Deschamps is desperate

by Pete Talbot

Misdirection is the nicest word I could think of.

Montana GOP Chairman Will Deschamps had a pathetic letter in the Missoulian attacking progressive Missoula City Council candidates.  Never mind that council general elections are six months off and Montana Republicans have some other, more pressing issues on the table.  It’s easier to take pot shots at the local council members, inaccurate as they may be, than face party problems.

Karl Rove with Will Deschamps












These problems range from a schism in the Republican Party in neighboring Sanders County (the Tea Party isn’t far enough to the right!) to a very low approval rating of the Republican controlled Montana Legislature (only 24 percent gave it a positive rating).

What to do?  Well, attack Missoula’s council members.  Headlined “Missoula City Council: Voters: Get rid of the ‘Dwarfs’,” here’s an outtake:

Missoula, help remove part of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” this fall. Help return the shop owners’ right to refuse service to anyone. Help allow folks to visit downtown without stepping around folks with their hands out. Help defeat those who allow homeless to defecate and urinate in alleys downtown. Help defeat the elitist liberals who believe in tax-and-spend economics. Help defeat those who are anti-Pledge of Allegiance.

Now there’s a litany of intolerance: Help return the shop owners’ right to refuse service to anyone?  Like gays? He also takes on the homeless, twice, saying that our councilors support panhandling and defecating and urinating downtown.  And let’s beat that Pledge of Allegiance horse some more.

He calls the candidates: “anti-freedoms” and “anti-choice” (gotta love it when a Republican calls people “anti-choice”).

Then he goes on to nickname them Grumpy, Sleepy, Happy and Queen Grimhilde.  It’ really hard to believe that this LTE came from the head of Montana’s Republican Party.  It’s one of the poorest excuses for a letter that I’ve seen, and there have been some doozies as of late.

Mr. Deschamps, you have enough problems with your own party at the state and county level.  Please keep your nose out of Missoula’s city elections.

(Update: Pogie over at Intelligent Discontent has an additional, insightful take on Deschamps’ letter.)

  1. i just read this pete. i can’t believe a sober person elected to represent a party anywhere could write such drivel and expect it to be taken seriously.

    i know a lot of deschamps and it appears this guy didn’t get enough oxygen at a critical brain-growing juncture in his life.

    good god- and to think that will felt it deserved to be printed in the daily paper of record where all his heinous gossipy delusions enjoy full view by the community should make any decent honest republicans shudder for the future of their party with an emotional cripple like this in charge.

  2. CharleyCarp

    There’s an audience for appeals like this.

    • petetalbot

      A really small audience in Missoula, I believe.

      • CharleyCarp

        Right. The object here isn’t to get people in Missoula to elect Republican council members. It’s to rally the rank and file in ‘real’ Montana.

        • “rally”? so, you would describe this as rallying the rank and file? i would describe it as embarrassing them.

          • CharleyCarp

            I don’t think the people at whom this is directed are embarrassed by this sort of thing. Hence the popularity of so much right wing bilge.

        • JC

          Playing this “real” montanans game is really so childish, Charley. MOst of us got out of that in 6th grade.

          Missoula is just as real as any other part of Montana. Even if you wish that it weren’t. “Rally the rank”, sure, I’d go along with that. But that’s about all he’s doing.

          • CharleyCarp

            I’m proud to call Missoula home. I agree that use of the word ‘real’ in this sense by Mrs. Palin and so many others is childish — I’d have thought that the irony was implicit, but I guess some things don’t communicate.

  3. if the majority of the montana republican party feel they are well served by will deschamp’s juvenile representation of his warped views in the missoulian letter above, i would be very surprised.

  4. Ingemar Johansson

    Disapproval #’s in the Lee poll are bogus. This poll has been bantered about for months but I’ve yet to see exactly how many D’s, R”s, and I’s were surveyed.

    Call me skeptical but I’m thinking they over sampled D’s/I’s to get a tainted result.

    • petetalbot

      Good point, Ingy. The polls that I don’t like are all “bogus,” too.

    • JC

      Problem is never over/under sampling certain groups Big Ingy, it’s how you weight the sample. You’re asking the wrong question.

      Statistics 101.

      • Ingemar Johansson

        Ok I’ll ask the right one.

        Is it a surprise that only 24% 625 Democrats polled approve of the MT Legislature?

  5. Pogue Mahone

    Deshat has been reading too many blogs! You see, lefty blogs are FULL of folks beating up on his teatard pals with satire being one of the greatest weapons. And let’s face it, there IS a lot that’s truly funny about these pathetic morons. They SHOULD be laughed at and pilloried on the blogs. It’s only right. No need to be polite in the unfettered free speech of the blogosphere. It’s the unvarnished, unedited, uncompromising TRVTH as the writers see it. And really, isn’t THAT the purest form of free speech?

    SO, this moron thought that he would attempt his OWN bit of satire in a letter to the ed. BIG mistake. There’s a BIG difference between taking your licks on a blog site, and looking like a complete asshole representing your party in a local newspaper! Deshat simply looks like the latter, a dude who maybe had a snootful one night after reading the blogs and instantly sat down and fired off a letter in retaliation, never REALIZING that he just might regret it when he sobered up!

    And regret it I’m sure he will. I mean, he IS after all the head of the GOP, but he WRITES just like a drunkin’ asshole who’s had one too many shots and read one too many derogatory blogs! He struck out, in more ways than one!

    You see, Deshat has just confirmed what many already know. Blogs are deadly to bullshit, assholiness, teatardiness, and wackos! I mean, just LOOK at one of his biggies! The freakin’ PLEDGE??? He didn’t, did he? Not really? Not the Pledge?!

    Well, you know what they say, the last refuge of a drunkin’ asshole! I think we just saw an example of that. Well, Deshat, I think I’ll just say the pledge to FREE SPEECH, and not to your koch buddies! How’s that?

    p.s. And I’m SURE that Deshat blamed the liberal blogs in Montana for the fact that the teatards are down in judy mars approval numbers. Little does HE know! Them numbers are REAL! Even withOUT the blogs, there ain’t enough polish in Montana to polish up THEM turds!

  6. Pogue Mahone

    And geez, isn’t that picture cute. Turd blossom and a tea turd! Man do THOSE two look genetically deficient!

  7. Maybe this isn’t an appropriate time to remind Missoulians that they have the power to change history if y’all had a mind:

  8. Pogo Possum

    Let’s see. Montana GOP Chairman and Chair of the local “Missoula” County Republican Central Committee Will Deschamps called some of the liberal city council people “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”.

    The liberal bloggers in this post called Mr. Deschamps and other Republicans:

    “emotional cripple “, “juvenile “, “teatard pals”¸ ”moron”, “asshole”, “Deshat”, “a drunkin’ asshole”, “Turd blossom”, ” tea turd”, “genetically deficient” and “didn’t get enough oxygen at a critical brain-growing juncture in his life”.

    This post sure did show us who is acting “juvenile”, “pathetic” and “derogatory”

    • mr benson

      Exactly, PP.

      Who was crying for more civility a couple of months ago, too? Must not have applied to the one county’s Clerk and Recorder back there in Wisconsin, or the Governor of Wisconsin, or, actually, anyone right of left of center. There is no requirement to be civil when talking about them.

        • petetalbot

          ONE letter writer is responsible for 99 percent of the derogatory terms that Pogo lists above. I try to promote civility at this site. I really do. It is, however, a blog and I am loathe to censor comments, no matter what the political stripe. There you have it.

          • mr benson

            Pete, one of the contributors here is just as bad. And you are known by the company you keep. (Unfortunately for all of us, I’d admit.)

            And the Ranger was tossed off here and should be again.

            If there is a commitment to civility, then it should be kept. Otherwise, it reduces your credibility in all matters.

            “Will it build goodwill and better friendships”?

  9. Geoff Badenoch

    Step back and look at what’s wrong with this picture. Will and I don’t probably agree on a lot of political issues, but he lives here and, as a neighbor, I will disagree with him and try to be civil about it. What I find so objectionable about his letter is not that he takes potshots at elected officials–they are fair game–it’s that he is the state Republican Party chair doing it. The people of Missoula chose to have their municipal elected officials be non-partisan and said so when they adopted the Charter of the City of Missoula. Will is a citizen and has a right to express is views, but I was disappointed that he didn’t identify his party role so people could understand the Republican Party was injecting itself in what the people declared they wanted to be a non-partisan arena.

    [Related to this is the whole Sanders County blow-up with the local Republican Party. One of the causes for that situation was–wait for it–the people decided to go for non-partisan elections. It disintegrated the hopelessly divided Republican Party and left a big mess for Will to clean up, albeit at arm’s length. Were the people just sick and tired of partisan politics?

    The take away, I think, is that too much emphasis is placed on party/”tribal” affiliation and not on issue affiliation. People want issues talked about, not labels. I don’t buy the argument that parties are indispensable because they allow for a shortcut to identify who is who and what they believe in. I am not sure it’s always such a great bargain.

    Truth be told, Pete and I probably agree on most issues. Every two years when municipal election time rolls around, we disagree about the two political parties jumping in to endorse candidates. I wish they wouldn’t. It sets up guys like Will to feel the need to take shots at the Council members the way he did because they are wearing the Democratic label.

    Does it raise the level of political discourse? Dwarves? Really?

    • petetalbot

      What I found most objectionable about Deschamps’ letter was his attack on the Missoula policies and ordinances that have been passed by the majority of duly elected representatives on council. That and his assault on the homeless.

      Deschamps may be from Missoula but he has apparently forgotten what its citizens value: progressive policies like diversity and respect for others and support for the less fortunate.

      Geoff, we’ll continue to disagree on the value of party endorsements in nonpartisan elections but thanks for commenting and your points are well taken.

    • mr benson

      Geoff the Missoula city elections are not “non-partisan” as one party routinely ignores that. You are so very right to point that out.

      A smart centrist candidate would use it.

      But then, maybe, all over the state, the smart centrists have packed up their marbles and gone home. I disagree that people are tired of partisan politics. It’s now what they expect. And the “passionate” that is, the most rabidly partisan and extreme, are exactly who a candidate needs to ring the doorbells, make the drops, write the letters and raise the money.

  10. Pogo Possum

    You are often the responsible adult in the room Pete and Jeff Badenoch, as always, is the epitome of a gentleman.

    The math on my comments is actually more like 73% from Pogue and 27% from others, Pete, unless I add in the additional “emotional cripple” comment from Pbear which makes it 67% to 33%.

    But don’t be mislead by the stats from this one post. A few of your regular contributors and more than a few of your regular left of center guests have a penchant for name calling that definitely raises a “glass houses” argument about those same people getting so worked up about Mr. Deschampes letter to the editor.

    A few of my favorite recurring insults on 4&20 by regular liberal contributors are: “Slimeball”, “slime devils”, “Repugs”, “wood rats”, and the ever popular “pissant” (which has been directed at me few times).

    As for the Sanders County affair, we both know that local Democratic and Republican party Central Committee politics are often more contentious than cross party line politics. As I recall, and as my older long time Democratic friends remind me on occasion, the Missoula County Democratic Central Committee went through its own painful moments years ago during the New Party debacle.

    • lizard19

      and you would never stoop so low as to utilize ad hominem attacks to ridicule anyone, right righteous pogo?

    • All these hurt feelings re: deflection of well deserved criticism of MT republican party chief deschamp’s embarrassing letter strikes me as just a tad phony when one reviews what happened here. The head of the republican party in montana made a complete ass of himself.

      Contrast mr deschamps immature antics with the mature and dignified behavior of his counterpoint – the head of the democratic party, mr jim elliot, who directs his party with an expected level of decency.

      Complain all you want about our reaction pogo. Your party has nothing to feel proud about here.

  11. reacting to attack is different than mr deschamps attacking others, mr benson. different morally that is. moral outrage is deserved here.

    the right for mr deschamps to pen his ill advised letter in the missoulian is fully endorsed by me. i welome more such. it only serves to illustrate the morally bankrupt values of the montana republican party with its attacks on women, seniors, fishermen, gays, and the poor, when the state leader of the party acts this way.

    by the way- my opinions are my own. i don’t represent hundreds of thousands of montanans. it seems to me that mr deschamps would consider who he represents before posting such bile in a daily newspaper. but as far as i can see in your comments here this morning, the republican party is just fine with such low standards of behavior in your state party chairman.

    also, i always serve it up hot here when i see mean-spirited, conniving, and heinous behavior- whether it is max baucus, payday lenders or your party chairman. so if a few beads of perspiration form on your brow mr benson when you read scathing criticism of your party chairman mr deschamps, might i suggest that republican party members ask him to start comporting himself more responsibly…..

    but then, if you don’t like reactions to heinous republican behavior at this blog- as my grandmother always said- the door to the kitchen has hinges. use them.

  12. petetalbot

    Here’s the deal: I tend to let the readers judge for themselves. I think a commenter’s writing speaks volumes and what they write will be judged by its content. A civil comment with persuasive arguments and maybe some research has merit. A comment that rants and just hurls insults will be judged by the readers accordingly.

    I stay away from the delete button unless comments appear libelous, threatening or are in extremely poor taste. And I’ll never touch another contributor’s post.

    Something else to keep in mind: all contributors here are independent. Jhwygirl, problembear, Duganz, JC, Carfreestupidity and lizard all have different guidelines and criteria. They can write what they want and ban who they want. Keeps things interesting, right?

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