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Republican Cronyism


Ravalli County continues to prove the principle that a lack of choice and competition results in some very bad, and rigged, outcomes.  Ravalli County has to be one of the strongest Republican enclaves in Montana.  In the past the County has infamously overturned county growth policy and as of the 2010 election, voted out an experienced county Treasurer and elected a Teapublicant candidate that subsequently proved that she had no idea what how to competently perform her job.

Now Ravalli has done it again by appointing  Terry Nelson, the Chair of the Ravalli County Republican Committee, as the new director of the planning department… oops… not director, but office manager, see the commissioners changed the job title/description of the office to make  Terry Nelson less unqualified.  After their first attempt at political cronyism failed because the commissioners (all Republicans) failed to follow state laws on proper public comment procedures.  As of this moment there is a FOIA requesting all documents relating to the hiring process sitting in the commissioner’s inbox waiting to be ignored.

The final kicker might be that Nelson owns Applebury Survey out of Victor, and engineering firm that obviously makes money from land development.  I guess that means if you want your subdivision approved with no hiccups, one should hire Applebury Survey to conduct the site analysis.


The fight over the budget and debt continues in D.C. and I’m sure that Republicans will be making sacrifices and praying to the patron-saint of B-list Celebrities Turned Politician Ronald “The Gipper” Reagan  for strength and guidance.  I suggest that we on the left use the memory of Reagan to illustrate just how far right the party of Tea has moved since the golden age of fighting tyranny.  Because even Saint Ronnie raised taxes.

Same shit… different day.  Just a week after a compromise was reached to forestall shutting down the government the circus clowns are once again piling out  of the VW to debate the debt ceiling.  And one again nothing will actually change that makes a difference in our country’s fiscal solvency.

Will anything constructive take shape on the revenue side… doubt it.  Instead budget cuts will come at the expense of those that don’t have a voice at the table.  If you can’t afford a six figure lobbyist you don’t deserve to be at the table.  Fuck I’m being pessimistic today.

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