This is what Success Looks Like — to the Tea Party



  1. We don’t see this as success. Our hearts break looking at these numbers.

    We see it as the results of Obama and his Liberal policies.

    How can any rational person see it otherwise?

    • JC

      You shrink the size of government, and people lose jobs. The tea party advocates shrinking the size of government. Losing jobs come with shrinking the size of government.

      How else could you shrink the size of government without losing jobs? Unfortunately for the tea party, it seems that I have touched a raw nerve.

      As more and more people see the effects of your policies, and the resulting negative impact they have on the economy and jobs, your success will turn into their rage–against you and your “movement.”

      And if you call divorcing the content of your policies from the devastating impact they have on jobs “rational”, well good luck with that. Voters will come to see what the stranglehold the tea party has done to the economy and jobs soon enough.

      What’s your job plan, other than cutting the size of government and lowering tax rates? And by that I mean, how do you plan on creating the 15 million jobs needed to return this country to full employment? And do it soon enough so that there is a meaningful impact on families devastated by the economy.

      Most traditional liberals understand that trickle down economics is a failed throwback to Reaganism–and tea jparty economics is just an attempt to revive the good old “government is the problem” days.

      Remember, Reagan had to raise taxes to pay the bills and get the economy revived in a downturn that was nowhere near as difficult as the one we’re in now.

    • what liberal policies? obama has been caving to the right since he took office. starting with handing the so called health care reform bill to the health insurance industry to write at the insistence of tea partiers like yourself.

      but right wingers like andy have one achilles heel – they all used to have ideals back in the seventies. once you show them what money-grubbing, greedy, heartless bootlicking knaves they have become by serving the wealthy corporations who are selling america out, they lose it.

      some people really don’t like it when you tell them the truth. the angriest man is the man who is really angry at himself.

      • lizard19

        andy is worse than a bootlicking knave. he gets his kicks talking shit on all kinds of people, even homeless vets. here is what this asshole said recently about the Pov’s relocation efforts and homeless veterans:

        Just because one is a veteran does not exempt them from me criticizing them for becoming a loser bum. If you’re a bum, your a bum. I don’t care what you did before. No Liberal will shame me into supporting the Pov because there are homeless bum veterans being served there.

        i don’t normally advocate violence, Andy, but i think it would be fantastic if you said that to a homeless vet’s face, and got the shit beat out of you. you deserve an opportunity to experience first hand the violence our soldiers engage in thinking they are doing a sacred duty by risking their lives for pieces of shit like you.

    • lizard19

      Andy, are you coming over here because the paywall at has limited your access?

      anyway, the more success you idiotic ideologues get in driving the debate, the more responsibility you will have to take for the destructive results.

  2. ladybug

    Rep. Ron Paul outlined the two areas where populist discontent was most inclusive early in his 2007-2008 campaign for President. I don’t think much has changed. The Fed/Big Banks and military imperialism/homeland security remain the most likely issues with potential to unite traditional political opposites. There is a lifetime of work right here.

    Medicare/Medicaid, Tax reform, Social Security and social issues like abortion, school prayer, school privatization, and climate change denial got added to the Tea Party menu soon after Republican Party operatives had handily controlled a grassroots movement started by Paul’s supporters. If and whenever Rove tacticians is back on the payroll, hate, division and chaos are not far behind.

  3. Ingemar Johansson

    Andy’s right as usual. Most of these job losses fall squarely on the batter, I mean Obama.

  4. Wait…it’s still Bush’s fault, right?!

  5. yes. last i checked bush was the one who handed over the keys after rolling US into the ditch.

    but don’t forget your friends rusty- the wealthy corporations that profited by being bailed out and then returned the favor by moving jobs overseas……

    and the tea party GOP alliance which is hell-bent on keeping us in the ditch until they buy time to root around in their grab bag of corporate lackeys for someone they can foist on this country to do more of their dirty work.

  6. mr benson

    Would there be a time, any time at all, during which government should shrink, and yes, people who work for government would lose their jobs, or have their hours reduced, or salaries or benefits? Tell me, please, any time at all? Or should it be that government should always grow larger, and people who work for government should always have their salaries, benefits and pensions increase?

    • lizard19

      do we really need the Department of Homeland Security? we’ve got FBI, DEA, NSA, CIA, ATF, how much more of a security state do we need?

      the problem i have is with ideologues who think cutting spending will lead to job creation in the private sector. there is no proven correlation i am aware of. jobs are certainly being created in the private sector, but in foreign countries where labor is more exploitable,

      maybe if we impoverish this country enough, and make people desperate enough, we will be able to match the conditions of developing nations, and then those big job creators in the private sector can rediscover their patriotism and start hiring Americans.

    • JC

      Sure. Let’s roll the Defense Department budget back to where it was when Bush took office–right now, end the wars. Then let’s pass a decent GI bill like they did after WWII so all the military folks don’t hit the job market at once, and get get a college degree or retrained for whatever area the “new” economy is going to have for job growth.

      They say it takes about a million dollars a year to support one soldier in the war. We’ve got well over 100,000 troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Pull 100k of them out, and you save a hundred billion dollars a year. Close another hundred billion dollars a year supporting other bases around the world.

      That’s 2 trillion in reduced government spending over 10 years–that’s 2 trillion of spending reduced from the deficit, and knocking about 30%, or 300,000 jobs out of the military

      I’m all for it. Right now!

      • mr benson

        “State and Local government”, which is the subject of the thread, isn’t addressed by your replies. But I don’t blame anyone for ducking the question.

        But it’s still open.

        • JC

          You just said “government”, so i gave an easy answer.

          As to state and local government, you ask:

          “people who work for government should always have their salaries, benefits and pensions increase”

          You put in the absolute, so I’d have to agree that there may be times that those things might need to be decreased. But that is what we have unions for–to negotiate those sorts of things so that workers needs are considered along with other needs, and it’s not done unilaterally as it was in Wisconsin, after the the unions were busted–even after they had agreed to all the concessions the gov wanted.

          “people who work for government would lose their jobs”

          Well, sure, if they were incompetent and weren’t doing their job–just like in any other industry–they should lose their job. That’s a silly question.

          “Would there be a time, any time at all, during which government should shrink”

          When the need for government services diminishes. But I don’t see that happening during a major recession.

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