it’s ok to be mad montana…..really!

by problembear

the growth of the church of the creator in montana is just the tip of the iceberg.

or should we just stay calm and hope we find all the bombs before they go off.

keep in mind that many of these individuals are card-carrying members of the tea party which is driving the agenda in Montana’s capitol thanks to spineless republican leaders of montana who are more than happy to ride the wave of hatred toward gays, women and more or less anyone who doesn’t adhere to tea party fascist agendas. the republican party used to stand for individual freedom. but they have sold out to tea party fascists and a vision of a quasi religious- corporate-state bent on telling us how to live our lives, complete with brandished side-arms and automatic weapons.

i am mad as hell about a fringe group and its unholy matrimony with republicans running our legislative affairs in Helena. and i make no apologies to anyone about it.  i am sick and tired of watching republicans stand by like sheople

while this scourge of humanity grows like a fungus.

since obviously our republican sheep leaders have no fortitude or an inkling of courage it is time for montanas citizens to stand up to these animals and tell them HELL NO. NOT HERE YOU DON”T!


  1. lizard19

    how old do you think that kid is? sixteen?

    whatever path that image took to become the header for your post, pbear, makes me sad.

    at least he’s young enough to change his mind, right?

    i don’t think he looks 100% ready for the race war, do you?

  2. read the link beneath it liz.

    • lizard19

      okay, i guess he IS ready. that’s really disturbing.

      • very.

  3. white supremacists + evangelical fascist religions + GOP-Corporate-state = we had better fight back if we want to keep our freedoms in this country.

  4. white supremacists + evangelical fascist religions

    Have you seen the cover of the White Man’s Bible? I’m not sure these folks really get along with most evangelical religions. And I’m sure they think they are fighting against the GOP corporate state (they would probably refer to it as the Jew corporate state, however.)

    I’m not saying there’s not connections, but I also think they aren’t so obvious. You have three groups with radically different visions of what they want America to be, and yet they do seem to be united, at least in opposition to something.

  5. Card carrying members of the tea-party?

    problembear, this lie is so blatant that you ought to be embarrassed.

    I did some tea-party rallies in Billings last year, and once they put down their signs, they look like everyday Montanans (which they are) not nazis –

    • JC

      What do “everyday Montanans” look like Eric?

      Please describe.

      Better yet what don’t “everyday Montanans” look like?

  6. PW- I didn’t say the connections are obvious did I? I am sure repubs have a script designed to help your argument at deflection. It is called plausible deniability.

    I see eric is following it. I am sure he is appreciative of your assistance.

    • PBear – I didn’t say the connections didn’t exist. You assumed that I was attacking you. I was not. My remark was an invitation for further investigation, not a denial of the connections. I merely would be interested in the next two steps. First, actually demonstrating the connections. Tim Ravndal made the connection between tea and homophobic violence very clear; really, he did our work for us. I haven’t seen the connection so clearly made to racist groups, though I know it is there to some extent.

      The article you provided is interesting – but it still doesn’t make clear what these groups have in common. No one would doubt that most tea party members are Christian, and yet this ‘gentleman’ makes it clear that Christianity is secondary to ‘freedom’, which is a highly un-Christian position. Moreover, though the Tea Party is supported by corporations, the actual policies it supports in the long term would often be disastrous for them, and Racial Holy War doesn’t promise any good net after-tax profits, either.

      Which leads us to our second object of investigation = why are these disparate elements working together? One good theory I think is your ‘last tail lash’ theory – faced with the real possibility of obsolescence, and having lost the center, the GOP is willing to try anything to regain power.

      I also think its possible that, unable to make things better (either socially or economically, due to strict and misguided ideologies) despite being ‘resurgent’, the Right is trying to shoot the moon – make things even worse, and then hope people blame it on Obama and not the Republicans (Eric is a strong proponent of this policy, one of the few Republicans who will come out and say it). Stir up enough religious, racial, and economic unrest to profoundly disturb Americans and then hope they associate it with the ‘change’ Obama promised. After all, a threatened population is prone to seek shelter in homogeneity and conservatism.

  7. does anyone really seriously think that the GOP doesn’t court people like this….

    there seems to be no amount of crazy that is too crazy for the republican agenda in montana these days. i sure haven’t heard anyone representing the republican party even so much as distance themselves from “the movement.”

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