Time to Form the United Montana Dairy Farmers

by jhwygirl

Oh boy…what? A new union? Those crazy liberals!


Dairgold Creamery in Bozeman is laying off 2/3 of its workforce – 35 to 40 people. It’s cheaper to send raw milk to Salt Lake City (which is, incidentally, hiring) for pasteurization and will save Dairgold trucking miles and costs.

My heart goes out to those workers and their families. Those were undoubtedly good stable jobs. Then there’s the tax base.

Well – I’m in for co-opting it. A dairy co-op. Buy the thing, Montana – just like the local co-op grocery store. Don’t let Dairgold dismantle the thing like Smurfit intended…or like Stimson who is letting its whole facility cave in and rot on stilts (as they are doing with dozens of historic homes in Bonner).

Montana needs to continue value-adding to its raw dairy products. Montana-made milk. Yogurt. Ice Cream. While I’m more of a soy-milk fan, I don’t see that about to break any trend here in Montana….so milk is a pretty stable commodity, I’d say.

It all starts with an idea. Sitting around and saying “oh well,” doesn’t work.


  1. How ’bout we get rid of Montana’s stupid law that prevents dairy farmers from selling raw milk instead? Then we can make informed decisions to tell Dairy Gold to shove it up their collective arses.

  2. Chuck

    uh…J-Grl.. Darigold is already a co-op.

    • I think local when I think co-op. Shipping Montana raw product two states away for processing only to ship it back here for retail?

      My point is that just about everyone buys dairy. Surely that creamery could support its own market here in Montana and possibly even parts of Idaho.

  3. Chuck

    They call it a depression. Where are the jobs Brian?

    • Where are the jobs Brian??? Really?

      I wanna know where are the jobs MT GOP? How did this occur? I thought they made everything happy happy happy? They were all championing victory and jobs jobs jobs after the session closed.

  4. That’s ‘Hope & Change’ in action folks !

    But fear not – The Great Leader said that unless the stimulus (spending) bill was passed unemployment would skyrocket ! Good thing it passed !

  5. Chuck

    Your Guv is all talk and no walk. He is full of grandiose press events yet lacks the skills or drive to follow through and the result is no jobs. I’d suggest you take a hard look at the Gov’s showboating from years past and see where these projects end up.
    Here’s the latest deal that is falling apart on the Gov’s watch, it has nothing to do with the Republicans:

  6. Eric, this is exactly economic efficiency in action. It is more efficient for the company to process milk in Utah, so they do it. On a national economics level, it is a positive change. But hey, us mushy liberals care about things besides economic efficiency, so I like the buy local milk idea.

  7. Chuck

    You do know they are Dismantling Smurfit as we speak? They are urgently stripping all the copper wiring that they can to extract quick cash. Iron next, then they will come looking for taxpayer handouts for cleanup of Smurfits mess.

  8. Paul

    Dairgold is a producer co-op.

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