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by lizard

The will of the voter? So 7 years ago, they say, as SB423 sputters tonight, leaving repeal the only actionable option left.

So after NO action in 2005, 2007, and 2009, the fear-mongering reactionaries in Helena are going to try to kill the will of the voters, spit in the faces of patients who benefit from medicinal pot, destroy jobs and taxable revenue, and simultaneously make legal drug dealers (pharmaceutical companies) and black market dealers very happy.

After wading through the raging commentary around this issue, I think I’ve been able to identify the major mistake some proponents of medicinal marijuana made to cause this fear-based backlash: they assumed voter support and the election of Obama signaled a “green” light to establish an industry that would grow and flourish as easily as the plants this industry cultivates.

So they made BIG mistakes, like–gasp!–advertising in newspapers and on billboards. And they had the audacity to create actual storefronts, some with windows. Even worse, they made profit. It’s all very disturbing behavior. I mean, how dare these businesses act like businesses.

I mentioned illegal drug dealers being happy with the prospect of repeal, and maybe some of you scratched your heads. Well, as an active consumer of black market marijuana, I can tell you prices have come down because medicinal supply combined with a shift in demand from illegal users to legal cardholders dropped the price of an eighth of an ounce $5-$10. Forcing everyone back to the black market will probably see that trend dissolve.

It’s my humble opinion that bad PR generated by a few bad apples in the MM community has resulted in sensationalist-to-survive newspapers like the Missoulian jumping on the anti-medicinal marijuana bandwagon. In that vein, Jason Christ has been a disaster for the budding MM industry, and a godsend to the Missoulian. It’s like every time this train-wreck screws up, a Devlin grabs her pitchfork.

So what happens next? And what will Brian do if repeal awaits his ink? Is he willing to add more pain to the state’s fiscal woes, more pain to patients who need their medicine, and give a big gift to Big Pharma and black market dope dealers?

by jhwygirl

That headline is not true – Republicans, of course, rejected a Democrat amendment that would have struck “gold” from Rep. Bob Wagner’s gold standard bill, HB513, and replaced it with a “Coal Standard”.

Hell, even I can laugh about that – and think of how much I rage against Otter Creek.

Great Falls Tribune Supermontanareporter John S. Adams has the story – and video – at his blog, The Lowdown. You really must read it.

I admit I didn’t take the time to get through the whole thing last night – but it is really worth the time to read it all and watch that video.

Hollywood should be paying attention at this point. Frankly, maybe some reality tv producer can come in to Helena and if enough legislators sign on, maybe Montana could afford those fresh local farm veggies for the school kids.

by jhwygirl

Funny. New story up late last night on the free-gun-with-Dish Satellite guy who franchises a Radio Shack down in Hamilton Montana.

Seems he didn’t work things out with Radio Shack or Dish Network – neither sound too happy.

But free-gun-with-Dish Satellite guy is pushing on, saying he isn’t going to stop. He changed his Radio Shack sign, but he’s now added the name of the website he created to explain the offer: getagun dot net.

Not only that – he said that he was planning on using DirectTV satellite as the next offer, while a company spokesperson has said ‘No thanks.’

Even more? Free-gun-with-Dish Satellite guy is planning on lowering the qualifications for the free firearm.

What to say…what to say?

I’d really really love to hear why Radio Shack and Dish Network and DirectTV are wrong to tell him he has to stop. Any conservatives want to justify that one?

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