Glenn Beck: Conspiracy Pimp

by lizard

Clinically insane? No. Glenn Beck is not certifiably crazy. He’s an opportunist who saw a chance to take and weave together threads of a nebulous conspiracy culture with bastardized pseudo-theological endtimes imagery for personal enrichment. And now his show is getting the boot from Fox. For his followers, this will only confirm that Beck has stumbled on THE TRUTH (which includes FEMA concentration camps and the Egyptian uprising leading to a new Islamic Caliphate)

It’s an open question at this point how and why this decision by Fox came down. When Beck called Obama a racist that evidently led to a few hundred advertisers shutting their wallets and walking, but if that really is the main underlying reason for the decision, we’ll never hear it, because the boys upstairs don’t want the idea that boycotts are a very effective tool of protest to go viral.

More than likely it was a combination of factors that didn’t sum up well for Fox’s bottom line. And considering Bret Baier was recently on Jon Stewart (Jon gave both Bret and Shepard Smith measured props) it appears Fox may be aiming for a shake-up to restore a little brand-credibility.

I guess being considered a conspiracy theorist can damage one’s credibility.

It will probably come as no surprise to those who have used the term to mock and marginalize a few of my posts that I’m interested in conspiracy culture. That doesn’t mean I subscribe to every paranoid interpretation of current or historical events (which of course doesn’t stop people from feeling justified in tossing fake moon landings and aliens at me when it suits their slanderous intentions). It does mean I’ve waded through the muck and have come to understand a few things about why conspiracy culture has grown and evolved into a phenomenon that has applicable political/propaganda value.

Our current environment is one that breeds susceptibility to The Grand Conspiracy (a secret society that controls everything) because it provides an all inclusive explanation of a world that is becoming increasingly chaotic and hostile. The less power people have to safely obtain the bare necessities of life, the more prone they are to find a certain degree of comfort in the notion that an all powerful group of ultra-secretive elites are pulling all the levers.

In my explorations of the conspiracy realm, I came across the term Chapel Perilous, which I think applies to lots of different segments of our society:

Chapel Perilous is an occult term referring to a psychological state in which an individual cannot be certain if he has been aided or hindered by some force outside the realm of the natural world, or if what appeared to be supernatural interference was a product of his own imagination. The term first appeared in Sir Thomas Malory’s Le Morte d’Arthur[2] as the setting for an adventure in which sorceress Hellawes unsuccessfully attempts to seduce Sir Lancelot, and was first used as an occult term by the late writer and philosopher Robert Anton Wilson (b. 1932 – d. 2007) in his book Cosmic Trigger. According to Wilson, being in this state leads the subject into becoming either stone paranoid or an agnostic. In his opinion there is no third way.

What use to exist in the shadowy peripheries of our culture has been mainstreamed by opportunists like Beck, but Beck is a late comer to this phenomenon. The New Age movement as an exploitive industry has been capitalizing on marketing the occult for personal gain for decades, and The New Age itself piggybacked on the counter culture explosion of the 60’s. It’s old hat.

But conspiracy culture is more pervasive now than ever. Whether one believes in the illuminati, armageddon, or the Mayan prophecy of 2012, it doesn’t really matter. It’s all just a coping mechanism to deal with the more probable reality that no one is really in control. Instead the behind-the-scenes connivers who are bestowed with these near omnipotent powers are nothing more than greedy assholes subjugating billions of people to terrestrial misery in the self-destructive rush to exploit the planet’s dwindling resources.

  1. It is saying something that Beck got fired from Faux news for being too …. controversial.

  2. ….Opening desk drawer

    ….Pulling out Lizard’s list

    ….Picking up pen.

    ….Plugging in the pop corn maker

    ….Waiting with anticipation…………

  3. CharleyCarp

    Popping in from spring break with an almost OT point: my son told me the other day that they’ve recalculated the Mayan calendar, and the end of the world isn’t scheduled until 2082 or 2064 or something like that. So, not our problem.

  4. Being more than a little interested in conspiracy culture myself, I admit that your last paragraph confuses me.

    It’s all just a coping mechanism to deal with the more probable reality that no one is really in control. Instead the behind-the-scenes connivers who are bestowed with these near omnipotent powers are nothing more than greedy assholes subjugating billions of people to terrestrial misery in the self-destructive rush to exploit the planet’s dwindling resources.

    If no one is really in control, then how can there be “greedy assholes subjugating billions of people …”? I’m not disagreeing; just asking for clarification because it strikes me that it can’t be both ‘no one’ and ‘those greedy assholes there’.

    See, the ‘greedy assholes’ part of that has spawned it’s own pernicious conspiracy cult, populated with the hard libertarians and extreme right. That conspiracy involves the Federal Reserve. A good introduction can be found here. That conspiracy cult garnered record amounts of money almost overnight for the Presidential campaign of Ron Paul, their acclaimed champion. (One of the reasons that I will never trust Rand Paul, by the way.) At heart, though, this form of conspiracy theory is not altogether different from the Left’s current fascination with the Koch brothers. Beck may be cashing in on the idea of supernatural forces and the struggle of good v evil. But others are completely convinced that control of the money is control of the message and the will of the people, sans the otherworldly elements.

    • lizard19

      yeah, i should have been more clear.

      when i say no one is control, i mean there is no grand orchestrated plan being seamlessly perpetrated by a cohesive cabal against the masses. it might seem like that sometimes, but i think simple greed undermines any grand strategy of world domination.

      that doesn’t mean they aren’t trying, and it may well be that there is increasing cooperation among global elites. when it comes to our financial system, there are people who think the plan is to destroy the dollar to make room for a global currency. i don’t think that’s all too far fetched.

  5. Jared Loughner suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder, smoked salvia, and was a big Alex Jones fan.

    Glenn Beck is rich.

  6. he’s such a crazy conspiracy nut, but he’s not willing to go that extra step and believe that the government did 9/11, why?

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