Here’s to You, Will Deschamps…

by carfreestupidity

… From all the Tree-hugging American citizens of Missoula.  Keep being the classy corporate shill you are.  Don’t ever change and don’t ever think about the history of multi-national corporations abusing Montana for our natural resources and leaving good, hard-working Montana folks floundering once they don’t need us any more.


  1. lizard19

    i like Patrick Maloney’s comment. it’s kinda long, but i think worth posting here.

    Would you realy have Exxon destroy your interstate and not spend a single dime in your own community because County officials don’t want these massive pieces of machinery to come through our area? Would you really forsake your neighbors job just because you are angry at someone for not allowing a vehicle to pass through the county? And you say the people who are opposed to the Mega-Loads are Anti-American, Anti-Montana tree huggers’? Hmmmm, Why do people come to Montana? Is it because of our Great Cities? Because of our professional athletics. No. People come to Montana because of it’s NATURAL beauty. They like to fish rivers like Yellowstone (brownstone now because of your precious Exxon) and you have the gaul to blame tree huggers? Mr. Deschamps, hoping that exxon won’t spend a dime in your community is more destructive than requesting that they don’t tear up our highways with environmentally distructive equipment that won’t actually benefit our community. These “megaloads” are heading to Canada you know not East Missoula once they get where they are going we will see no economic benefit. NONE, ZERO, NADA. And you want to punish your neighbor but hoping that exxon doesn’t board crews in the county as they pass through? Yeah, I’m the bad guy… I hug trees. Maybe you ought to consider the effect on tourism a trashed yellowstone river will have. How about a trashed Bitterroot or Clark Fork?

    May I suggest that instead of suggesting that Exxon not spend a dime. You try to get more out of them for the damages to our highways done by the Multi-ton shipments. Get more money out of them for the Damage to our prized fly fisheries. Oh and get more money out of them for the loss of tourism caused by their movement of these massive pieces of equipment too.

    One final note. These pieces of equipment are going to a location in Canada yet they are being shipped through the United States, why do you think that is? They have a pretty large port in Vancover B.C why do we have to convey them through our country first? I’ll tell you why. Because the Canadians don’t want these pieces of machinery to destroy their roads or their environment either. Otherwise B.C. would have taken them first. Instead they get floated to Lewiston and trucked through our states to Alberta. And why? Because it’s made easy by people who think supporting Canadian tar sand mining is somehow directly associated with American Freedom.

    Also, the only increased cost to taxpayers I see is the cost to repair our highways you are so willing to allow to have destroyed! Exxon don’t spend money in Missoula county because William Deschamps is mad that we don’t want you to trash our highways or pollute our PRIZED fisheries. Wait you already have. Well never mind about the roads or fisheries just don’t spend money here it wouldn’t be right. Geez.

  2. Pogue Mahone

    I’m thinkin’ that Deshat is gonna regret that letter. It’s one of those HEY, it sounded like a great idea at the TIME moments when the person is lying on a bed in the ER trying to explain the stupid stunt that GOT them there! Sometimes, ya just gotta sober UP before hitting the send button! That is unless one is a complete a**hole and is the same a**hole drunk as when sober! That very well could describe Deshat!

  3. Ingemar Johansson

    Love the picture.

    Is he strung out on MTBE?

  4. Pete Talbot

    I won’t use the same colorful vernacular but I have to agree with Pogue: Deschamps is going to regret writing that letter. I’m sure he penned it before the big ExxonMobile spill down Billings/Laurel way and is wishing he could take it back. Timing is everything and his timing couldn’t have been worse.

    • Pogue Mahone

      Pete, I think what happens is that guys like Deshat read the lefty blogs and see themselves gettin’ their asses kicked. SO, what do they do? They try to be witty and sarcastic like the lefties are. Well, the ONLY problem with that is that in order to write witty, sarcastic, hard-hitting prose, one must possess a BRAIN! And have some really good material to work with. And let’s face it, the extremists are a laugh a minute! Spears? Birtherism? Nullification? Secession? Confederate flags? Morons WILLINGLY going on national TV and being themselves? Constantly being the butt of jokes for the national comedy shows? And on and on. And poor Deshat just doesn’t understand this.

      Oh sure, he tries anyway. But the end result is that people are NOT impressed, and he ends up looking like a dick. You see, there’s really NOTHNG funny or humorous about attacking an ENTIRE FREAKING CITY like Missoula. That’s just real dumb. Missoula is VERY cosmopolitan, and not EVERYONE is a flaming liberal, eco lefty tree hugger! MANY of the residents are quite sophisticated, educated, cultured and intelligent. In other words, they are everything Deshat is not, and everything the Pubs detest!

      Hell, I don’t even live in Missoula and I was outraged. Like everyone else in Montana, I have attended some classes there and fell in love with the place. If Deshate wasn’t drunk when he wrote that piece, he certainly OUGHT TO BE now, for it’s gonna be a long, long, VERY long time before the Pubs live this one down! But HEY, look on the bright side. Perhaps Deshat HIMSELF will make the national comedy shows! Hey, no press is BAD press! Right, Birther Bob?

      • JC

        Outraged? Nah.

        I just see it as more of the same old. I don’t know why people are getting upset about a dipshit pointing out what the right has been saying about missoula, like forever.

        Those who think there’s some sort of weird strategic gain to be made by people like Deschamps feeble attempts at “divide and conquer” are really out of touch. And those dem insiders that think that Deschamps’ words point to the dangers of the “principled left” are really just trying to silence any criticism of dem politics. Weak.

        But the dems got to start rounding up thems some scapegoats because, you know, a politician is never accountable to those on the fringe–actually, theys the ones that are responsible for forcing the pols into bad legislation and positions– and if they throws too many bombshells, why them poor politicians might just shit themselves as they run to the right.

        This whole Deschamps thing, and the dem insider reaction to it is soooo… predictable and lame.

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