Rehberg: “Pell Grants — Welfare of the 21st Century”


Well, let’s knock another $15 million out of the Montana economy, and beat up on the poor some more while doing it.

“You can go to school, collect your Pell Grants, get food stamps, low-income energy assistance, section 8 housing, and all of a sudden we find ourselves subsidizing people that don’t have to graduate from college. And there ought to be some kind of commitment and endgame”…

But in Montana, Rehberg has been taking some heat for voting for the House GOP budget resolution, which would reduce the maximum Pell Grant from $5,500 to $4,705 and narrow the eligibility of applicants. Financial aid officials at the University of Montana and Carroll College in Rehberg’s home state recently told reporters that they were disappointed in his vote and urged Montana’s two U.S. senators to preserve funding.

In Montana, 24,000 students are scheduled to receive a Pell Grant next year. If the House budget bill becomes law, the state would lose $15 million in funding for the program.”

Gotta pay for them tax breaks for himself, er, the rich somehow.

bozo the drunk

  1. Great minds think alike. :)

  2. mr benson

    If there’s any use I support for government money, it’s betting on the ambitious, the smart, the hard working. In this case, betting on the people who have the ambition and talent to go to college. It’s like…the opposite of welfare. There are requirements to “make progress towards a degree” that address the concerns Representative Rehberg expresses.

    This is another example of just how far away Mr Rehberg is from the middle class Montanan. He’s like Ritchie Rich. this election was Rehberg’s to slam dunk. But after his stupid interference in the legislature to shut down mail voting, and the public circular self gratification of the far right in the legislature, Rehberg and the Right is snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

  3. Ingemar Johansson

    54% thrown down a rat hole.

    *This analysis found that 46% of Pell recipients had received a Bachelor’s degree within 6 years, compared to 51% of comparable non-recipients at 4-year public institutions. At 4-year private institutions, 56% of Pell recipients had received a BA within 6 years while 68% of non-recipients did the same.*

    • mr benson

      So there’s a five percent difference between those who don’t have to worry about money graduating from college, and those who do?

      That seems to be an acceptable difference to me.

    • It is nearly impossible to do it in 4 years anymore as I am told – unless you go in the summer.

      If you are taking any type of financial assistance, you’d likely be working part time, too. Even a few conservatives that may read this electronic rag might relate to that.

      My experience is that adding work into the mix makes it hard and it is, in most cases, a trade-off in grades.

      What I don’t get is there seems to be some sort of hatred in this tea party thing aimed at those with some sort of additional education. Part of this is, I think, society’s fault for placing an emphasis on education when trades are just as vital and needed skill sets to our society.

      I have an appreciation for mechanics and plumbers and electricians…just to name a few. I’ve had to call on them a number of times over the years. Those jobs aren’t easy and they aren’t lacking for knowledge or skill needed either.

      Getting back to this hate-towards-education thing, I’d rather have our country as smart as possible. It isn’t good when a whole bunch of other countries are beating us in math and science.

      I mean – how in the hell do you want to run our military? On foreign technology?

      Same with our healthcare.

  4. wither

    What was Rehberg’s BAC when he thought this one up?

    I graduated from MSU in engineering in 4 years, one of only three individuals out of 74 in my major who did so.

    Pell grants allowed that to happen- period. I was focused and serious, and had the benefit of a frugal upbringing to make every dollar count.

    I still worked 12-40 hours a week to add to my intense heavy labors every summer to make school a possibility at all.

    Pell grants made my engineering career possible. We grew up well under the poverty line most years- my parents were a rural nurse and a logger. There was no financial backstop for me or my siblings.

    The difference in taxes I happily paid the first year of my career (in a recession) compared to what I usually owed from full time work before my career was five and a half times the total amount I received in Pell grants.

    We all support the University system in the state with taxes. Isn’t it only fair that more of us get at least half a chance to attend one of them? Being turned away for financial reasons and then asked to pay for them with lower wages that result from a lack of access could only come from the truly loopy, not an elected public servant.

    Rehberg’s agenda is a clear swipe strike against those who might be educated enough to not vote for him.Pell grants are critical to make sure college isn’t just for Rehberg’s buddies’ kids.

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