The Weiner Can’t Stay Out of the News

by Lesley Lotto

So he went and did it.  Caved to the pressure of the masses who said, “you must resign” because he let his third leg do the talking.  For shame.

I’ve been privately hoping Congressman Anthony Weiner of New York would stay in office.  It seemed that things quieted down quite a bit when the Weenie, err, Weiner went off to “rehab”.  Then there was the dumbest press conference I’ve seen in years with who else, Gloria Allred, and her latest victim (I mean “client”) accusing some man of some thing.  Ginger Lee, the “featured dancer” read: stripper and former porn star who may or may not have sent naked pictures of herself to Weiner.  She said Weiner should step down because he lied and encouraged her to lie and lying is bad I guess.  And I care what you say, because?

Seriously, WE. DON’T. CARE.

At least I don’t care.  I always thought the Congressman had an itch in his pants, but not the literal kind.  He was going to be the next Mayor of New York City after all.  At least that’s what Janeane Garafalo said on Bill Maher last week.

For those of you under a rock the last month, Congressman Weiner tweets his stuff to the world, unbeknownst to him… allegedly, a simple typo apparently, an @ instead of a d.  Then the women start coming out of the woodwork, literally, saying he did nasty things to them ONLINE.  What was illegal about that?  So he was indiscreet, being a married man and all.  One of his “victims” even saying she had to tell because she feared for her life, she feared for her toddler and, oh yeah, there’s that $10,000 ABC News paid me to share my private Weiner tweets which came in quite handy while living as a single mom and all.  Now that’s what I call a stimulus!

Some of the “risqué” photos that have now circulated online show Weiner holding his thing all proud, showing off his rather impressive 6 pack and most recently, posing in the House Gym holding himself again.  I’m guessing all the Congress members pose with their stuff in the mirror, but I’m thinking Debbie Wasserman-Schultz doesn’t then tweet the pic to unsuspecting young coeds.

To me, the whole thing boils down to a sad, insecure individual who was clearly not getting anywhere near the attention he desired.

Now his wife, who’s “Hillary Clinton’s Shadow” aka Deputy Chief of Staff comes back from Africa.  (She’s also “newly” pregnant by the way).  She reportedly encouraged her hubby of a year to stay in office, not resign.  But of course that was before all the mega powers in Congress told him to split the scene and make it keen. But he was “defiant”!

Man it would have been awesome to be a fly on the wall in Africa when the wife found out and told Hillary.  I’m guessing Hill had some words of encouragement, like tell him to stay in office but make him sleep on the couch.  Word is Weiner even apologized to Bill Clinton.  A good President, by any measure, with a tiny blemish on his record, remember that?  A B.J. in the Oval Office.

What could Weiner have possibly apologized to President Clinton for?  “I disgraced you because I couldn’t get ‘er done”?  One does wonder…

  1. Ryan Emmett Morton

    I wished he had stayed too. I think the US is too uptight about sex anyway, then they turn naughty photos into a scandal. I don’t have naughty photos of myself, but why is that a scandal? Who was the other guy with a topless photo of himself? That one seemed even less scandalous.

    Also, I don’t think it’s any secret that power couples in DC often (not always) stay married for appearances only. So, stepping out on the spouse doesn’t strike me as odd.

    Well, like I said, I wished he’d stayed. I liked his politics. Lesson learned (again): don’t have political heroes cuz they always let you down. Fail.

  2. JC

    Well, as scandalous as the media wants to make all of this, I expect Weiner’s decision came own to two things: 1) a very pissed off wife and 2) losing the support of House leadership.

    Seems that Pelosi et. al had been stroking er, grooming him for the next generation of House leadership, and well, he dropped his drawers the… ball. So his aspirations of ever being anybody important in the House were dashed by breaking their trust.

    One could probably say that if Weiner were just another run-of-the-mill dem in the House he could have weathered this–just like Vitter and others have weathered their scandals.

    Who’s the winner here? Obvious Wasserman-Schultz who is now the sole rising start in the dem House. Not too transparent was her call for him to go. I liked Weiner. Not enough dems with fire in them like he had. ANd after Alan Grayson got unelected, his voice was even more important.

  3. Did he commit a crime? A serious crime? So far, the answers are no and no.

    Did he have enough backbone to stand up to Nancy Pelosi and her pious sycophants? No.

    Was he sacrificed to placate the gods of the 2012 election? Yes.

    Will Congressional Democrats replace him with a powerful, articulate voice for single-payer healthcare and other worthy liberal causes? Don’t count on it. The party’s leaders want Wall Street and health insurance money for their re-elections campaigns, and they’re glad that Weiner is gone and silenced.

    Weiner was a fool. Pelosi and the rest were/are knaves and poltroons.

  4. Ingemar Johansson

    Don’t fret.

    With the kind of money he has lying around he’ll lie low for a while and come back with a vengeance.

    Washington (CNN) –” If Anthony Weiner does some day want to make a political comeback, he will certainly have the cash to do it. The New York City Campaign Finance Board database shows that he has $4.5 million in cash for what was supposed to be his 2013 race for New York mayor. Until the scandal, he was widely seen as the front-runner.

    He also has more than $300,000 cash on hand for his Congressional election campaign.”

  5. carfreestupidity

    May I suggest that a better headline would have been: “Stop shoving Weiner in our faces!”

    That is all.

  6. I get an ACORN-ish feel about all of this, seeing what weasels the Democratic leadership is. And yet they are not weak and are not stupid. They are simply a lighter shade od right wingers, and perhaps not even that in private.

  7. Good Riddance to that AIPAC Prick. he’s a lying two bit tool of AIPAC Zionist bastards.

    • the last time you left a rude anti-Semitic comment I deleted it. I like a lively debate as much as the next person, but there’s no room for discriminatory comments here. If you have something of substance, by all means. I’m not sure what the Congressman’s religion has to do with what he did…most of the sex scandals in DC are by far right Christians and not many people mention it.

      • Steve W

        i agree with you about Rep Weiner and what we know so far about his problems . In fact i went so far as to call his office last week and say that I thought he should stay. Because based on what we know, he should.

        I’m thinking there may be another shoe dangling and he jumped before it dropped. Either that or he was just flat out stabbed in the back by his own party because there isn’t a lot of other explanations that make much sense.

        i was a strong supporter of Weiners’s health care initiatives and of a number of his other votes, but i was opposed to his close relationship with AIPAC because I don’t agree with AIPAC’s politics.

        Based on the facts we have, Weiner shouldn’t quit.

        Which leads me to think that possibly there are other facts we don’t have.

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