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by lizard

In my earlier post about how the sun never sets on our ability to fuck shit up, I looked at the embarrassment of the diplomat CIA agent Raymond Davis getting arrested for killing two motorcyclists in Lahore, Pakistan.

As Davis’ case moves forward, another name has been thrown into the mix: Aafia Siddiqui.

The two pictures show the shocking contrast between a Pakistani woman who went from being a neuroscientist who studied at MIT, to a convicted “terrorist” currently serving 86 years for shooting two American soldiers in Afghanistan. How she got there, though, is a mystery.

The reason her name has popped up is because the Obama administration was offered a deal by Pakistani authorities: Raymond Davis for Aafia Siddiqui. But the deal was immediately turned down. Continue Reading »

Photo courtesy Chad Harder of the Missoula Independent


by problembear

  • you hate freedom if you attempt to silence the freedom of the press because you don’t like the way your party is being portrayed (mostly because your party is acting like a bunch of fascists who hate freedom.
  • you hate freedom if you think the way to heaven is to tell others what to do and how to act. pay attention to how you act and leave the rest of us to sort out our own behavior with our own god.  i and many americans do not grant you permission to enact laws which infringe on our personal freedoms in a nation which was built by people persecuted for their beliefs.
  • you hate freedom if you support enacting laws that take away a union’s right to collective grandfather was a railroad cop in syracuse new york. Henry had to work graveyard until his retirement because he was a union cop who wouldn’t back down when the railroad bosses wanted him to. he stood up for his rights and the rights of his brothers and sisters in the union. those freedoms were hard won and american workers died winning them.
  • you hate freedom if you allow testimony supporting your bill but prevent citizens who disagree from testifying at legislative hearings.
  • you hate freedom if you deny gays the right to marry whomever they choose.
  • you hate freedom if you hate immigrants. they are who built this country. immigration should be open to all who abide by our laws and mean to work hard to be good citizens of our country.
  • you hate freedom if you hate others because when you are willing to take other’s rights away you open the door to someone taking yours.
  • you hate freedom if you deny women the right to personhood by equating them with cattle and possessions.
  • you hate freedom when you attempt to enact laws telling women how to treat their own bodies.
  • you hate freedom when you attempt to enact laws telling us what we must do at the end of our own lives.
  • you hate freedom if you attempt to circumvent the voter’s initiative process with bills that repeal the voter’s will.
  • you hate freedom when you attempt to take away the public’s access and right to fish, float and otherwise enjoy montana’s streams and rivers.
  • you hate freedom when you dishonor your elected office by being so hypocritical as to accept farm subsidies from the federal government at the same time you cut spending for the poor “because helping poor families creates more debt.”
  • you hate freedom if you support private corporations lobbying congress for more influence and applaud when the will of the people is ignored and marginalized by an increasingly corrupt political process.

I don’t have much respect for cowardly Democratic leaders these days but the GOP has allowed itself to drift away from it’s base and has declined to a level of greed and freedom hating behavior that renders the party all but unrecognizable to anyone who grew up with a republican grandfather named Henry who sacrificed so that others might be able to better themselves.

i don’t see any sacrifice from the GOP these days. i see greed. i see hatred. i see hypocrisy. and i see a party that no longer appeals to anyone with a good heart and a clear head.

people who love freedom will prevail in this country. it is up to each of us to check our hearts and heads and decide which side of freedom you are on. as henry once told my 6 year old father as he was admiring his small garden on the porch of his modest home which sheltered 8 kids one summer in 1932…

money is no excuse to turn your back on honor.

the GOP legislature and GOP congress has dishonored themselves and their country and the voters will not forget it in 2012.

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