Of All the Stupid Things to Waste Taxpayer Money On…..

by jhwygirl

It’s not a violation of Montana’s election laws for a candidate to post a photograph of a marked absentee ballot on Facebook.

Good Goddess. I read the first sentence of this news article and wondered what idiot would think that posting your completed absentee ballot for people to see would be illegal.

Look no further than criminal and former state GOP executive director Jake Eaton and and tea party activist Jennifer Olsen

I’m no lawyer, nor do I play one on this blog, but how stupid do you have to be to see the law (“secret ballot“) and think that it means anything more than a person has the right to a secret ballot.

That if they don’t want it to be secret, it’s up to them and falls under free speech.

What is it with Eaton, reading things into laws that aren’t there (see those underlined links above and gosh darn it, when is a county attorney worth his salary going to file felony charges against Jake Eaton for (at minimum) swearing out a false affidavit and (at maximum) fraudulently interfered with a federal election? What is the statute of limitations on this crime.

Is there not one county attorney for any of the counties affected that respects the integrity of the electoral process enough to take steps that would send a message to political whore operatives like Jake Eaton that you can’t screw with elections?


I am serious about that though.


Back to Jake Eaton and his tea party activist cohort Jennifer Olsen: How much of a nanny-state government interference do they want? How “small-government” can these Einstein’s be if they’re going to file complaints based on their lack of reading comprehension or common sense.

Someone needs to teach these fools what a real election violation looks like.

  1. DAAAAH it is secret only to Jack, and if he wishes to want the world to see who he voted for it is his business! Definitely not breaking the law if posts himself. It would be if an Official posted someone who was not him!

    Why didn’t those two idiots talk to ken Peterson the man is a Lawyer for the GOP???? And then again maybe they did and Peterson is in a closet laughing like hell right now!!!!!!!!

  2. Someone buying a vote could demand a photograph of a marked ballot as proof that the contractual obligation has been fulfilled. There was a time when selling votes was not unheard of, and measures like the secret ballot were taken to safeguard the integrity of the election.

    I thought what Van Dyk did was unnecessary and utterly without class.

    • You know, James, I guess I hadn’t thought of it that way and I have to say that I probably think of this issue a little differently.

      Forgot my history lessons. Big shame on me.

      As for Van Dyk – I’m not particularly a fan (which is why I left him out of the story.)

  3. Charles

    Seems like another consequence of these ineffective, bipartisan politics we engage in. I think the only way to end this is for the voters to elect officials that are not involved in the partisan crap and the business interests.

    • Good luck with that. To even get elected anymore (outside local politics – and even then, if you live in a place like Bozeman, Missoula or Billings, it can still be the case), you have to raise a buttload of cash. Corporations and Businesses know this and they take advantage of it. It doesn’t matter what letter follows your name, if they think they can gain influence by helping you get elected, the cash will be there. In the wake of the Citizen United decision (one of the worst and most harmful decisions ever to come out of the Supreme Court), the situation has gotten much worse and there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

  4. I love Kendall Van Dyk – the Dems spent so much time, effort, and money on his race that they ignored a lot of other races, and lost them all. I hope to see a repeat of that in 2012.

    • Oh Eric. I’m sure you do.

      i thought (and said to many Dems) the same thing when the revealed his races as the win-all-to-be race 2 years ago. I said it was a waste of effort, that would be better spent with small efforts throughout the state.

      They felt they could anchor him somehow like coattails to score 4 seats and take a majority in the senate. They didn’t even consider the possibility of losing the house (again, their false-coattail strategy).

      I was just shaking my head at the completely deluded thinking there. I’m telling you I waved my hand and walked away from more than a handful of conversations on that one.

      Me and many others. I still have the emails on this computer to prove it.

      Divisive politics breed divisive politics. That’s what that was born out of and that’s what it bred.

      And frankly – between you and me? – that’s what my side is brewing up for 2012. Grassroots level is a little different now (they are tired of this negativity) but at the state level, all they can do is lob that mud around and drive wedges as their winning strategy.

      It isn’t going to work. I’ll say it here. And shame on them for repeating the same friggin’ disastrous strategy as they did in 2010.

      I thank you for giving me the opportunity to get that out of my system.

      • Dem Antidote

        The problem is, of course, that even when you do win your silly elections, good things do not follow. Much ado about nothing.

        • Sounds exactly like what happens when either party wins elections. That should tell us something. Dem Antidote, do you really believe this can be blamed on one party? Please explain the last legislative session to me then. No matter how many times I hear the same legislators bragging about all of their accomplishments, I am reminded of every minute wasted on an undying obsession with controlling the personal lives of Montanans. The comforting embrace of the government nanny…. not typically associated with republicans, huh? Cowboy code? AIDS blow darts? Child prostitution for marijuana? Gay recruiting? Marijuana is like taking valium with arsenic? I didn’t care about the spearhunting, but seriously, in a jobs session? Please. I think regardless of which party wins elections, we all lose.

  1. 1 Will Jennifer Olsen File a Frivolous Political Complaint Against Herself? | Intelligent Discontent

    […] command of the two person Montana Shrugged movement, filed a complaint against Kendall Van Dyk for not breaking the law, I expect she’ll soon file one against herself—since she really is breaking the […]

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