“Lowers My IQ One Notch… I Can’t Watch This”


Woof, Woof, Woofnothin’ but trash and you know… I might like ’em more after my lobotomy.”

With apologies to Weird Al.

Update: Seems I forgot a few lines:

“…Judge Wopner, oh my
You gotta be Rainman to like this guy
Thirtysomething is alright
If you like hearing yuppies whining all night…”

  1. Dem Antidote

    I think Rod’s real problem is with what he calls the “principled left,” meaning Matt and you and me and Ladybug, among so many others. His attacks are cleansing for him, and surely indicate that he harbors resentment that we can actually have principles and stand by them. In his position, that’s very difficult to do.

    What’s the latest now – Obama axed Elizabeth Warren? He would have fired her two years ago save for the fact that she’s got good TV presence and attracted a wide following. That limited what he could do. But I’ve no doubt he carried a snarling resentment for her just under the surface. He appears to hate progressives, though he will want our votes next year. He might even bring ACORN back for a couple of months.

    Anyway, notice how Rod writes about how well liked he is and how much he cares and puts the needs of others first? There’s a reason why we call that ‘wearing the heart on the sleeve.’ It’s an indicator that he’s merely mimicking.

  2. Steve W

    The writing is bad. The opinions are goofy. How many little unused blogs does a normal human need?

    Instead of reading bad writing I suggest reading some good Mark Twain on some bad writing.


    Rob is the Fenimore Cooper of political writing.

    • Dem Antidote

      You come from left field and drop that essay on us? JC made the Weird Al connection, tenuous and all, but somehow appropriate, and then you drop this. It was delightful.

      I have long maintained that Kailey’s writing is tedious, and that the more he writes, the less sense there is to make of it. But Twain has an economy of words and says it correctly. Kailey needs to

      eschew surplusage.

  3. lizard19

    nothing good will come from any of this.

    *on edit*

    just watched the video, and it is pretty damn funny, still…

    • JC

      No, I expect not.

      But yeah, the video is hilarious. Weird Al has a truly warped sense of humor that is oh, so apropos here.

  4. i pulled the plug on my profile over at left in the west too jc. life’s too short to put up with morons.

    • I find it interesting that you are now refering to Wulfgar as a “moron”. It wasn’t all that long ago that many here at 4&20 were new to blogging and Wulfgar was one of the Montana bloggers that showed many of you the ropes. I find it sad that now you are eating your own.

      The similarities between what you people are doing to the moderate Democrats and what the tea party “patriots” are doing to the moderate Conservatives can be plainly seen. Go ahead and pull your membership/profiles at Left in the West. If you are too elitist and delusional to think you don’t need the moderate Dems to accomplish your agenda, by all means, commit political suicide. What you fail to get is that Wulfgar is a typical Moderate Dem. He hasn’t left you, you have abandoned him – just like the hard right has abandoned thier moderates.

      I miss the days of Matt Singer, Craig Sprout, Gregg Smith, Jay, and Mike. You guys have certainly trashed their legacy.

      • Rob has trashed himelf by going out of his way to create enemies here. I have mostly been silent until now about the stupid senseless attacks on writers at this blog by rob.

        I see no sense in his behavior. Either politically or logically. What is gained? And if the democratic party considers robs war on dissension a sensible tactic, it is in far more trouble than even I can imagine. You don’t gain politically by insulting people. You gain by persuasion.

        • (sarcasm) and you guys are being oh so persuasive here (/sarcasm)

          There is nothing persuasive here. You have attacked the very people who have worked tirelessly to promote similar agendas without the blatent attacks you seem to favor. Of course Wulfgar has spoken out against the way you people are acting. You are actively working AGAINST the very goals you say you want to accomplish. You drive away anyone who doesn’t 100% agree with you, you treat moderates and independants as if they are your enemy and you favor reactive politics over consensis. You have become the enemy by adopting their tactics. You try to hide the fact with highbrow prose and poetry but you are no different than the very people you whine about. Your “purity” tests are complete fail and you minimize yourselves while claiming it is always someone else’s fault.

          If Left in the West fails, if Wulfgar’s site fails, if Don’s site fails, and you “purists” are all that is left, you have lost the war. Oh, I am sure you will pat yourselves on the back on how smart and wonderful you all are – you have slain the Dragon that is Wulfgar, see how powerful you are? Unfortunately for you, Wulfgar has actively worked to elect the very people you want elected, he has donated his time, his money, his sweat to prevent the ultra right from completely taking over – and you are throwing him (and those like him) under the bus for your intellectual bullshit. Good job. Welcome to the Left’s version of the Tea Party.

          • moorcat- i am more than willing to allow moderates their opinions. and i understand the important role that moderates play in any election. what i object to is the heavy handed, approach to insult and personally attack those who dissent from their rigid viewpoints.

            that is frankly undemocratic and unamerican. and i think readers and writers here deserve better than to be treated to verbal insults by those who imagine they are being persuasive but are actually simply carriers of a disease which infects others to act as they do.

            i consider the behavior of mark tokarski and rob both to be much too antagonistic to engage anymore. i consider both of them as carriers of disease and i simply have made the decision to inoculate my posts from their corrosive discourse.

            they are both free to disrupt other blogs. but like i used to say in the old days after last call….. you don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here.

      • JC

        Couple of corrections, Moorcat, playing your brother as the grand old man of blogging and the victim here just doesn’t wash with me. I’ve been writing for 30 years, and programmed my first blog from scratch in 1996. It wasn’t called a blog then, as the word hadn’t been coined. But it functioned the same way as current blogs do. So no, your brother is not the elder internet/blogging guru here. That’s a fantasy of yours and his. And I’ve been developing and building blogs (or blog-like structures) and websites and training people how to use them for almost 20 years. So drop the patronizing BS.

        As to who left who, if anything I am more moderate than I was 20-30 years ago. And that’s only because it takes more energy to be an idealist than I’m willing to spend these days, and I’m more tolerant than I was then. And yes, the democratic party has been sliding to the right, and people like Jon Tester and Barack Obama are leading the way. Today’s moderate democratic party is in political turf where the republican party of the past used to dominate in areas from health care to taxes to war, civil liberties and more. I refuse to slide to the right to accommodate modern politics. And I’m not going to apologize for that.

        As to my pulling my profile at LitW, it wasn’t until your brother made in abundantly clear that my presence there was going to be met with nothing but scorn, ridicule, mischaracterizations, slander, and relentless attacks that I decided it wasn’t worth my time to go there. And as retaliation your brother is not welcome on my posts. Period. I don’t owe him the time of day. He is a rude, arrogant, self-serving lying sack of shit in my book, so full of himself and his insistence that the world and blogging universe run by his standards and his rules that neither I or my readers have any use for it. But when I am attacked by him elsewhere, I will retaliate however I see fit, which is what this post is about. I agree this is nonproductive use of the blogosphere, but I’m not going to be continually abused by your brother without responding how and when and where I see fit.

        As to the “need the moderate Dems to accomplish your agenda” my agenda is not synonymous with “moderate Dems”. There are areas where my and their agendas intersect. But by and large, from wilderness to endangered species, financial regulation to taxes, healthcare reform to civil liberties, etc. my agenda and/or ideas diverge significantly from the dem party, and I do not see their stances as ones that work toward my ideals or goals. And that is why I am not a democrat–I’m a leftwing independent. And I’m not afraid of criticizing either the dem party, its politicians and/or candidates, or its actions. I’ve paid in the past dearly for my political activities with government repression, so what is going on around here is patty-cake by comparison.

        • Dem Antidote

          That is well said, not to flatter. It is just well-said, and just a fact. If I thought it was crap, as you know, I would say that too and Lizard would toll the bell.

          And I’m having a chuckle here too, as Kailey’s MO is to isolate himself and then attack people who he does not allow to talk back. You’re giving it back to him by attacking without allowing him the forum to respond. I’m wetting my pants in gratitude.

  5. Let’s see if I can put this another way. You complain about Wulfgar insulting you (as you call him a moron) and because of this, you don’t want him to comment (in fact, you will not allow him to do so). Disregarding the multiple attacks you all have made on him, the way you go to other websites to attack him and the insulting nature of the way you have treated him over the last year, it is all his fault and you do not share any responcibility for the exchanges you all have had with him. Sounds reasonable to me (not).

    • Ingemar Johansson


      Is that a mullet or ponytail?

    • Please moorcat. Depicting mr kailey as the victim here is a check that is uncashable in any depository of credulity.

      Rob made his bed. I don’t speak for jc and it is his post so I don’t spam comments on anyone elses posts.

      Robs insults toward j-girl are uncalled-for and the last straw for me.

      • Once again, you take my comment to the extreme and fail to actually address the issue. This is the symptom of the problem that you fail to see. Wulfgar is not (and probably never will be) a “victim”. What I plainly pointed out – and you fail to see – is that the disagreements between him and the authors at this site have always been two sided. Insults have gone both ways and quite frankly, the majority of them have not been started by Wulfgar. The difference is, up till fairly recently, Wulfgar’s comments have been directed at the issue, not the author. Most of the comments directed at Wulfgar have been directed at the author, not the issue. It is no surprise to me that Wulfgar has begun dismissing the authors too.

        More importantly, you truly fail to take any responcibility for your own actions in this situation. “It is all Wulfgar’s fault”. Sorry, that dog just doesn’t hunt.

        I don;t know what all has transpired between J-girl and Wulfgar so I can’t really comment on their tiff. For the most part, I haven’t had a lot of exchanges with J-girl. That said, given the rest of what I have seen, I find it hard to simply dismiss his statements as an unwarrented attack. There has been a lot of attacks made on Wulfgar recently from the authors of this site and, knowing Rob as I do, I find it very difficult to believe that his statements – made at his own site – were made without some kind of basis.

        This is your site, I am just a guest here. I won’t tell you how to run your site or how you have to think. What I will tell you is that I am rapidly getting to the point that I don;t want to even deal with the BS here and I will likely put this site in the same catagory as ECW – a site that used to be interesting to read but has devolved in useless meanderings and wasteful heated attacks with no purpose.

        • JC

          Moorcat, this is the last I’m going to say to you on this thread–I’m not here to debate you as a proxy for your brother, who is not welcome to participate.

          You do not have an unbiased viewpoint here. You’re standing up for your bro, and that is commendable. But by doing so you are looking at the issue in a skewed fashion. You don’t get to referee battles at this site. You don’t get to determine who starts battles. You don’t get to fall in your brother’s trap of defining ad hominem, i.e. and then demanding that other sites adhere to it. Your bro has no special knowledge about how the internet runs, or blogs are moderated, though he pretends he is a special snowflake that everybody should listen to and respect. I remember you somewhere recently saying that you set the rules for your site. Well, we do the same here. Your brother starts battles in many ways, he is devious and deceptive. For instance, recommending to MTCG to run the Shook article was an attack on us–or people and blogs like ours. Pretending otherwise flies in the face of reality. So if the the moderate dems think it is ok to beat up on the left, then the left is going to feel that it is ok to beat up on the center (as it slides to the right). That was part of my point in a previous post–that turnaround is fair play.

          If the dem party wants to have the support of the left, and build a big enough tent to accommodate them and their ideas, then they’re going to have to extend the olive branch and reach out. If not, then they’re going to have to take their lumps when due and whatever support the left dishes out on their own terms. But as long as the dem party has ambassadors out on the web like your brother, they are going to alienate every free-thinking individual who doesn’ t adhere to the close-minded group-think that has come to define the modern, moderate dem party as defined by its hall monitor.

      • Oh.. one other thing. “Mr Kailey” is a useless term when you are talking to me since I am also “Mr Kailey”. If you think to insult Wulfgar (Rob) with that moniker, you are failing.

  6. Dem Antidote

    “eating your own?” “You people”? Man, Ken Kailey, you’re doing it again. You’re throwing out vague generalities, such as Rod supporting our values and fighting tirelessly for them, without an evidence. You do that, he does that.

    It’s both shallow and transparent. But I’ll give you this – Rod is not a man of evil intent. He is simply ego-driven, and having staked his intelligence on Obama, will now defend that choice to the bitter end.

    So I’ll not say anything personal about either of you other than objective political observations: You do not seem to understand politics well, you rarely deal in specifics to buttress your case.

    In your brother’s case, he constantly regresses to matters for personality, calls names and imputes lack of integrity on others. He has done that to me, and to Matt and Ladybug. He then gets on a high horse and lays all the blame on others and writes high praise for himself, which creeps me out.

    I think I have a good hand on matters here. Blogging is a contact sport, and some cannot handle it. I land punches and get decked regularly. But I respect those who do so and maintain their humility and dignity. I even like Budge in that regard. But you two don’t seem to keep the game in perspective, and even though you hit hard, cannot take a punch.

    JC took some very bad writing and self-adulation and called it out., It was a worthy shot at a man who makes himself a worthy target.

  7. JC

    This post is closed.

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