Who will be the first fan…

by appalachian freedom


…to argue that drinking and driving is a tradition in Montana

  1. what the hell is wrong with this kid?

    he’s born on third base and if he doesn’t get his head out of his ass quick he’s about to be picked off.

    by the way- i checked to see who the author was on this post and apparently it is someone calling themselves appalachian freedom?
    i hate to always be the crotchety old bear around here but who the hell is appalachian freedom?

  2. lizard19

    appalachian freedom is a tentative b-bird who j-girl introduced a few months ago. he was at the little get together we had.

    • oh yeah.

      bears are very simple sometimes.

      mr appalachianfreedom: any chance we can get you to do an about author line above just for the curious and to let readers know something about you. it can be tongue in cheek or whatever but it helps to solidify your place here. good post and welcome (again)

      • appalachianfreedom

        Sure thing. I am still learning how to navigate this site. It seems like the older I get, the longer it takes me to learn and understand something computer related.

      • appalachianfreedom

        OK, I just added a blurb on an about page, but it seems that I put it at the top. I can’t figure out how to make mine appear at the bottom… Also it seems that my pseudonym doesn’t appear on my posts, not sure how to correct that either. I apologize for my lack of technical ability here.

        • JC

          You need to manually type in your pseudonym at the beginning of the post. I know… how luddite, you have to type it in! ;-)

          No worries, we all goof it up now and then.

  3. Pogue Mahone

    Well, it’s been a tradtion for all of MY sixty years! And really, just how drunk was the guy? Look, .08 is NOT drunk in my book. (maybe two beers?) But to deny that it’s a tradition is silly. It’s STILL a tradition to drink and drive. One should never drive impaired beyond one’s ability to control a vehicle safely, but it is what it is. A tradition! I don’t begrudge a young person in Missoula tipping a few. Means nothing. Means they’re normal. HEY, so the dude’s not studying for the priesthood. That’s OK.

  4. Wow! The insult of the day, skillfully delivered. Touché.

  5. Questions. How many other U of M students were picked up for DUI on Thursday evening/Friday morning or even last week in general? Is this about a Montana tradition of drinking and driving? If that’s the case, one has to wonder why no one who reads the HuffPo (or most probably even this website) can answer that first question. Is this significant because it says something about our state, our student athletes or about the celebrity of one particular person who happens to be a student athlete?

    I guess, at heart, I’m kind of wondering what the point is supposed to be here.

    Regardless of having been born on ‘third base’, as problembear would have it, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Nate Montana has a whole buttload of issues. Unlike Paris Hilton who was born into opulence and money and only has to maintain that status, Nate wants to play football and will forever be scrutinized through the lens of his father. Not a problem, unless your father is one of the greatest (if not the greatest) football players of all time. Money can get you to ‘third base’, if the game is being wealthy. That isn’t the game Nate wants to play. He isn’t as talented as his father, and that has to cause issues when you live under a microscope.

    I watched an interview with Brian Griese after his DUI arrest in Denver. Not only did he have to live up to his father’s legacy, but he followed the great John Elway as QB in the mile high city. My impression is that he pretty much despised himself and the city of Denver for holding him to a standard well beyond any of his human peers. The expectations were remarkably unfair given that he too blew barely the legal limit.

    MSU running back Orenzo Davis has been ruled ineligible for the next football season due to poor academic performance. This did not make the HuffPo. Nor did it warrant a headline at this website which has in the past taken Montana sports fans and university athletic programs to task for being too forgiving of student athletes. This post attempted the same. “Who will be the first fan” i believe the heading read. This isn’t about a ‘Montana tradition’ of drinking and driving. It’s an attempt to make some kind of general indictment over one person’s troubles. I remain curious about what that indictment is supposed to be.

    (For the record, I agree with Larry. the .08 standard is a legal ‘line in the sand’, probably necessary in a legal sense. But it makes little sense at all when applied so strictly, especially to a large, high-metabolism athlete. If Nate Montana had waited just one more half an hour before being ‘caught’, he would have blown less than .08, possibly well less. It’s like that number, which none of have at our disposal unless we walk around with a breathalyzer, is somehow magic.

    I don’t believe in magic.)

    • C. Bull

      Have to agree with RK and Larry on the .08 magical sandy line. Also wonder if the Missoulian would put an article about a student athlete with a great gpa and tons of community service top of the front page?

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