they got branded and rode out of town….

by problembear

all those tough talking republican legislators got their bills branded with a big @brianschweitzer veto today and high-tailed it out of town.  all that hate and rough talk about gays- down the tubes. all those plans to poison our streams with arsenic heap leach mines again – down in flames, all those big plans to keep montanans from enjoying a float down our rivers – high and dry. all their plans to defund planned parenthood and cut off the poor just because they were mean enough to try it is also headed for the brand.

so what have the GOP lawmakers accomplished besides alienate practically everyone in the state with their intransigence and their mean-spirited and oafish behavior? doesn’t look like a hell of a lot.

no new jobs to tout for out of work unemployed?  not that i can see.

so, just like the rustlers of old who got caught trying to get away, the GOP decided to high-tail it home for some R&R on their taxpayer subsidized farms and ranches. Guess they met sheriff schweitzer and his veto brand.

there’s a code of the west alright. it is a code that says we take care of our neighbors, help out those less well off than we are and that we work together when it is time to rebuild from a devastated economy. let’s all hope the republicans go home and talk to some montanans who are tired of their wild west antics and hate-filled speeches about what people do in their bedrooms and doctors offices and get busy actually helping workers in this state for a change instead of just pretending to by playing cowboy.


  1. Would this be an inappropriate time for a “WOOHOOO!”?

  2. Schweitzer for US House!

  3. Pogue Mahone

    OUCH! I felt that one from here! Way to go, guv! Even though you said you wasn’t gonna castrate them, YOU DID! You effectively removed the nuts from the Capitol! Good job!

  4. Chuck

    While the Rethugs waste time and the Gov showboats the economy continues it’s downword spiral.
    The Carpenters Union in Montana is closing multiple sites across the state and laying off more staff.
    I ask the leadership of both parties..where are the jobs?

    • Ingemar Johansson

      The jobs are in building Marijuana outlet stores.

      Next to High Schools.

    • Pogue Mahone

      Um, Chuckdoodle, MAYBE if the unions hadn’t dropped the ball in the past by actually SUPPORTING the rightwing Pubbies, we would HAVE a better economy! Ever think about that? Ever think?

  5. Chuck

    Mr Mahone,
    I’m sorry I just can’t understand what you write because of all the unreadable nicknames you use. You probably are a great guy and I would like to read your comments if your writing style didn’t hurt my head so much. Have a great day.

  6. Schweitzer surprised me, and I don’t surprise easily.

    I’ve tried to figure out his political reasons for doing what he’s doing, and so far he’s been too contradictory to get a pattern from.

    I can hardly wait for the end of the session to see what happens next.

  7. i think in today’s recession era political climate, given the quicksilver ways of a fickle and often frightened electorate, schweitzer has excellent instincts: times being what they are and with voters so mistrustful of government from both sides, he knows it is much safer to react that to act.

    anything the republican legislature does which is the slightest bit controversial will only be fodder for more limelight for brian.

    kind of like when koch bros/tea party started in on obama and managed to derail a health care reform bill from helpful to virtually useless…… (with max baucus’s assistance of course)

    like mr benson and pogo say: back and forth from left to right with nobody doing anything.

  8. lizard19

    the Brian’s branding made it on Maddow tonight. yee-haw!

  9. That being said – if the Good Guv thinks that his Montana Cowboy act will earn him a spot working for Obama, he’s wrong, those Chicagoans would snicker at him and send him packing.

  10. mr benson

    I like a cheesy ham omelette. Not sure I can say the same about a cheesy ham Governor.

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