Why Can’t We All…


…just admit we’re assholes and move on?

Let me start if off… I, CFS, am an insensitive asshole. I’m not apologizing for being an asshole, just admitting it. The wild west of blogging is great because it allows you to be an asshole if you want. I get out all my asshole tendencies here rather than in my day-to-day interactions, and it feels good.

It’s easy to get caught up in calling other people assholes in the blogosphere, in fact it seems to be something that most of us are very good at. When ego is the main thing on display we degrade the debate to a point of childish tit-for-tat. So do we want to continue to try and cannibalize each other’s blogs debating who “represents” true democratic principles? People will figure that part out on their own.

A Fantasy, starring JC the strawman; Rob, whom rusts in place; a hallucinating jwygirl; and Mark the cowardly lion

So… let us skip arm-in-arm towards an Emerald City of hope, promise, and full employment delivered by a magical wizard… forever leaving the land of the small minded behind and banishing the Tea Party to a puddle of slime whose best feature is a prominent wort.

As someone once said…

“there needs to be an after the fight digital drink together.”

Happy Friday… Enjoy a drink and relax.

  1. With no disrespect to those who blog under assumed names, just think what an asshole I would be if I were anonymous. Frightening.

    And to continue on the Wizard of Oz theme – and to change-up the Wizard’s actual words – It’s not a how much people like you that matters. It’s more important how much you like them (with apologies to both the Wizard and Machiavelli.)

    But do have a good weekend.

    • no matter our differences politically dave, we do live in the best damn state in these united states so i plan on enjoying some of it. you have a good one too.

  2. lizard19

    not only am i sometimes an asshole, but also a hypocritical asshole to boot. but that’s only when people don’t agree with me, because i demand 100% agreement, and if people don’t agree with me, i just censor them so i can remain insulated from dissenting challenges to my authoritarian reign over my posts.

  3. jack ruby

    I lol’d at this. Nice post.

  4. Ingemar Johansson

    Keynesian boy never did find Dorothy.

  5. Who’s trying to cannibalize other blogs?

    I certainly don’t pride myself on playing asshole, though there are certainly a number around here and elsewhere that seem to think the purpose of blogging is to out-asshole or out-do the other person, regardless of whether there is basic agreement.

    Right now I’m pondering how this post isn’t that “a point of childish tit-for-tat”.

    Of course, you did start off the post by reveling in your own assholeishness, so perhaps i shouldn’t wonder.

  6. JC

    Meh, I fashion myself more as Hunk at times:

    “What’s the matter, gonna let a little old pig make a coward out of you?”

  7. ~Hat tip~

    You done good, CFS.

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