BREAKING NEWS!!! (Some 8th Graders Eat Pot Cookies)

by lizard

I am so thankful the Missoulian ensures the threats we face as a community are given the proper context, and is quick to inform us how the great tsunami of societal destruction known as medicinal marijuana has claimed more innocent victims—DeSmet School kids:

An 18-year-old man whose mom is his medical marijuana caregiver is accused of providing the marijuana-laced butter used by a DeSmet school student to make cookies that she gave to her fellow eighth-graders.

Tyler Andre Pyle faces a felony charge of criminal distribution of dangerous drugs – in this case, as an adult selling drugs to a minor.

The allegations against Pyle began to unfold on March 8, when DeSmet teacher Robin Ray reported that a student had told her several schoolmates had eaten the marijuana cookies.

The teacher “stated she observed the group of students acting ‘spaced out,’ ” according to an affidavit filed by Deputy Missoula County Attorney Andrew Paul. More cookies were found in a 14-year-old student’s locker; a test of the cookies indicated marijuana, according to the affidavit.

Luckily this felony carries with it a maximum possible sentence of life in prison. To keep our community safe, Tyler should be aggressively prosecuted, and MM should be immediately repealed.


  1. How retarded does this shit have to get before we say enough!!?!?!????

  2. ladybug

    Was anybody seriously hurt? Did anybody suffer permanent injury or death. Raising teenagers is not easy. Lots of experimentation with everything dangerous. Will prison correct the problem? Teenagers need lots of good parenting. One more thing that’s getting harder and harder to find.

  3. lizard19

    there is a “New” news story on the Missoulian’s website, but for some reason this story about an adult giving a minor drugs didn’t warrant BREAKING NEWS designation. maybe that’s because the drugs were legally obtained prescription drugs. is that right Sherry?

    Missoula Mom Charged After Paying For Babysitting With Prescription Drugs

  4. Carfreestupidity

    I’m more offended that Pippy Longstocking… Or is that the Wendy’s girl… is apparently getting high in that picture.

  5. •Feds raid medical marijuana operations in Missoula, statewide (190) Comments
    •Councilors grill Missoula police chief for supporting medical marijuana repeal (134) Comments
    •DeSmet School eighth-graders eat cookies made with marijuana-laced butter (91) Comments
    •U.S. Attorney’s Office: Montana medical marijuana businesses involved in trafficking, tax evasion (80) Comments
    •Planned Parenthood: Group promotes ‘negative eugenics’ (65) Comments
    •Senate turns away medical marijuana repeal (53) Comments
    •Global warming: Vocal minority ignoring science (51) Comments
    •Missoula police chief’s testimony on marijuana repeal criticized (41) Comments

    Got dope?

  6. Oyster Pirate

    It’s scandalous cuz this is the first known instance of 8th graders getting high. Next thing ya know, they’ll be sneaking cigs and beer. Clearly, they’re getting the message from the state government that it’s ok to do “pot”.

  7. longbud

    It’ so convenient the timing of all these politically motivated incidents involving marijuana in our media.And how the real truth about marijuana is being ignored. Be glad you’re not in some of the southern states where the cookies would have been crack coookies. Look up the crime rate statistics in Montana from when the intiative began until now.I lived down in those southern states only to have my wife of 16yrs murdered.It is the difference between day and night for me here in Montana.Because of the liberal people and Medical marijuana.It keeps the low down killing real drug dealers away.I have used marijuana since 1974 [37yrs] .It is harmful.When I had to buy on the street before the intiative I had to deal with drug dealers.I cant even hardly buy it on the steet anymore here.It already has showed me that access to it has changed.You almost have to have a card to be able to buy it. Please people stop wasting time.Marijuana is here to stay Forever! It is only a matter of time when history always repeats itself.

  8. lizard19

    another bang up job of misleading its readers by the Missoulian today.

    Poll: Majority of Montanans Favor Repeal of Medical Marijuana Law

    the article then goes on to contradict the headline. the comment section, so far, has latched on to the contradiction. i like this comment from Matthew Koehler:

    Pretty interesting to compare the title given to this SAME EXACT article regarding the results of the SAME EXACT poll by various Lee Newspaper’s in Montana.

    “Lee newspapers poll: Tighten up law on pot, don’t repeal” – Montana Standard

    “Cannabis: Most polled prefer regulation to repeal” – Helena Indy Record

    “Poll: Tightening up medical marijuana law preferable to repeal” – Billings Gazette

    “Poll: Majority of Montanans favor repeal of medical marijuana law” – Missoulian

    and this one from Don Novak:

    the people who realize this is bull crap should do as i now plan to do, boycott lee enterprises. their reporting is always biased, serves to incite rather than inform, uses misleading headlines and has a reporting staff with an agenda. the ill-informed idiots who believe lee enterprises are a waste of human space, they are closed minded, hateful,immature and deserve no more of my time.
    hit lee enterprises in the pocketbook, maybe they’ll do some real and honest reporting

    good work, Sherry.

  9. Pogo Possum

    You were in a bit of a hurry reading the article about the woman paying her babysitter with drugs Lizard. The operative word in the story describing the babysitter was “woman” not “minor” or “12 year old girl”. Big difference.

    “Brilz was giving the WOMAN about 20 to 30 pills per month, it said.”

    With all respect (because we agree on some parts of this issue) your attitude is part of the reason a growing majority of Montanans now oppose the legalization of medical marijuana.

    I know a lot of parents and grandparents who voted for this initiative that are frustrated and down right pi**ed off with what they see as a growing culture (as displayed in your post) that says its no big deal for people using their medical marijuana card to help get their 12 and 13 year old kids stoned. These same people who feel they were misled about the intent of this initiative now have little trust for the people like you who argue reform and stricter regulation but scream out against the authorities shutting down the grow operations that are violating the existing law and operating as multi million dollar tax evaders. They would accept a few thousand having a legitimate need for medical marijuana, not the 28,000+ and growing number now holding cards. If you disagree with these numbers then you are only pouring more fuel on the fire of people growing frustrated with this initiative day by day.

    While they sympathize with the few thousand at the most who need this drug for legitimate reasons, their growing frustration is turning to anger because of the kind of comments you and others make on a regular basis and feel the only way to deal with this is to throw out the entire initiative and start all over again from scratch.

    While I think it is better to fix it now in the legislature, you and your fellow bloggers are making it more and more difficult to make this argument.

    • lizard19

      point taken about my factual error regarding the age of the babysitter.

      but you are taking the post above, and my subsequent comments, and extrapolating something that isn’t there.

      the intent of the post, which you seem to have missed or are ignoring, is not that i condone minors in possession of an illegal substance, whether it’s pot or alcohol.

      what i’m trying to bring some attention to is how this issue is being reported on by the Missoulian. i thought the initial BREAKING NEWS designation on their website for the story the night before the hardcopy hit the streets was a little ridiculous, and the misleading headline today is further evidence that Lee Enterprise “decision makers” are subtly editorializing through tricks of their trade.

      now in your comment you are depicting me as being part of this blogging atmosphere that is swaying people you know toward repeal. i would be curious to hear more about that, like maybe some specifics about what other bloggers have said to cause you to think that. some links would be nice too.

    • lizard19

      and i have to ask, pogo, who is ultimately going to have more influence over people’s attitudes toward this issue; a widely read newspaper or some opinionated bloggers? if you think the latter, that’s pretty flattering.

  10. Contrast with this from the Seattle Times:

    “The Seattle Times editorial board commends the House Ways and Means Committee for holding a hearing HB 1550 to legalize marijuana, and also expresses its support for SB 5073 to license, tax and regulate growers and dispensaries for medical cannabis.

    THE marijuana legalization bill, House Bill 1550, may be stopped for this session of the Legislature. But this issue has been moving as never before, and it needs to keep moving.

    This page has been part of it. On Feb. 20 we came out for regulation and taxation of cannabis for adult use, which HB 1550 would do through the state liquor stores. That The Seattle Times would say this lowers the risk for public officials to say it. At the hearing Wednesday at the House Ways and Means Committee, chaired by Rep. Ross Hunter, D-Medina, you could feel the change.”

    • lizard19

      thanks larry, that editorial is very interesting. quite a contrast.

      here’s one line that i’d like to comment on:

      There were no Cheech and Chong jokes. This was serious business.

      this has always been something that has seriously irked me. the entertainment industry has been profiting off of stoner movies for decades, all part of commodifying the 60’s. and we wonder why tweens and teens don’t take the horror stories of marijuana seriously.

      meanwhile, with prohibition, the sales of the actual substance hollywood glorifies/stereotypes/profits from get funneled to criminal elements that truly do constitute significant threats to young people, because not many drug dealers deal solely in weed.

      maybe if that middle schooler wanted to have some fun, she could have found a friend with an adderall prescription, chopped it up, and snorted a few lines.

      but would it have been breaking news? i dunno, ask Sherry.

  11. freedom of choice

    Does anyone else think it insultingly wrong that the man could get life in prison? Do you really think that his whole life should be taken away from him because of this? Anyone should know that the kids will be fine, weed is non-toxic and the worst that could happen would be that you pass out for a while. MM is a great thing and has been shown to help with over 200 conditions having little side effects as opposed to the side effects from pharmaceuticals which can sometimes be worse that the disease. The people who truly deserve punishment are those who try to keep MM from expanding and make other innocent patients suffer

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