Osama Bin Laden, Dead?

by lizard

Once again, we are being told, the world has changed. The ultimate frenemy of America, Osama Bin Laden, is being declared dead, and maybe, if we’re lucky, we’ll get some pics of his corpse. Really exciting stuff here in America. Fuck yeah.

Consider this an open thread for the deluge we’re about to get from the MSM.

O, and Happy May Day everyone!

Update 1

I’m watching Brian Williams. Did Andrea Mitchell just say ‘conspiracy theory’? Pundits waiting for a presidential address tend to burn rubber. There is weird footage of terrorist looking people with blurred-out faces below a still shot of the white house. Images of 9-11, of course. Cut to Chuck Todd.

(on a side note, some of those alleged “heroes” known as 9-11 first responders must be cleared as non-terrorists before receiving there benefits. Fuck yeah).

Update 2

Brian is telling me we’re minutes away. Still that two frame white house above, injured Americans from 9-11 below. now a shot of Osama.

now Brian says the 2 minute alert warning was false. fill the time.

Brian is saying they’re being “waved off” that it could have been a drone strike that killed him. What?!

Update 3

How close were they in Tora Borra now the question. Richard Engel talks a bit. Cut to shot of the East Room. Brian Williams seems to be really trying hard to “sell” the importance of this event, talking about how people now are telling each other this is happening.

the president speaks.

Update 4

this is a political tsunami. reports now special ops shot him in the head, body secured. mentioning Pakistan tensions. no shit.

now cut to the front gates of the White House, crowds gathering. really, crowds?

what is JSOC?

we’re going to hear a lot about JSOC in the coming days
–Richard Engel

now bi-frame shot has gathering crowds above, rotating pics of Osama below.

Update 5

Tom Brokaw–
this is opening the possibilities of a “New World”

Update 6

now full live shot of ecstatic crowds. what are they waiting for? are they happy because OBL was the entire justification for our presence in Afghanistan, and now that he’s dead everyone comes home? is that why they’re cheering?

Update 7

Andy Card said something. It was like this: blah blah blah. Brian Williams is my shepherd through this momentous event. the gathering, he says, is spontaneous. sporting events have been interrupted with the news. that means it’s everywhere…

Update 8

last update, one final plea for social media input by Brian Williams. chatter-chatter bounces round the networks. i hear the word “spontaneous” again. invocation of Twin Towers.

tomorrow will begin a long week for skeptics. the burden of proof, well…

  1. Glad they waited till after the Royal Wedding to announce this – Hell i thought he was Dead 8 years ago.
    What a surprise eh? well i guess we can bring the Troops home now. Nothing more to see here folks.

    The Funeral should be interesting … who’ll play him in the movies… oH i can’t wait to see him at the Wax Museum in Hollywood.

    He never made the FBI most wanted list because they didn’t have enuff evidence… i never resourced that but have seen the stmt several times – makes ya wonder – if the CIA killed him – WHY?

  2. Ingemar Johansson

    F-bombs galore. NSFW.

  3. carfreestupidity

    I need more Fuck Yeah!

  4. petetalbot

    If only we could have accomplished this before we entered two (or more) ‘wars on terror.’ It was nearly ten years ago that Osama bin Laden and Al Quida attacked New York and Washington D.C.

    The TV coverage of Americans celebrating Osama’s death made me uncomfortable; it wasn’t unexpected, almost cathartic, and I understand it in New York and Washington D.C. but … “vengeance is mine; I will repay,” saith the Lord, and all that. I remember when the networks cut to Palestinians dancing in the streets after 9/11. I was sickened.

    The media frenzy around the event rang hallow to me. This is not a time to party.

    How it effects the war in Afghanistan, Middle East stability, Pakistan, Libya and Qaddafi, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Syria, Bahrain and other Muslim nations is yet to be seen but Osama will be a martyr to some. It ain’t over yet.

    That this happened on Obama’s watch can’t hurt the President in the polls and he took a lot of credit for the kill. That guy can sure work a teleprompter. Reminds me a bit of Trump taking credit for getting the President to show his birth certificate but, of course, Obama’s more eloquent.

    • JC

      I guess Obama’s announcement preempted the last 10 minutes of Celebrity Apprentice.

      Always the political angle…

  5. petetalbot

    Lizard, I’m not much for deleting comments but wouldn’t feel bad if you deleted the ‘rightwingmuckraker,’ above, because:

    1) It’s shameless self-promotion.

    2) It’s a worthless site — a waste of whirling electrons.

    • JC

      It’s just spam.

    • are you talking about the Ingomar post? yeah DELETE~ just a grousing malcontent Repug.

      • I know how much this is going to disappoint you to learn this Darwin, but the deleted post was from rightwingmuckraker who stepped in promoting his own blog. Muckraker did it in a rather tacktless way and JC had everyright to delete it.

        You can now offer your apologies to Ingomar.

        • JC

          Well, I didn’t delete it. Each author here does what they want with spam. I assume lizard did.

          It wasn’t the content of the comment that made it spam. It was that it only pointed at the commenter’s website, and had absolutely nothing to say about this diary or comments.

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