Friday Fun Post: The Situation is in the Situation Room Edition


The now infamous famous photo of Obama and his peeps in the Situation Room watching our favorite terrorist get one in the head has become a viral meme.  Over @ they have a great gallery of Photoshoped pics for your enjoyment.

Happy Friday!


    (Yes, the Wired gallery is better)

    And just to be precise, he took two to the head.

    • Hilarious. This is the first time I actually looked at the photo?….and I swear my friend Renee is in there, in the back by the door standing between those two men.

      Renee? Fess up!

  2. lizard19

    too bad the reports that they were watching the bloody deed were crap.

    changing the story (he had a gun, he didn’t have a gun), dumping the body in the ocean. a detective may see that as indicative of criminal behavior. for others: a job well done, and positive momentum toward getting reelected.

  3. carfreestupidity

    K liz… you know if Seal Team 6 had a theme song for this operation it was Ozzy’s “Shot in the Dark”

  4. lizard19

    sepultura’s the hunt would also fit nicely in this impromptu friday afternoon playlist.

  5. lizard19

    damn, this is fun. takes me back to the KBGA dj days. except i couldn’t play the entirety of this clutch song for obvious reasons.

  6. carfreestupidity

    I’m sure this was on their play list

  7. lizard19

    and if you don’t like the presidentially approved selected method of mortal dispatch, well, just walk.

  8. Oh for pity’s sake. Give Obama his props …

  9. carfreestupidity

    This thread is seriously lacking in Punk

  10. Since Obama and Osama were such good buds, maybe this would be appropriate:

    Bang Bang.

  11. There is NO WAY this thread would be complete without this:

  12. carfreestupidity

    Don’t forget the Circle Jerks…

    I’VE GOT!!!!! 6 !!!!! BULLETS!!!! the first could be your last



  13. carfreestupidity

    This has been a random and fun thread. I leave you with…

    Iggy, Search and Destroy

    Drops the mic… walks off the stage

  14. Lizard

    i think you can claim victory, CFS. but i have another parting shot. cia man, man (as done by Sun City Girls)

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