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by problembear

they’re running on empty alright. (with truth that is). the koch brothers sponsored tour is slithering its way to montana.  they call it the running on empty tour and it is being brought to you by the same bunch of crackpots that created the tea party. the koch brothers started americans for prosperity (for the big corporations that is) the rest of us can suck it as far as these astro-turfing corrupt corporate ass kissers are concerned.

here are the dates:

Billings, MT 
Wednesday, August 17th at 6:00 – 7:30PM
Location: Billings North Park | Corner of 6th Ave and 19th St.

Bozeman, MT 
Thursday, August 18th at Noon – 1:00PM

Helena, MT 
Thursday, August 18th at 6:00 – 7:30PM
: State Capitol | Helena, MT 59601

Missoula, MT 
Friday, August 19th at Noon – 1:00PM

Kalispell, MT 
Friday, August 19th at 6 – 7:30PM

anyone up for some counter-demonstrations to show america what the lower and middle class montanans who actually work for a living think about idiots who lobby for corporate welfare, while the rest of us pay all the taxes?


Continuing on with our celebrating the 20th birthday of the WWW, I found this interesting nugget as I perused the webiverse today. As a web developer, I have had a particularly bad opinion of Internet Explorer over the years, as it always takes some extra hacking to make it surrender to the open standards that control how web pages should be written and displayed on the web.

Now I know why so many people just don’t upgrade to a browser that works better. Maybe the saying “the browser of the Tea Party” when referring to IE has some substance to it!, the premier online source for all news that is geeky, is reporting today on a controversial study just released by AptiQuant, a Vancouver, British Columbia based Psychometric Consulting company:

“The test results were collected from over 100,000 English speaking people from New Zealand, Australia, the UK, Canada and the United States, over a span of four weeks and the score results were compared with the browser used to reach the site offering the test, which were offered free to random users…

After the four week trial period, test scores were correlated with browsers and AptiQuant says that the results very clearly show (via graph) that people who scored higher on the test were moving away from Internet Explorer to other available browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Camino and Opera. In addition to labeling those who scored lower as less intelligent, the AptiQuant authors also suggest that such visitors were also likely more resistant to change, which they suggest would probably be the case with any other software on the market as well…

An interesting twist to the story is that a group of loyal Internet Explorer users are apparently banding together to sue AptiQuant over its report and company CEO Leonard Howard has reportedly said that his company has received a lot of hate mail as well.”

This report also suggests that Microsoft, the company that authors Internet Explorer, has good cause to advise its customers to upgrade from IE 6. Maybe it’s because the company realizes that extended use of IE has a negative effect on its customers.

But more likely, as Microsoft’s “Friends don’t let Friends use Internet Explorer 6” campaign reveals, it’s because MS understands that more intelligent people are migrating to Firefox, Google Chrome, and Apple’s Safari browsers, and it’s only solution to retaining market share in the browser wars is to get people migrating to its most recent version, which happens to be more copacetic with internet standards than its previous versions.

Here’s a graph from the study showing their results:

If you’d like to read the study yourself, head on over to AptiQuant (and please don’t let their disclaimer dissuade you from reading the report, it’s worth it! ;-) ).

by lizard

On Tuesday Governor Schweitzer named Sheryl Noethe as Montana’s Poet Laureate:

Noethe is the author of four books and the artistic director of the Missoula Writing Collaborative. She has won the Missoula Cultural Achievement Award, the William Stafford Prize Best Book of Poetry and the Montana Arts Council Literature Fellowship.

As poet laureate, Noethe will encourage the appreciation of poetry and literature in Montana with readings and presentations across the state.

Schweitzer made the appointment on Tuesday. He said in a letter to Noethe that he was struck by her statement that a few words from an adult can shape a child’s idea of who they are and who they can become.

Noethe is a great choice for Montana poet laureate. Cultivating an appreciation for poetry in young kids is a tremendously important job; something the Missoula Writing Collaborative with Noethe at the helm does very well.

The poem I picked for this week’s LWPS comes from Noethe’s collection of poems, As Is. Congratulations Sheryl! Continue Reading »


(While you read this article, please listen to this song by Les Horribles Cernettes–a group whose members’ significant others worked at CERN or on the WWW project, so they spent their lonely time writing goofy songs about the web and their SO’s work.)

–The computer that created it all, including coding and hosting the first public web server, coding and surfing the net with the first web browser, and editing the first web page. And that computer? It’s a NeXT, the computer company that Steve Jobs founded after he was ran out of Apple in 1984.

August 6th, 1991. The day it all started with the first public-facing webserver going live. Or maybe for some, it was the day it all began to unravel. Most likely I spent the day harvesting raspberries by the gallon from the quarter acre patch I had.

In any case it was a scant few years earlier that the quest began (and you can view the site of the world’s first-ever webserver here):

“CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, is where it all began in March 1989. A physicist, Tim Berners-Lee, wrote a proposal for information management showing how information could be transferred easily over the Internet by using hypertext, the now familiar point-and-click system of navigating through information…

The idea was to connect hypertext with the Internet and personal computers, thereby having a single information network to help CERN physicists share all the computer-stored information at the laboratory. Hypertext would enable users to browse easily between texts on web pages using links. The first examples were developed on NeXT computers.

Berners-Lee created a browser-editor with the goal of developing a tool to make the Web a creative space to share and edit information and build a common hypertext. What should they call this new browser: The Mine of Information? The Information Mesh? When they settled on a name in May 1990, it was the WorldWideWeb.”

Berners-Lee’s first concept for the web was called “Mesh.” As you can see in the drawing below, the first concepts of the WWW were no better than the doodles I was making while daydreaming in grad school at the time. But who would have known in 1989 that this drawing and the proposal that was drawn up for CERN would presage as radical of a change in mass media communications as the original printing press, or radio, or tv, or… iPad?

Well, I had a lot more to say, but it was all pretty boring self-indulgence about growing up technologically with the web, so i deleted it. Anyways, Happy Birthday WWW, and a big hat tip to Les Horribles Cernettes:

“They were born at the same time, and in the office next door to… the World Wide Web. No wonder they were the first band to have a website and their picture posted on the web! [Their] website is kept pretty much in the original shape as it was in 1992.”

Surfing on the Web, by Les Horribles Cernettes:

You can ring, you can ring and I won’t show up
You can phone you can phone and I won’t pick up
You can write and you can fax, straight in the scrap
You can scream and you can shout and I won’t wake up

But you can catch me on the Web
Click me, click on me
Link me on the Web
Baby, I’ll hyperlink to you
Surf me on the Web
My page is all for you
Call me on the Web
I’ll open my windows to you

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