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It’s only Tuesday, not even 48 hours after the breaking news of Osama’s death, and there is so much crap swirling around it’s dizzying.

Unfortunately it pays to be suspicious of those often unreliable initial reports. The nature of the 24 hour news cycle and the competition between networks to take any tidbit of info and run with it means our MSM is prone to misinformation.

What I find troubling about the misinformation coming from government sources is intent is basically impossible to discern. Us lowly citizens aren’t privy to the provenance of those first reports that Osama was armed and a woman was used as a human shield. But the impact of those initial reports, while we are experiencing a sort of collective shock, can set the emotional tone for how we experience such major news events. And I’m afraid the fact those reports weren’t true matters less and less these days.

Osama bin Laden wasn’t armed when U.S. forces hunted him down and killed him, the chief White House spokesman said Tuesday.

That was but one of several details that press secretary Jay Carney corrected in the public account of Monday’s breathtaking raid on a compound in Pakistan where the long-sought leader of the terrorist group al-Qaida was hiding.

The fact that the facts are still “evolving”, and that the body was so quickly dumped in the sea, ensures the conspiratorial speculation will run rampant. But as some fragile-minded people begin their smearing of anyone who dares to be skeptical about what went down, and why, it should be noted that entertaining the idea that Osama had been dead for awhile isn’t moon-landing fringe. Here is some report from Fox news the day after Christmas, 2001:

Bin Laden, according to the source, was suffering from a serious lung complication and succumbed to the disease in mid-December, in the vicinity of the Tora Bora mountains. The source claimed that bin Laden was laid to rest honorably in his last abode and his grave was made as per his Wahabi belief.

Ultimately it doesn’t matter (and fact should be considered a dirty word). Osama has been declared dead, which means he can move from being a handy symbol justifying two unnecessary occupations, to a symbolic martyr, ensuring his al-qaeda franchises will provide further justification for perpetual war.

But let’s end this, another post about Osama Bin Laden, on a positive note: I’m hopeful the idea of killing this man, and the purported unified jubilation we should all be feeling, will finally collapse the shoddy edifice of the insane War on Terror. Like three buildings collapsing from the impact and resulting fire of two commercial airliners. Facts.


This come from an AP story featured in the Missoulian today:

The revelation that intelligence gleaned from the CIA’s so-called black sites helped kill bin Laden was seen as vindication for many intelligence officials who have been repeatedly investigated and criticized for their involvement in a program that involved the harshest interrogation methods in U.S. history.

“We got beat up for it, but those efforts led to this great day,” said Marty Martin, a retired CIA officer who for years led the hunt for bin Laden.

Get the full article here:

So fuck it… Let’s shred the constitution as long as it makes us feel safe and gives us petrol prices below $4 per gallon.

And if these black sites and torture are so successful, why didn’t we capture Osama and send him somewhere to be interigated?


It would seem that we in America are once again experiencing a kumbaya moment in which we all hug, hold hands, and say things like “America, Fuck Yeah!” and chant “USA, USA.” All because of the killing of one man. But in watching the news reports of celebrations taking place outside of the White House and where the twin towers used to grace the skyline of NYC, I couldn’t help but see parallels between how some Americans reacted and how some Muslims reacted after 9/11.

When we were surprised by this:

Some in the Muslim world reacted like this:

In many respects we couldn’t understand why there would be anybody in the world that would be happy with an attack on America. We collectively scratched our heads seeking answers to why people hated us. And because we have no understanding of history, of cause and effect, we smugly came to the conclusion that it was because they hate our freedom, or that Islam was simply a naturally violent and barbaric religion.

Yet when we final got revenge with this:

Some in America reacted like this:

Now, I’m not saying that the attacks that occurred on September 11th and the killing of Osama Bin Laden are equivalent acts of violence. The people in the Twin Towers were innocent, Osama had crimes to pay for. The deaths of 3,000 unsuspecting people on that morning can not be rationalized, while Osama had to have known what fate held in store for him, he knew he was a hunted man. Otherwise, he would not have been hiding out in a high security compound. Osama Bin Laden deserved to be punished for his actions, to be brought to justice for the atrocities he set in motion.

But what the two events share is their symbolism. The attacks on 9/11 weren’t so much aimed at the people in those buildings as they were the symbols of American strength, both financial and martial. Osama struck at the heart of our empire, attempting to unveil the corruption and moral degradation that lies at the core of our world spanning reach. Our strike this weekend, cutting off the head of Al Qaeda, was just as symbolic. We proved that no matter how long we have to wait or how far we have to go, America will hunt down every last terrorist and we will show no mercy. There will be no day in court for the likes of Osama Bin Laden. Others like him will be put down like the dogs that they are.

News that we got Osama was an emotional release… an end to a chapter in our current American story. But for all the celebrating there needs to be a more focused and inward reflection of what this event really means for our current situation. And my guess would be that beyond the symbolism, beyond the feel good moment, little will change. Our quest for hegemony will continue unabated and the world’s reaction to such a geopolitical reality will continue.

I’ll leave you with this somber reflection…

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