Rumor Mill: Jim Lynch for Governor in ’12


A friend passed on this juicy rumor today.  Supposedly Mr. Heavy Haul himself, head of the Montana Department of Transportation, will be throwing his hat into the race to replace Schweitzer.

His platform you ask?  Economic development and jobs.  He can claim to have brought $87 million to the state, created jobs, and supported the extractive industry through his approval of the High Wide Load Corridor.  Before the MDT he was worked for Oldcastle Materials, a supplier of road materials. So… Jim knows roads.

While the High Wide Loads would probably play a big part of his campaign, both from prospective supporters and opponents, he also has a record while at MDT for supporting the development of anti-DUI programs and back in 2007 he tentatively given his support to the resumption of Amtrak service in the southern part of the state… but a lot has changed in the political landscape in the intervening 4 years.

  1. what’s his slogan?

    paving the way to hell?

    or maybe the unofficial slogan of the Bomag operators….

    making america flat and free(way)

  2. lizard19

    seems like there are lots of names swirling around. Pogie, at Intelligent Discontent, takes a look at the most disturbing candidate yet. very creepy.

  3. petetalbot

    You forgot to mention, CFS, is he running as a Democrat or a Republican? Not that it really matters, in this case.

    • i believe jim’s party is troglodyte…….”seems to have emerged from the mists of time untouched by human evolution. Devoid of a single progressive idea and lacking the slightest civility.”

  4. Not a Dooker

    So what party is he running for? How will he answer for his own company’s record with egregious MDT violations? His own company was once banned from receiving MDT contracts.

    And… not to be a dooker, but, how come all that it takes for you to stir up a rumor is hearing your friend pass it on, and you just throw up the guy’s picture and make a post out of it?

    • Carfrestupidity

      It’s a blog… That’s why. And I think my friend said Republican.

    • Carfrestupidity

      I highly doubt Jim would respond to an email asking if the rumor is true from addresses with carfreestupidity in the name.

    • Maya44

      Does Jim Lynch still have connections to his old company or its affiliates (i.e., do companies he has a continued interest in still benefit from any MDT contracts?) Director of MDT seems like kind of an ideal position for someone who makes money selling road mix, etc.

  5. I hope he’s not runing as a Dem, as I’m hoping that Steve Bullock gets the Dems nomination.

  6. JC

    Funny that you would link to that document about the high wide corridor. It’s the same one I referred to in an earlier post where MDT used the phrase ‘propose to create permanent “HIgh/Wide Corridors” through Montana.’

    WHIch of course would necessitate an EIS. Then when people started squawking about this, MDT backtracked to say there is no proposal to build permanent corridors.

    Oops. Just because Lynch says it is so does not make it true. That’s why we have NEPA: to analyze these sorts of things when politicians and bureaucrats start getting excited about some corporation or the other’s pet project. Everybody knows that projects like this are lining up all over the place. And the cumulative impacts need to be analyzed, hence an EIS.

    So, if Lynch wants to run on the economic development platform of stimulating oil production in Canada by turning MOntana into a colonial byway, well then, have at it.

  7. Doug

    Is Oldcastle Materials the same as Knife River in Kalispell, a newer name? Nupac had a gravel operation where Home Depot etc., Walmart II and FVCC now reside. IIRC, Knife River bought out Nupac. It’s hard to track the names over time.

  8. Old news CFS. Charles Johnson already threw out the rumor about Lynch running for Governor back in June 19, 2010

    “There is no shortage of names for governor being mentioned by political insiders from both parties.

    On the Democratic side, they include: Attorney General Steve Bullock, of Helena; state Sen. Larry Jent, of Bozeman; state Transportation Director Jim Lynch, of Kalispell; and state Sen. Dave Wanzenried, of Missoula.”

    Pundants in Helena have been talking about Lynch running for a number of months and most Democrats I talk to either laugh or offer comments similar to Pbear’s and JC’a”. Lynch will have a difficult time getting through a Democratic Primary.

    As for Pogie’s reference to Livingston, the inside word in GOP circles is that he is only running for Governor to build up a base to run for Senate in 2014. Few Republicans in Montana know him or have any strong allegiance to him.

    When Pogie’s discussed the issues of:

    -brokering “. . . deals for criminals to have high level meetings with Justice Department officials,”

    -Running “. . . operations for Criminally-indicted…..” people,

    -and working for organizations involved in assassinations,

    was he referring to Livingston or Dennis McDonald?

  9. CommonSense

    A: NUPAC was sold to Old Castle (not knife river, that was A-1).

    B: NUPAC was bought by Lynch in 1986 and since then has never been barred from bidding on state work. He did self report overweight trucks as a part of showing the state that their salutary neglect on enforcing the regs need to be consistent. I guess that isn’t being 100 percent compliant, but not criminal nor disqualifying.

    C: considering that the governor has changed his reason for asking him to resign (not nepotism anymore), and lynch has pretty much took the high road, I gotta say he will probably run.

    You better quit with the slander if you expect anyone to take you seriously. If you disagree with pushing development of oil industry in the state and making a state agency run more like a business, then that’s fine, don’t vote for him. But spreading lies is what makes people discredit blogs like this.

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