipalities aren’t granting special rights, or victim status to certain groups, that are not granted under state law.

    • JC

      “It’s simply to assure that local municipalities aren’t granting…”

      And what is the compelling state interest to do this?

      You guys think you’re all about limited government. That’s a bunch of bullshit. You want government to intrude into our personal and civic live’s whenever it doesn’t agree with your world view. You’re a bunch of moralistic hypocrites.

      And when you say you’re all for job creation, the only jobs that laws like this create will be at the Montana Human Rights Network protecting people from the likes of you.

      And what’s next up in your list of things for the state to mandate what local municipalities can’t do? Color of sheets in the bedroom? Breed of dog we can keep? Brand of catfood in the pantry?

      • mr benson

        How much energy we use? What kind of lightbulbs we buy? What kind of food we eat? What we smoke, drink, or read? What words we use? Whether we have to join a collective to work? what our houses are made of? How much money we are allowed to make?

        Yeah, JC, that mote in your neighbor’s eye.

        And Eric, it’s “simply” no such thing. It’s the anti individual rights agenda put forth by those seeking make their hand picked pentateuchal laws the laws of Montana. It’s “simply” bigotry and establishment of religion.

        • JC

          You’re building a strawman, Mr. B. I’ve not made statements here about the things you are ranting about.

          You can eat, drink and smoke whatever you want, for all I care. Go buy whatever lightbulb you want and give MOntana Power as much money as you can. Bully for you!

          Join a collective to work? That’s your choice. Build your house out of straw if you want. Mine’s made of logs. Go ahead and make as much money as you want. Just don’t ask me for a subsidy to do it. And if you use public resources to accomplish it, expect to be taxed accordingly.

          So nice try to frame up a false equivalency to put yourself in the comfortable moderate position you so like to strut.

  3. Well, Sales Reps are hated and mistrusted, maybe I should get some special rights too?

    Where does it end ?

    • JC

      Being a sales rep is a choice Eric. ANd no one has ever killed a Sales Rep because of his choice of occupation.

      But you left my question unanswered: what’s the compelling state interest in nullifying local ordinances and citizen referenda?

  4. Ryan Emmett Morton

    Click to access Why_Marriage_Matters_-_The_Research_Behind_the_Message.pdf

    Interesting read from D.C. about marriage/DOMA/equality.

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