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playing chicken…..

by problembear

while it is pretty obvious that president obama loves america so much he is willing to grovel for any kind of deal he can get to save this country from the crushing debacle of bankruptcy……….(note to self:  invite the president to my next garage sale-what a pigeon!)…….. , it is equally obvious the teaparty does not love america. but what do you expect from a multinational corporation financed astroturf creation which attracts those who adore the flag of the confederacy.

the question is……… does the republican party really love america enough to man up and help us save her? 

and if this game of chicken between two dysfunctional parties does end in a huge wreck which ruins the full faith and credit of america, i have a sneaking suspicion that historians in the future will mark this as the beginning of the rise of an independent party that recruits the majority of americans who are running out of patience with both parties. enough is enough.

it is time that the politicians in washington quit playing chicken with the american people.

by lizard

You read the title right. This post is sort of a defense of Rupert Murdoch.

How can some cantankerous lefty blogger dream up a way to defend a media mogul who appears to be getting what he deserves, you ask? Good question. Let me see if I can formulate a decent answer.

First it should be noted this phone-hacking scandal is, as of now, primarily a British phenomenon (being watched very closely in Australia), and what is driving this story is the broadening scope of the corruption. Scotland Yard is tarnished, Royals were targeted, and David Cameron has to return “hastily” from an African trade mission to throw down in parliament. How did we let one man and his media empire get this powerful, many Brits are asking themselves.

On this side of the pond, our corporate punditry are absolutely salivating over the prospect that 9-11 victims may have been phone hacked. If the scandal spreads, those jackals will have a juicy carcass to devour. How delicious.

So before the feeding frenzy commences, as it surely will to some degree, I think it’s important to keep two things in mind:

1. The Telecommunications Act of 1996
2. Warrant-less Wiretapping

Rupert Murdoch, like Bernie Madoff, is quickly becoming a sacrificial lamb, and the crony capitalist system ultimately benefits because it turns these men into focal points for the masses to channel their rage at, while the system that nurtures their (not-isolated) abuses of power remains—not just intact—but stronger.

We are being lied to and spied on so routinely it barely registers anymore. Stories like this, meh.

So yeah, I’m sort of defending Rupert Murdoch. People can get a cathartic rush watching him duh and mumble his way through that civil inquisition, but if this opportunity to see the larger picture comes and goes, like it probably will, then we’ve been served another tasty psychological dish by the kleptocrats.

Mea Culpa

by Duganz

I posted a piece on Monday about the Missoula Independent that contained an error which put the piece in question. As such, I removed it. I apologize for the mistake.

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