Raising Hell and Hope in Wisconsin

by jhwygirl

Progressives delivered another take-down movement in Wisconsin yesterday with the first elections geared towards gaining a Democratic control of the Wisconsin legislature. The Democratic primary held yesterday saw 6 “fake” Democrats defeated in 6 senate primary recall elections.

An important factoid there is that Wisconsin has open primaries. Koch Industries funded Wisconsin Republicans didn’t even try to hide the fact they ran fake Democrats. The 6 REAL Democrats won – 5 of them quite decisively – which has to have 6 Republican state senators getting the boxes ready for moving day. Or should.

For every action there is an equal an opposite reaction. Those crazy tea party people! Look what doo-doo they got themselves into over there.

Thank Goddess for those crazy radical storm-the-capital union-loving progressives! It sure as hell wasn’t a bunch of milquetoast leftys out there camping in the capital, or marching the streets or gathering signatures up within weeks of their legislative session’s sine die to recall the Republicans and regain control of their state.

Congratulations Wisconsin. Congratulations.

Democrats? Progressives? – pay attention, take notes and learn something. Raising Hell (and Hope) is how it’s done.

  1. Dem Antidote

    I would like to see recalls succeed, and I know that Wisconsin has deep Farmer Labor roots, which were left to rot away after the Democrats and FL merged. My own mother was born near Sheboygan, and I have about 17 cousins back there and every one of them is bone-simple working class. The place is not just talking talk, like Montanans like to do (“Montana values”). There really is some residual fight from the FL days.

    But I wondered why, after Dems were shut down by election fraud in 2004t, that they didn’t do something. But after seeing the Kloppenburg/Prosser race stolen by Prosser, I realized that the bipartisan objective of mandating that the entire country use easily hackable machines was to render voting moot.

    So I doubt the recalls will succeed. Our elections are legitimate anymore.

    • Dem Antidote

      Left out “not”

      • Steve W

        If the Repos thought they had control of the machines they wouldn’t be rushing through gerrymandering the legislative districts so as to cut the insurgent out of the districts they are running in.

        This is one of the oldest and most widely used means of stealing elections, as you well know.

        And it’s one of the easiest and most effective ways to steal an election.

  2. lizard19

    it was both the numbers of people turning out in the streets, (critically important) and the variety of people from across many different walks of life that is making this a force to be reckoned with.

    i think it will succeed. i’m cautiously optimistic.

    • Geoff Badenoch

      Is it time to cue the Bob Dylan of the 60’s to begin “The Times They Are A-Changing?” From this distance, it seems something important is happening in Wisconsin. People are practicing politics like something really matters..

      • I will believe that when recalls actually happen and the new people are proven to be better than the old.

        I wish recall was an option here in Montana but the courts have effectively dismantled recall here.

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