kneel before your dark lord……

by problembear

“you are with us or you are against us.” this is the message we get from this horrible piece of hubris directed at those who question their leaders. 


it appears to be written in order to deflect criticism which president obama is experiencing by putting social security and medicare on the table in the huge battle over the debt ceiling. what i find humorous is the author of this tutorial suggests that 72% of americans are morons by criticizing the democratic administration for even considering trading cuts in social security and medicare with the corporate sponsored tea party. he said if we just docilely accept this tactic as good strategy and fall into line behind this genius move all will be unicorns and candy mountains for the party of the empire.
thanks to a timely tweet from  SMARTBuddhist The SMART Buddhist
 i have a message for those arrogant enough to write such simplistic tirades and tout them as law;

“What you have become is the price you paid to get what you used to want.” ~Mignon McLaughlin

  1. this is the same dealio, pb; schweitzer or obama: at least President Obama is an earth hater only half of the time. For the GOP: it’s slash and burn 24/7.

    • i have no argument with that larry. but this so called “centrist” approach (which is actually rightist) is going against the will of 72% of americans. sound familiar? that is the same approach that emanuel rahm and jim messina’s posse took regarding health care reform. which turned out to be nothing more than a blank check wish list for the insurers combined with a mandate to purchase from the same weasels that continue the health care crisis.

      going against 72% of the people just doesn’t make sense to anyone with any common sense. and the fact that the writer smugly assures us that it is because we just don’t understand all the complexities of politics like he does really makes me laugh.

      a leftish approach would be to tax more from the rich and increase rather than decrease social security and medicare. a centrist approach would be to tax the wealthiest 5% and leave social security and medicare alone. only in the land of the insane messina’s is messing with social security and medicare centrist. it is a rightist position being championed by the democratic party. that is outrageously stupid policy.

      my question is: how do you expect to win elections by going against the will of 72% of the country?

      some of us do want the democratic candidates to win larry. we just think the insane party machinists are going about the entire process all wrong. guys like jim messina are the tiny scared rabbits who now run the mechanics of democratic politics. when you strip away the darth vader costume all you see is a sun-starved little coward at the helm who used to handle max baucus’s image. the point is that i do want tester and obama back in office in 2012 and schweitzer unseating baucus in 2014. just don’t expect me to have any faith in the party to elect them as long as right-leaning cowards like jim messina are at the controls.

      • i can only pretend to imagine how a person changes after becoming President of the United States. Lincoln was nearly universally hated by Southerners but won reelection in an electoral landslide after making deals unpalatable to those resistant to Reconstruction.

        we talked about the similarities of President Obama’s first term to Lincoln’s here with the benefit of a law professor and an historian contributing.

        Best wishes to you, pb.

      • Dem Antidote

        There’s nothing stupid about what “he” is doing at all. It’s triangulation, tried and true. Lucy holds the football, kick away pb!

        Game, set, match. Athere’s nothing more to do or that can be done. We’re screwed. You were warned.

    • by the way larry- pogie seems to agree that caving on social security and medicare is insane also…..

  2. I guess I took the article much differently than you did. In fact, I saw a great deal of wisdom in it. I am currently writing a similar article aimed at the other side of the aisle. I am actually kind of sorry that you missed the good points the author makes.

  3. ladybug

    Neoliberalism is being beaten back in Latin American countries that are working on alternatives to borrowing from the World Bank and IMF. We seem to be stuck defending what’s left of the New Deal, fearing a return to free-market capitalism. Until we get a grip on how neoliberalism works, it’s pretty hard to write the next chapter. Both parties are neoliberal, both are privatizing public services, and public assets, to pay for government-sponsored, corporate enterprise that can’t stand on its own two feet. These economic hazards can’t survive without dipping into working class pockets for assistance. Enough.

    • Dem Antidote

      Honestly Swede, that’s classic non sequitur. Not that I care, as I’m not the thread Nazi, but I actually went to the link expecting something substantive.

      I so dumb!

  4. Dem Antidote

    Put some lipstick on your right hand, pour so wine over it, have a nice evening. Don’t call.

  5. recd seconds ago via twitter …..

    it looks like holding firm and screaming at the top of our lungs has done the job after all….

    “When word leaked out this past week that Obama was proposing cuts to entitlements, Democrats in Congress and outside advocates kicked their opposition into high gear, making it clear that no bargain would win their support if it contained any cuts to Social Security or Medicare beneficiaries. That opposition may have broken the back of the bargain.”

    good job principled progressives. the white house got the message loud and clear. despite edicts from the above cited blowhard’s tutorial, it appears that good old opposition to stupid policies might be more productive to getting our elected politicians to listen to the people rather than listen to insider party wonks.

    • Dem Antidote

      It ain’t done yet. Please stay vigilant for once. The words of politicians mean nothing. You must watch their activity.

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