Note to MTGOP: If FOXnews is Reporting About You This Way, You Really Need to Regroup

by jhwygirl

The theme “Even MORE National Media Attention Courtesy MTGOP” is getting old, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to to anywhere.

If FOXnews is using “Bat-Crap” and “Montana” in the same headline – quoting Democratic Governor Schweitzer, nonetheless – honestly, you really should reconsider things.

Who’s running that ship? Will Deschamps? Yoy.

Not only that – if FOXnews is explaining one of your crazy bills – HB278 – this way, you should maybe go crawling back in the cave you came from:

Schweitzer did not mention Montana House Bill 278, which would authorize creating armed citizen militias able to repel invaders, presumably war-like Canadians.

Rep. Wendy Warburton, I’m sure, is proud.

  1. lizard19

    my god, the MTGOP is making FOXnews actually look fair and balanced. from the link:

    It may be easy to dismiss comments like Schweitzer’s as an attempt by a Democrat to belittle the Tea Party movement, but a real danger does exist for the GOP just as the 2012 election campaigns get under way — this scattershot of odd bills could create backlash among a general public crying for local, state and federal government to focus on jobs and the economy as the nation ever so slowly emerges from a two-year recession.

  2. j-girl- on that need for the GOP to regroup……….
    no they don’t. as long as these crazy bills continue to be shot down in committees or vetoed by schweitzer, i’m good with the strategy of the montana GOP.

    loving the idea of HB175 requiring montana to vote again on medical marijuana in 2012 too. should bring out the new younger voters who don’t believe in police state fascist religious zealots running our state’s legislature.

    keep it coming GOP!!! the crazier the better.

    on a serious note, HB 221 -the bill that would have provided food for our most poor citizens was shot down by these so called christians 33-58. kids will go to bed hungry all over montana thanks to these losers.

    hope the GOP lawmakers all enjoy their nice juicy steaks in helena tonight while they find ways to further deny food to our poorest families.

    continuing further in the montana GOP’s quest to thwart the will of the people is the detestable bill to bring cyanide back into our watersheds after voters defeated it twice. Hearing SB 306 tonight, increases cyanide mining. Voters have spoken twice against cyanide mining, but are Ignored by the MT GOP once again.

    2012 is going to be a lot of fun. hope everyone is getting lots of videos for the political ads.

    • lizard19

      that’s really bad news about HB221. killing funding for those in need—what the hell do they expect people to do? leave the state? maybe that really is their goal.

    • They moved a pro-strip mining bill through the floor of the House the other day.

      That bill will have Great Northern with the lease on Otter Creek forever. It was written specifically for them. The leases were cited over and over in committee testimony.

      Pure coal industry lapdog porn subsidy. HB533

      All while they’ve done everything they could to make wind less small-business invest worthy.

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