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by jhwygirl

All of that being reported in the local press. Property owner adjacent to the river have been evacuated….and ditch owners all along the Yellowstone are doing what they can to keep the toxic mess out of their systems.

The NYTimes just got the story up in the last two hoursdo make sure to hit that link and see the devastation.

Exxon? YOU SUCK.

Below are some pictures from the owner of the Blue Creek Farms ranch who is now faced with dealing with this absolutely devastating spill of crude. I hope to be able to speak with him tomorrow.

Montana Department of Environmental Equality has a 24 hour hotline where spills are to be reported. I hope some industrious reporters are out there finding out what role the state and the feds are taking in dealing with this. Let’s hope Exxon isn’t out there on their own on this holiday weekend.

Good Goddess.

UPDATE: The Wall Street Journal is reporting the early estimate is that 1000 barrels have spilled into the Yellowstone River.

Tim Thennis, a spokesman for the Montana Disaster and Emergency Services division, provided that initial estimate. He added that although no cause of the spill has been determined, it’s possible that heavy flooding affecting that part of the U.S. could have played a part. Thennis said that flooding is also interfering with the clean-up effort, meaning the oil could reach the Missouri River, of which the Yellowstone is a tributary, making the task even more difficult for emergency responders. Montana emergency officials have notified officials in North Dakota that the oil could be heading their way, Tennis said.

“There’s no way to capture [the oil] right now,” Thennis told Dow Jones Newswires. “The further it spreads the more difficult it becomes.”

Pictures in the Billings Gazette turn my stomach. Wildlife, farm fields – all coated in oil. 150 miles of river and counting. North Dakota has been warned.

War Prez

by lizard

Obama is now a commander-in-chief responsible for launching/continuing varying degrees of military actions in six nations: Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Yemen, and Somalia. As this reckless, expansionist president continues to stretch our dwindling national resources to play the hegemonic chess game for global spoils, he plays the still-jocular domestic pussycat at home, saying silly things like how he hopes the Republicans will act responsibly regarding the debt-ceiling theatrics we’re being subjected to. This from Mother Jones:

During a White House press conference on Wednesday, the president declined to get into a food fight with Republicans playing chicken with the debt ceiling negotiations. Repeatedly, he noted that he expected GOP leaders to act responsibly. He did not lambast House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) and Sen. Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.), the GOP representatives to the in-limbo talks led by Vice President Joe Biden, for storming out of the negotiations because the White House insists that any deficit reduction plan include revenue boosters, not just spending cuts. “Call me naive,” he said, “but my expectation is that leaders are going to lead.”

No, Mr. President, we could have called you naive the first half-dozen times the Republicans bitch-slapped you. Now I’m beginning to wonder if you’re over-medicated.

It’s too bad the only arena Obama has shown any actual resolve is the War arena, and even there it’s tellingly selective. An American born cleric in Yemen deserves to be assassinated while the apartheid state of Israel that actually murders American citizens gets a disgusting standing ovation from Congress when its prime minister appears to, again, bitch-slap the president on national television.

Bush’s third term has become nauseating. Total immunity for war crimes and constant, pernicious expansion. Syria, Lebanon, Iran, who knows what nation will be next in our imperial crosshairs.

Does any of this make us more safe? Hell no, quite the opposite. It only inspires more hatred and makes competing world powers who will do no better gain more traction while worsening the domestic landscape and paving the way for the totally improbable return of the GOP.

endless global warfare is the ultimate challenge of our time. In that regard, Obama has matched and in some places exceeded the crimes of the Bush regime. How absolutely discouraging to see this president protect criminals while going after true patriots.

I wish Elizabeth Warren would break out of the cage Obama put her in (he gave William Daley the keys) and hook up with Feingold to rattle this imperialist from his war pulpit. Virtually impossible? Yeah, but it’s a beautiful day, and a kid can still dream in America…right?

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