Oh Man Weiner

by Lesley Lotto

Seriously?  I mean someone with your cojones on the House Floor to show your cojones online to unsuspecting Tweeps is SO.VERY.DISAPPOINTING Weiner.

Last week Congressman Anthony Weiner of New York said his Twitter account was hacked after a woman tweeted that the Congressman sent photos of his crotch to her which then went circulating on the Internet.  Weiner said at the time, after pressed repeatedly by journalists (who couldn’t press George W. on the Iraq war, but certainly wanted to know if these were Weiner’s private parts) that the photo may or may not have been him.  He could not say with certitude that it was or was not his Weiner all over Twitter. (And oh, what an unfortunate surname.) He also made some lighthearted jokes about the scandal to reporters trying to brush the whole, now unfortunately named, Weinergate scandal aside.  All the while a woman had been tweeting that Weiner sent her the photo and she was being hounded by the media.  Oh poor you!

Right wing websites went ballistic with the info.  Andrew Breitbart, famously known for some alleged creative editing in connection to another major news story, is now even more famous for posting Weiner’s Twitter pix.  Today, he said he was posting a “cache” of photos and communications he was sent that were between Weiner and yet another woman who says she too got pix of Weiner’s problem. I mean, shouldn’t he be off to rehab by now?

Weiner was holding a press conference as I typed this that I could not bear to watch as he gave his account of how he thought he was communicating with followers and friends or people that had become his friends (presumably after seeing his rather large package).  Some of the pictures are of a man in excellent physical condition.  There are others where he’s even proving it’s him by holding a piece of paper that says “me” with an arrow pointing squarely at his face.   There are also photos behind him which leads the viewer to believe he’s at his Congressional office.  Have you nothing better to do with your time sir?  How cruel reality is.

Here’s the rub for me, moments before John Edwards gets arrested for being an absolute shlub, Weiner comes out swinging saying his Twitter account was hacked.  I can’t take two in a week, let alone a day!  But Anthony really, I thought you were smarter than that!  Who hacks a Twitter feed? Sending photos of all things?  There is definitely plenty of spam on Twitter, but reports of widespread hacking?  Oh, I know it was a hacker in China. Or maybe someone bored waiting for Sony to get the Playstation Network back online again.  Really – why hack 140 characters?  Someone in a hurry?  Maybe I’m a Twitter neophyte.  I’ve heard about loads of Facebook hacking to be sure, but while all the Left Wingers were lining up behind Weiner, I had one corner of my mouth pointed upward, DO. NOT. BELIEVE.

Why in the world do I keep holding these characters up to a higher standard than the rest of us?  I mean we all spend our time taking pictures of our bodies and communicating online with strangers while fighting for our country, right?

  1. I had the radio on today, and listened to the Press Conference – he ended up apologizing for his bad behavior, apologized to his family, and apologized to Breitbart – he admitted he lied and said he was sorry.

    I hope that’s the end of it –

    I don’t see how emailing a picture of a boner is worthy of all this attention –

  2. What. A. Dumbass. A stupid, selfish dumbass.

    Screw him. He should resign.

    He went from being someone I would have said represented some of the best up there in congress to representing much of what is wrong.

    • carfreestupidity

      He would have been presidential material in the future if it wasn’t for this. It’s amazing how technology brings out the stupid in people with these tendencies. Clinton never would have made it in politics in a world with social media.

  3. He should put down his camera, pull up his pants, put on a shirt, and never, never again Tweet or fool with social media.

    But he should not resign. What he did was stupid (especially for a guy with his last name), but probably not illegal. He’s been a strong supporter of single-payer health care and a solid liberal voice in a party that has far too few liberals with the courage to speak out.

    Based on what we know so far, I’m willing to give him a second chance.

  4. lizard19

    i think the most troubling fact is that Weiner’s first impulse was to lie. he was an important voice from the left, and now he’s compromised that because he wanted to share a pic of his dick.

    there’s a niche market yet to be exploited for a social media boot camp for public officials.

    • In his “I’m guilty” speech, he admits to having done that via email text facebook whatever with at least 6 women over the last 3 years.

      It took a while (honestly) to find the text of what he said – this is the one I found.

      I don’t care how good he was…this kind of stupidity should not be rewarded. We get what we beget.

      Our nation is ripping itself apart at the seams and Weiner is up there tweeting around pictures of his penis? If that doesn’t metaphorically sum up what is wrong with American, nothing does.

      • mr benson

        Not only sending pics, then lying, then blaming the vast right wing conspiracy, aka Breitbart, while encouraging all kinds of conspiracy theories.

        I don’t care what he used to represent, now he represents a lying pervert.

    • carfreestupidity

      that would be most people’s first instinct Liz

  5. Was he trying to get laid? You can’t hold a guy responsibele if he ‘s on a scent trail. But as Brett Farve can testify, that kind of come-on doesn’t work.

    If he’s just sexting, forget it. No big deal. Someone hacked him, but he should stay in office and try to get through it. People, men especially, are forgiving of horny men.

    But don’t get all sanctimonious on us. Lighten up. It’s just sex. Drives everyone batty.

  6. Ingemar Johansson

    Web of Lies.

  7. carfreestupidity

    Well, at least he wasn’t trolling Craigslist with his cajones trying to wrangle up a date.

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