i got this little flashlight so……….

by problembear

might as well put it to good use shining it on some cockroaches……

this republican moron out of nowhere wants to represent montana in congress

do i sound irritated about ignorant prejudice rearing its ugly head in montana?

how about this teaparty moron obsessing about killing homosexuals?

the whole state should make sure we stay mad about that kind of violence prone individual still being supported by members of the republican party in this state.

the mayor of kalispell seems to be going out of her way to send out the welcome wagon for attracting past kkk leaders, white separatists, and the posse comitatus ferrkrissakes. 

  1. Be sure to get pictures and video!!!

    It would be like “Sheriff Joe” Arpaio and his (?) meets with the AZ neo-Nazis.

  2. his what?

    you have the modifier but forgot the subject of the second sentence. makes no sense.

  3. Kirsten

    Speaking of ignorant prejudice rearing its ugly head…

    I tried posting something along these lines over at the blog you linked to, and it either disappeared or has to be approved. However, since you linked to it, thereby spreading the hate speech, I feel I should point this out here as well.

    Your last link goes to a blog post that lists a number of people as “noted haters of all non-white people”. Included among those is Stewart Rhodes, founder of Oath Keepers. Unfortunately, while listing Rhodes as a hater of all white people, the blog fails to point out that
    1. Stewart Rhodes is himself non-white. Specifically, he is Mexican-American.
    2. Oath Keepers recently rallied in Tucson, Arizona to honor murdered Marine veteran Jose Guerena and to protest the botched SWAT raid conducted by the Pima County Sheriffs Office, the defense and coverup of which is being headed up by white Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik.

    I’m not a fan of either Stewart Rhodes or Oath Keepers, but to claim that he hates all non-white people is unjustified and inaccurate hate speech similar to the kind of thing white supremacists engage in. Maybe instead of lumping people together the same way racists do- i.e. by collectivist stereotyping- we might want to try judging people on the content of their character instead.

    • Kirsten

      Sorry, that should have been “Unfortunately, while listing Rhodes as a hater of all non-white people…”

    • Another error is the video of Prussian Blue, the cute girl-band of hate. About five years ago the BBC did a doc piece on the girls where on called MLK a hero. The mother of the girls chastised this comment by calling her child a c*nt. I don’t have time to find the clip on YouTube right now.

      The point being that these girls were pushed into the hate, they themselves are most likely growing up and learning the reality of life–that hate is wrong.

      • Kirsten

        Not sure if this is specifically the documentary you’re talking about, but it gives a similar impression- i.e. that the twins aren’t necessarily in sync with their mom’s extremist views:

        • it is a pretty sad way to treat your kids. i hope those twins find their way out of that mess somehow and learn to run from hate. that mother is a real piece of work. consumed by hatred and fear. that is no way to live.

          • Kirsten

            Just reading up on it a little more, it sounds like they may be:
            “Lamb and Lynx: Today

            The most recent photographs and information available of Lamb and Lynx for public viewing are the front pages of their “Facebook” profiles. Their profile photos change from time to time, but two of them stand out to me: Lamb’s photo is of her with dyed reddish hair. She is looking into the camera holding in front of her face a green tinted glass ball, which magnifies her left eye. One of her favorite quotes is a lyric from an Eagles song. And under her “Likes and Interests” she added Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, an Indian man who “brought Transcendental Meditation to the West.”

            Lynx’s photo is of her outside, gazing upward into the clear Montana sky with a pair of sunglasses on, a dark jacket with the hood up and the snow and Pines in the background. She “likes” Buddha. And according to a page she created on blogger.com back in 2008, she enjoys the music of Jimi Hendrix, among many other things.

            I used to, but not anymore, be able to see their Friends Lists — they appeared to have friends with diverse views and some that even looked to be “non-white”.

            The twins (who now seem to be back to using their biological father’s surname, I’m assuming so that they can’t be as easily traced back to their mother’s controversial political endeavors) spent much of their pre-adolescent and adolescent years as Prussian Blue.”

            Source: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/5540264/the_children_of_hate_grow_up_lamb_and.html?cat=9

          • Kirsten

            Well, it looks like that last link in your post goes to a hatemonger’s website. Yesterday I posted
            “Um, you do know that Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes is Hispanic, don’t you? And that Oath Keepers recently held a rally in protest of the SWAT raid that killed Hispanic veteran Jose Guerena in Tucson, AZ?”

            With no removal of the false information, I posted a followup today:
            “Are you going to remove Stewart Rhodes from this list of haters of all non-white people since that is false?”

            The reply from the blog owner?
            “No. Now fuck off.”

            I hope that individual makes it onto someone else’s cockroach list. That’s pretty classless.

            • stewart rhodes does appear to be an enigma. after a little bit of research i can find no evidence of hate or racism in his stated goals so you appear to be right about him kirsten. but neither you or i have any control over the content that the owner of the blog you are referring to posts. i don’t tell people what to do on their blogs. that is a freedom of speech issue. i do very often disagree with posts but i do not go around telling people what to do with the stuff they write.

              that is their business. if stewart rhodes wants to berate the guy that is his option. but i don’t consider it my business to intervene. by the way, if you survey several posts in the blog you are referring to, it seems to mostly be pop culture based with little or no hate bias in it.

              seems like you are getting all worked up but i see no big agenda here. the other right wing haters and racists listed in his article appear to be legit candidates for looney tunes though.

              the american public takes a dim view by a wide majority of the activities of hate groups and racism. so does montana. my point here is that these groups are hurting montana’s image. they have the right to live here. they have the right to free speech. they have the right to hate and believe in racism. BUT they should not be welcomed with open arms by the kalispell mayor. that reflects very badly on montana.

              i’m just trying to do my part in making haters and racists less comfortable here.

              • Kirsten

                Of course, neither of us have control over that blog. However, freedom of speech does not cover outright lying about people. Further, freedom of speech DOES cover- as has been so correctly stated on this blog, possibly by you, although I’m too lazy to go look- speaking up against hate speech, of which this is a clear case regardless of whether or not it is common on that blog. And as has already been pointed out in this thread, it’s three individuals on that list who are arguably listed wrongly, not just one.

                There are, indeed, a lot of cockroaches on that list. As we all know, cockroaches multiply quickly. If we’re going to be shining the light on them, then there is no reason not to shine the light on this one, just because we agree with some of what he’s saying.

  4. I’ve never seen minds more tangled, a people so strangled, than these seccession drunk, intellectual ciphers. A very, very cursed and abandoned people.

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