Since the Republicans showed their true communist colors and adopted the slogan “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need,” with the passage of SB 423 ridding the fledgling medical marijuana industry of the profit motive patients will inevitably suffer and the black market will invariably fill the void left by the current caregiver system.

I wonder what the Republicans think all these MMJ growers will do once they become outlawed… Sell their equipment on craigslist? More likely, these growers that have sunk thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, of dollars into their business will continue to grow for the black market where they can actually make money… Tax free at that. These people are small business entrepreneurs after all, and they just need government to get out of their way.

Anyway, there is a great Slate feature that I suggest anyone interested in this issues should read. The article is written by a woman whose son suffers from a severe form of autism and the only thing that she has found that helps her child is marijuana. There are four parts to the series spanning a two year period of her family’s struggle with the disorder and how, through the use of medical marijuana, they have been able to live a more normal and happy life.

  1. Thanks for the post – for more info on Cannabis and autism – please visit Mieko Perez’s site:

    Mieko saved her son Joey’s life with Medical Cannabis – and is a personal friend of mine.

    Also – in Colorado Springs in June – there will be an event with Parents of Cannabis children. Jason Lauve with Cannabis Health News is organizing the event -and I will be attending with Mike Hyde and family to discuss the advantages of Cannabis as medicine with Cancer and other afflictions.
    Stay tuned to my blog for more details as it unfolds – we are in planning stages now.

    SB423 is completely unworkable – and will completely eliminate all science and safety to ALL patients – no matter what the age. All of our high CBD strains will be defunct – and the idea of a mother plant is non-existent as written.

    Let’s not go into constitutionality issues…….

  2. I gotta point something out –

    Medical marijuana has a giant sword hung over it’s head, in that The Federal Government has ruled marijuana illegal, no matter what.

    So no matter what our legislature here does, or what we voters do, The Great Leader, Eric Holder, and the rest of the regime can choose the time, swoop in, and ruin providers lives.

    And they have shown that they will.

    So obviously, the people to go after are the Dems, since they’ve ran Washington since 2007, and they have shown nothing but disdain for Medical cannibas.

    It’s not a Republican thing, to persecute growers.

    Yes, the last legislature had to deal with the MM situation, but the problems were created by the MM industry, mainly for not policing themselves, and letting it get out of hand, because contrary to some opinions, MM does not openly legalize marijuana in the State for every wannabe stoner.

    You want change ? (Not more Hope & Change)

    Your remedy is in Washington DC.

    • Once again, Eric, you show a complete lack of understanding of the issue. There are so many inconsistancies in your post, I am not sure where to start.

      Yes, the MM industry was raiding in Montana. This was due to two primary factors and neither was that Marijuana has been declared illegal by the Feds. If you so clueless as to why the raids occured, feel free to actually wake up and educate yourself. It isn’t as if the answer hasn’t been posted on both Republican and Democrat websites for months.

      One of the reasons the raids occured was because the Montana Legislature failed to pass any kind of common sense regulations for the MM industry. You do know the citizen initative to make MM legal in Montana was passed years ago, right? Because our elected officials failed to do their damn job, too much illegal activity was occuring and the Feds felt they had to step in. It wasn’t as if we Montanans were doing anything about it…. Further, the Feds are being sued for their raids.

      Where the anger against Republicans stems is the idiotic way the Republican Majority (in particular, the God Squad) handed the issue in the last legislative session. Instead of simply passing the common sense legislation that proposed to regulate the industry or even better, pass legislation that would have put the MM industry in the same ballpark as alcohol sales – thereby generating revenue to pay for enforcement, they first tried to repeal a citizen initative, and when that failed, they passed a bill that effectively does the same thing without being an outright repeal. Thankfully, the abortion they did pass is being challenged in court.

      I know it would be a first for you, but it would help your argument if you actually knew something about what you post.

      • Check out the paper tomorrow – it wasn’t the GOP raiding a dispensary in Helena and putting them out of business – it was the feds, led by the Obama regime.

  3. lizard19

    yes, the status quo sacks of excrement Obama selected to run his administration appear once again to counter what people hoped “change” would actually produce.

    but here’s Fred Gardner reminding us that Obama never promised you a pot garden. it’s a very interesting piece that’s highly critical of drug policy reform leaders purposefully ignoring very early signs that Obama represented no change at all regarding MM:

    Drug-policy-reform advocates are complaining bitterly that they have been double-crossed by Barack Obama. “What’s Behind the Obama Administration’s About Face Regarding Medical Marijuana?” asked Paul Armentano of NORML in the Huffington Post May 5.

    “Obama’s Sudden, Senseless Assault on Medical Marijuana,” was the headline on a piece by Scott Morgan, associate editor of According to Morgan, “Recent months have brought about what can only be described as the rapid collapse of the Obama Administration’s support for medical marijuana.”

    This is way wrong. There is nothing “sudden” or unprecedented about the DEA raids and other oppressive measures emanating from the Department of Justice. And neither Obama nor the DOJ ever expressed unambiguous support for medical marijuana. It was the reform honchos themselves who misread and misrepresented Administration policy. How could they? And why did they?

    the article is worth reading, but if you want the quick answer to the question why, here it is: greed.

  4. For once Eric is right. I said it initially when the raids happened – the federal government is enforcing federal laws. Don’t blame them – change the laws. I imagine the libertarian-state’s rights- sensible drug policy communities could work together and make this happen.

    • you imagine wrong pw. gop and dem will never capitulate or cooperate with each other on mm. why? because it is useful political fuel to each of the parties.

      the only real answer is to junk the entire two party system. it is simply too corrupt to accomplish anything. the entire focus of both parties is to defeat the other party. representing people or tackling issues with the goal of making things better is simply not in the play book. sb 423 fails to solve anything because republicans in our legislature designed it that way. they simply created a bad bill. they knew schweitzer could not politically risk a veto and return to the status quo because the growers and the merchants had made complete asses of themselves in every corner of this state.

      if anyone is to blame for this mess it is the growers and the merchants who could have done this much better with a much more low key approach to providing this service.

      and i do not agree with eric – he knows damn well that his party created this mess of a bill to stymie schweitzer no matter how much pain and suffering would be inflicted on those who need this service. the republican controlled legislature could have produced a workable bill that solved problems for people but instead, they chose to play political football. we should all remember this in two years.

      good luck to the petition drive to reinstate the original citizen’s initiative. and i predict it will succeed. people are in a foul mood about the last legislature. but this time, for the love of god let’s regulate this business so it behaves decently and responsibly as all 62% of montanans who voted for it originally envisioned it would be run.

      • expecting the two party system to solve anything for people any more is completely naive.

        citizen’s initiatives are the only tool we voters have in this country to preserve any semblance of real democracy.

        some day the young people in this country will abolish or render dems and repubs completely irrelevant. both parties have, in my view turned a corner that not only does not represent the will of the people any more. i think both parties are actually behaving in a treasonous fashion by placing defeating each other higher in importance to actually doing what the electeds raise their hands to do- represent their constituents and defend the constitution which exists because of the collective will of their constituents.

        they are not supposed to swear to defend their party against all enemies, but their country. i think young people will demand better from their politicians in the future.

        meanwhile, i trust citizens initiatives much more than any party or any politician.

    • carfreestupidity

      I think the strategy of reform at the state level is still the right choice before taking on reform at the federal level. Yes the feds can enforce federal drug laws over and above state MMJ laws. But, what better allies to have than a majority of state attorneys general when the push is made for drug policy reform at the national level.

      And this is one instance that I agree with Gary Marbut’s assessment of the commerce clause. If states are doing the licensing to caregivers within the state to licensed patients within the state than the feds should keep their noses out of our state’s business.

  5. Ingemar Johansson

    Wait a minute, didn’t the gov. (Democrat) dump the red hot branding iron in the water bucket when it came to SB 423?

  6. Chuck

    It’s ego and greed PB, otherwise they would support free medicine for sick folks.

  7. “and i do not agree with eric – he knows damn well that his party created this mess of a bill to stymie schweitzer no matter how much pain and suffering would be inflicted on those who need this service”

    You missed something problembear – Schweitzer made the bill law – he wasn’t stymied – and he has a (D) behind his name.

  8. mr benson

    While the Republicans and their “focus on the family” establishmentarians shoulder much of the blame, let’s not forget that Diane Sands and Larry Jent led the charge for 423 support from Dems, and that the Democrat Brian Schweitzer allowed it to become law when he had the choice to veto, and his whole “veto brand schtick” going on.

    Plenty of blame to go around for this one. How a Diane Sands could ally herself with Himes and Lazloffy et al is beyond me.

    Finally, let’s not forget the monumental Federal Flip FLop from the President himself that allowed the raids during debate of the issue, treating Montana like any other third world country whose law making bodies are fair game for US govt intervention.

    I’d like to say there’s any safe haven policitally for pot patients, but there are none. In many ways, it’s a small issue, (except to patients) but for me it’s another indication of the way things work. Deals within deals and the goal is to get re-elected.

  9. well said goof. diane sands should answer for her complicity in this obviously cynical political gesture.

  10. Pogo Possum

    Eight federal agencies and two dozen Montana state, county and city law enforcement agencies don’t conduct a state wide 18 month investigation resulting in dozens of search warrants and multiple raids in over dozens of Montana cities without the full approval, assistance and cooperation of Montana’s Attorney General Steve Bullock.

    Some of you younger bloggers and newcomers to Montana may not remember Montana Attorney General Robert “Bingo Bob” Woodall who made a wreck of his political career and drew voter anger by sending state police out to raid community church and VFW bingo games in the mid-1970’s.

    Let’s see if the pro marijuana crowd directs the full power of its anger at “Pot Bust Bullock” in the upcoming governor’s race or makes hypocrites of themselves and give him a pass because he is a Democrat.

  11. mick

    Never mind the Bollocks-Pretty Vacant

  12. If I wasn’t voting for Ken Miller on the GOP ballot I would certainly vote the Dem primary ticket for Bullock.

    Go Steve !

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